Affiliate marketing won’t work if you don’t believe in the methods, or systems taught.   You sabotage yourself by thinking it’s too complicated, when in fact, it’s a lot simpler than thought.  You just need the right strategy to follow.   That’s all.   So many money making methods out there, hard to choose which direction you want to go.   The one place people start usually, when they enter, “how to make money online” on google, is usually that direction.  Anything that has to do with passive income methods.   Well, lucky for you , i’m in this industry as well.  That’s how I started.   I kept on buying digital courses, teaching me methods, on how to generate money online.  The one I fell in love with, was affiliate marketing.   

Never have I thought that I would be making $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing.   Well I kinda did watching others showing me that kind of income, but for me to get to this level, is amazing.   I remember putting my goals down, how I wanted to generate $1,000 a month, and I broke that goal, on my 2nd year trying.  Then I did my goal of $5,000, which I broke a few months after I wrote that goal.   It seems that each time I write goals, I break them.  It’s a rule actually.  You want to make it you’ll need to work for it.  You’ll need to focus, and write down your goals, and strive to break them each time.   So the last goal I wrote down, was to generate $10,000 a month, and finally I DID IT! 🙂   


It’s actually passive income, it might not be exactly $10,000 a month, but it’s around there, from 5-10 for average.    So How did I do this?   Simply following the same formula i’ve been using in the last few years.   I did tweak it a bit, but the formula has always been the same.  Anyone can do this.  All you need is the right path and direction to your success.   So the best way to learn this, or ge involved is to actually purchase digital products teaching you this.  Sometimes, they are really crappy, but sometimes they are really good.  I like to promote things as an affiliate marketer which are good, which I have used and worked for me, and also generated me a good sum of money as passive income.  

The method I’m using, is greatly taught by other marketers, however there comes a time when a marketer brings something fresh…similar, but more fresh and with a couple of new methods added for 2019.   It’s so good, i’m matching this content with my personal content I created and sold over the last 2 years.   My stuff are always evergreen.  I made sure of that.   And I want you to claim these training courses, plus some more extra stuff.    But before I do, do me a favor, and watch my video below, showing you the proof of how I generated $10,000 this month alone, and how you can get started yourself using iPassive.  

iPassive Review and Demo


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15 Done for you bundles – This comes complete with everything needed to fast track your passive income machines. When we say everything we mean it, this is simple copy and paste.


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These are the easiest and fastest niches to start making money using the iPassive method with minimal effort.


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Skip the trial and error with this OTO, we give you the complete fast track to getting started earning a passive income within the next 30 days.


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“Licence Rights” to the whole funnel.  Buyers get 100% commission bump.


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