What If I told you there was a way where you can actually spy on your own visitors, who land on your website, sales page, or whatever you might have online.  Wouldn’t you want to know exactly what your own users are doing on your website?  No i’m not talking about getting information on where they clicked, or which page they landed on , or what kind of keywords were used to get to your website, i’m talking about actually pin pointing exactly what they are SEEING, what they are Reading, what they are scrolling on .

It’s really amazing what technology can do for us these days.  This tool is really powerful in terms of actually spying on your own visitors coming to your website.  Right now, I’m actually spying on you reading this article.  🙂   Yes!I know exactly what you’ve been doing on my website, and below in my video you can see the power of this tool with my own demo showing you a recording session on a couple of my own visitors scrolling through this website right here

Please take a look at my Video explaining and showing you how you can Spy on your Own Website!

Spy Visit, is a company that invented a tool that able to see what your visitors do on your website using real-time visitor recordings & heat maps (which is not provided by Google Analytics). And one of the best thing is that their system is able to work perfectly with Google Analytics and get more detailed data.

SpyVisit key features included:

1. Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings
* Using video recording, you can see exactly what website visitors are doing on your website.

2. Clicks Heat Maps
* See what website visitors are clicking on your website instead of what “you think” they are clicking.

3. Eye-Tracking Heat Maps
* See where website visitors are looking at on your website.

4. Scroll Heat Maps
* See how far visitors scroll so they don’t miss anything important!

5. Real-Time Reporting
* See what website visitors do at all times.

6. Works perfectly with Google Analytics
* SpyVisit is 100% compatible with Google Analytics. You will get even more data using both!