How To Personally Brand yourself for your Passion

When you begin any sort of business, website, or blog, you will need to learn how to Personally brand yourself properly.   You can see my own Personal Brand all over this website.  You can never forget my brand or motto.  It all adds up at the end.    2 years I’ve been building my own brand to what it is today.  I’m very proud of what I  have created but it really took a lot of hard work and passion that kept me on it.   You have to realize there is a story to each brand.

 I have my story, what’s yours?

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Personally Branding

New-LogoPersonally branding is simply a way for you to share information  with your target audience.  The people who are following you are following you for a reason.

The point is  to create or showcase a  set of online tools that will help others achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

You will become the expertise, their mentor, by  using your special skills, talents, and strength.  So by personally branding yourself you will be labeled as whatever you are portraying as your own personal brand.

 Your Key Objectives!

One of the most important aspects of a good personal brand is how you present yourself.   By telling the world that you are the one they should trust is just not enough.   Your followers want your testimonials, your proof of commissions, or just the fact that you have done your homework, invested in the programs yourself, and have proof with some sort of video review about how you use those tools.  That’s what people want.  They want to believe you.  You can’t just show up and say, hey, trust me, get this get that, and think it will last.  It won’t.  People will take you off faster than you can say thank you for subscribing.   Be as real as possible, and be honest.

5 Free Tools you need to build your business or self

You should have a Linkedin profile built, and make sure you build your resume.  Create a facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram and Pinterest.   All these should be used to your advantage.  Make sure you brand each page the same way.  Same descriptions all through-out, plus make sure there is uniformity between all profiles.   You will begin networking and engage with your users.   It will be the place where you will display and showcase yourself and the value you will give.

Catchy Profile Photo

You will have to be looking  approachable. Just take a selfie, a good selfie, or have someone take a picture of you.  Make the picture look interesting if you can.  Do not cover your eyes with Sunglasses.  Make sure you are making some kind of contact with your user or reader.

A Catchy Motto or headline

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“Living a flip-flop life!”… isn’t it catchy?  I think it is.  I think a lot of people can relate to my story in my Living A flip-flop life tab, where I’m explaining on how I got the idea for the subject title of my website brand.  This way I can have a personal connection with my readers when they relate to my story.  I know for a fact, I started blogging, when I realized there were another million of me’s all over this world looking for the same exact things I’m looking for.  So it became clear, that when you choose your passion niche, you will find others that like that same niche as you, and that’s when you grow and connect and network with others, while also giving you the strength to believe that this all mumbo jumbo, about making money online…actually works! 🙂

Is your website Self-explanatory to what you are offering? 

Your headline should tell viewers the five most important things you want them to remember you by .  These should be the skills you want to be most known for.  Tip: Use the vertical line divider “l” to separate the skills for better readability. Make sure that when your user shows up to your website, you have some kind of capture phrase, or some kind of subject title explaining in short on what you are actually offering.

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DPAPA Living a Flip Flop Life Front HomePage

Have you seen my home page?

I think it’s very clear on what I’m offering.  I am personally covering many categories that fall under the same umbrella.  It is very clear that I’m into Online Marketing and How to make money from Work from Home Strategies.   Everything else false into these two categories.

About me

Make sure you create an about you page, explaining who you are.  Must be as truthful as possible.  Do not try and be someone you are not.  You need to showcase your skills, by some type of proof. Build it to the point where you are talking to your reader.  Make it personal.   In the end of the day, you will want to help your readers, or users that are asking for your help, or mentorship.  That’s when you step up to the plate and reality kicks in.  Yes you are now about to help someone make him his first dollar.aboutme


Who are you?  I’m a Social Media Consultant, Affiliate Marketer, Online Marketer, Dropshipper, Trader, Real Estate Agent.  Yes I actually do all these.  These are my job descriptions, and currently I’m doing all.  So I can’t keep my titles short…So my advice to you,  is keep your job descriptions short and have some kind of proof of your own claims and statements.  i.e  College Diplomas, Resumes etc.

Seo for your Traffic

Make sure that whatever words are in your homepage, title or motto you can find them everywhere else.  For example, posts, pages, tabs and anything that you get online.  It would be good if you tried those keywords to your “title keywords”.  So for example.  In my website, what you will see is “Blogging tips | Social Media Strategies | Affiliate Marketing Secrets | Internet Marketing| Binary Options | Entrepreneurship | Positive Life Mindset”  I’m using each and every single keyword all throughout my website.   One of the advantages of following the tips above is that you will naturally create “keyword density” in your profile for your top skill sets. The more times you use the words associated with your top skill sets, the more likely you are to show up in a search result on that skill.

This will help you get found online when people are entering those keywords in google search for example.  Once your profile is optimized, the key is to share it regularly so you can drive more visits to the site and increase its value. Be sure to put it on your LinkedIn profile, resume, and even in your email signatures.

Follow the quick and easy steps above and you will be on your way to a personal website that will give you a better ROI to effectively personally brand yourself

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