Robin Palmer is an online newly made entrepreneur.   He is originally from Sweden, and just moved back to Sweden as he was recovering from a severe work burnout.  In fact, as he mentioned this himself,  he was at the lowest point of his life.  Now he had to find a way of generating an income, and he just knew he couldn’t go and find a “normal” 9 – 5 job.  He had to do something else.  That’s when he decided to “try” this whole online “thing”.  Anyhow,  this reminds me a bit of my own story,  however, Robin, decided to also document everything he did.  Leaving no stone  unturned, he went out and started to generate seceral thousands of dollars, through his new method and strategy, that ANYONE can implement.  Especially newbies in this industry.

He decided to release Igniter.    A precise 2 step formula that will take you from 0 to hero faster than you can say the word “hero”.

If you’re able to follow simple instructions of course.  This could be your story.   Imagine being able to finally take control of your finances.   Imagine being able to provide for your family, even during rough times, like the ones we’re living right now.  Imagine for a moment the feeling of freedom.  Don’t let it stay a dream.  Discover how to turn things around and watch my video below showing you exactly what’s inside Igniter, and what special bonuses I’m going to be giving you.

Igniter Review

What Is Igniter Exactly?




A 2 part system where I in the first part give out a DFY product with traffic source training and in the second part I will show how to create a product in 7 – 14 days with free or cheap resources.
PRICE – $9.97



Income hacks and advanced methods I use to crank out products/digital assets even faster.
PRICE – $17

Robin will show people his 30-60 day traffic strategy challenge method
PRICE – $37


Robin Will give you 100% resell rights through the entire product which means you earn 100% commissions through the entire funnel.
PRICE – $97



Here you’ll get 100% resell rights through the entire product which means you earn 100% commissions through the entire funnel.

Pick Up Igniter  from my links below and Get these Exclusive Bonuses Delivered

(your bonuses will be found inside a google doc, inside your Warrior+ Account Right below your login details)




✅ You don’t need pay for a website and you don’t need an email list.

✅ No experience or technical skills required

✅ This is a 100% newbie-friendly method

✅ What we reveal will allow you to 2x – 10x your profits while working less…

✅ There’s no waiting – We give you Everything you need to make money right out the gates..

✅ We’ll show you how to bank $100 per day, even if you’re starting from ZERO (Free and cheap resources included

✅ Case study included – Just Copy my EXACT Blueprint and get results as soon as NEXT WEEK!