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CPA Ads Academy is the premier course on how to generate big CPA profits by using YouTube ads. However, you donot need to make your own videos. Brian teaches a unique and powerful strategy involving in-stream and in-display ads. He reveals exactly how he is driving traffic from other people’s videos to his high converting landing/opt-in pages. This leads to hyper responsive engagement and both short and long term profits using CPA offers.

Brian has been doing this for years and has several students crushing it with this strategy as well so this is the real deal. One of his students is making up to $2K+ per week, and this course reveals exactly how.

I’ve been using Facebook ads and Bing Ads and Youtube Ads to promote products but not all the time.  The one source where other marketers haven’t really got into is using Youtube Ads to promote CPA offers.  This is huge.  First of all its dead cheap to use, the clicks are seriously very cheap which will make you profit a lot faster than you can think of.

I know it works, since i’ve made my own share of money using youtube ads so I know the power of it.  And i’m still doing it in certain videos I shoot.

As you have noticed, i’ve created hundreds of videos on my youtube channel, so i think i know when to say that we have a good product here teaching you the exact system Brian has made his profits from youtube.

Over the shoulders, copy and paste training to get you started in CPA marketing.

Do  me a favor and check out my demo below on what you get inside this program.  I’m sure you’ll agree the information provided is GOLD.

Watch My Video Demo Below Inside CPA Ads Academy

Upgrades on CPA Ads Academy (OTOS’s) 


OTO 1: Unfair Advantage

Safely Guarded List of Networks & Offers, $3417 in 1 Week Case Study, Retargeting Masterclass

10 offers with DONE FOR YOU videos (dfy campaigns) – Exact offer, exact video, exact landing page, exact keywords, exact placements, One custom landing page created directly by the expert – One-on-one landing page built by expert, 10 HTML landing pages, editable, video how to edit, HTML, and also one per offer


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