Youtube is a place where you can actually make passive income if you set things up properly.  Meaning, not fearing of creating a channel. Everyone thinks, that creating a Youtube channel is having your face to be on there. That’s not the case.  Here you learn how to take advantage of this video Social Media Platform for real passive income coming in.


I’ve built my channel back in 2007, but never really did anything with it, until I started my business online in 2012.  It’s crazy, i never thought I was going to be making money from my youtube channel, but now, i’m making passive income, every month through the various ads you see on my channel, or things i promote through my videos I shoot.   I love doing videos, and that’s why last year, I decided to create Passion Tube Profits, where I teach you all my strategies I’ve been using in my business to make money online, using Youtube.

Passion tube profits still sells today, but I can give you free access to it, if you check out Stealth Commissions.   And Stealth Commissions, is basically an over the shoulder’s training course, by Ben Martin, who is generating over 4k in passive income online, using Youtube!   Below I shot a video on what to expect inside Stealth Commissions which is currently under $10!

Stealth Commissions Inside Review

What’s in Stealth Commissions Exactly? 


Here’s A Taster Of What You’ll Get Inside Stealth Commission:

How to create your first YouTube video without needing any scary filming or editing skills.  You find the  easiest way to create videos – no nonsense included.  The covert ‘stealth’ tactic to infiltrate YouTube, and occupy Page 1.  Quickly copy and paste your first YouTube affiliate campaign  I promise you, this isn’t a boring, tediously long, full of theory course for weak wannabes .


You will literally see Ben create a video campaign in real time, upload to YouTube, and then watch cash drop into his bank account.   It’s the complete strategy battle plan handed to you on a plate.  Just rinse and repeat!



Get Stealth Commissions and Get My Personal Custom Made Bonus (Passion Tube Profits)

I think that If you use Stealth Commissions and my own Video Training course, on Youtube and how you can build your passion into your business, using my strategies, you’ll have a great overall course to help you get started with Affiliate Marketing, and building a business using Youtube.  Here is my Passion Tube Profits, which is currently selling for $27 online.  Evergreen.


Please contact me so I can give you access to Passion Tube Profits.  You’l need to show me your transaction, so i can get you access. This will be your exclusive bonus if you pick up Stealth Commissions through my links below for only $9.95.  You get $27 worth of my training, for free.  I think you’ll be happy with this small investment.


Stealth Commissions and my Custom Bonus Info