So let me start with a little story… ¬†3 1/2 years ago, i begun this online marketing journey. ¬†It has been an amazing one too.

I have transformed into a different person, since the first time I started online. ¬†A better person overall. ¬†I have found peace in what I do, and who i am, I love where i’m at currently, and I certainly love what I do.

Sitting here writing this post,  I get goose bumps all over cause my around the corner moment, has finally come .

I’ve been at this for 31/2 years, working up all the levels, leaving others in the dust, because i have belief in the system. ¬† Because i have a passion and a rebellious character, that I won’t settle for anything less, than what i want to do.

I love helping others succeed, and that is giving me back..a lot more than just money. ¬†I’m getting recognition, respect and i’m humble and grateful for all you who are following me and my path, and i really hope i can be an inspiration for many.

Believe me , not long ago, I was where you were at. ¬†I was just trying to find that one person that can show me the way. ¬†So that’s when I decided to become a vendor, and start creating my own programs, cause I was so fed up with all that bs out there.

Or those rehashed training programs you have bought over and over. ¬†That’s when I said, ok that’s it, i need to do something about this. ¬†So i did…and I have created Passion Blog Pro. ¬†Then one day, I decided, i wanted to teach something else, something in the ecom. ¬†So i created… Gearbubble Instant Profits. ¬† Which was a great evergreen product.

A case study training course showing you how to create your own free store on gb, and driving traffic to it using fb ads.  Amazing course and easy to follow.

Now why Am i telling you all this?   Well, one of my dreams came true.

A big marketer, by the name of Bill Hugail, approached me ¬†and we got the talking. ¬†He loved this course so much, he decided he wanted to join, and add value to the product, by relaunching it with extra bonuses, and extra training and a lot more stuff! ūüôā .

This was it! ¬†Finally, my work getting recognized from one of the Elite of the industry out there. ¬† So May 14th, ¬†Bill and I are launching ¬†GB Cracked and it’s going to be hot!

So many big marketers have joined on board, to promote this, and i’m very proud of all the work that has been put in this amazing course. ¬†So tomorrow i’m launching.

May 14th, at 10am EST. ¬†Price will be at a very low price point at 7…but it will be going up every day and on each sale! .

Keep note. ¬†There are a few oto’s you want to take a look at as well… and other than that , i’m just so grateful on this amazing journey i’m on .

Seriously….you guys and girls, trying all these stuff… do me a favor, and never quit! ¬†NEVER QUIT! ¬†NEVER QUIT! ¬†…it will come! I can only promise you this!

So please keep a look out on my next emails, regarding the launch of my special case study course, GB Cracked! ¬†you’re gonna love it if you didn’t pick it up!

Watch What You Get Inside GB Cracked!