Did you know that viewer engagement has to happen within the first 10 seconds of watching a video?  The average human attention span is actually 9 seconds, one second less than the attention span of a goldfish.  You should know that Videos run the gamut from 6-second Vines to 10-minute sales videos. The crucial question is when  does engagement begin and where does it end?

The longer a video drags on, the lower its retention, which is expected. But what if you could increase that engagement time by 2x – 5x even 10x?

As stated above, viewers attention spans are very short, so what do you do? Give them something to take action on WHILE the video is playing. That’s exactly what Engage Player is designed to do.

Not only can you create optin forms, CTA’s and text messages on the video itself (which we have all seen in the past) but also create dynamic page content OUTSIDE the video. A full on on-Page engagement element.

Engage Player is a Video Engagement tool designed to increase engagement, conversions & Opt-ins. This powerful software is loaded with features.

Engage Player works great for blogs, web pages, membership sites & squeeze pages & offers a Basic, Premium & Enterprise Plan (see below for more details).

See below and watch the demo video on this page to see it in action.

When you use ‘Engage Builder’ you will engage with visitors and force them to pay attention.  Studies have shown that your visitors much prefer to respond, watch and engage with ‘videos, websites and images’ instead of text.

People are more likely to stay on your website longer, engage with your website and take actions if your videos and sites are more ‘visually appealing’.  This tool will help you do just that.

How it works

As soon as you sign up for Engage Builder today you will have access to these special benefits: Customize your pages and create high converting videos:  Use Youtube videos,Vimeo or your own MP4 files. Display Videos, images, Text, Custom Buttons or Optin forms with our convenient online tool.

Force visitors to take guaranteed action as soon as they start watching your video: “Lock” displayed content for instant user interaction. Alternatively freeze the video and feature a powerful call to action engagement. “Unlock” content at any point of the video.  Make sure your customer sees it all by creating “stop and start” videos:

The software has an “Intelligent Playback” feature, which helps Engage Builder automatically stop the video when your customers switches tabs. When they come come back, the video will pick up from the same place and display all call to actions from before.  Use Engage Builder to increase conversions on all your websites:

Once you sign up you can use Engage Builder on all your websites including, sales pages, blogs membership sites and squeeze pages.

Included is the ‘Page Engage Technology’

Build dynamic Call To Actions not only on top of your videos, but also all around your videos. Time your “engagements” with your videos to reveal engaging, stylish text, buttons, images, other videos or insert your own html code. Our system makes it ‘Drag N Drop’ Easy!

Customize your video according to your needs:

With Engage Builder you can create the ultimate video and match it perfectly to the theme of your website. Our master features allow you to customize everything down to the smallest details such as: Video Looping, Hide & Auto play settings, “Intro” and “Outro” feature for any video.


Report view times across multiple Engage Builders to get important engagement data.


Integrate your autoresponder to instantly push leads into your email marketing funnels.

Content Animations:

Choose from over 12 different content animations which can be used for each “Engagement Point”. Create Unlimited Engagement Builders across ALL your websites.


All these and MANY more features are built into Engage Builder – the smartest video engagement technology that you can get your hands on.  So if you’re using video to sell your products or services this page engagement software is an absolute MUST.  Don’t wait around – jump in now to secure this smart software before it’s increased to a much higher monthly fee.

Not only that 
You also have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


if you grab Engagement Builder from me, you will get the following bonuses once you made your purchase.  I would seriously, take a note of these products that are being offered as bonuses.  Very powerful!  Not just any other bonuses.  These are actual tools i’ve used in the past and paid hefty for them.


Video Sales Page Wizard

Video Marketing Personal Use software Video Sales Page Wizard is a simple step by step software that creates a sales page. This product package comes with Youtube video that will guide you the exact procedure of the process.


Graphics Blackbox

267 Brand New And Original Graphics For Your Websites

  • No more months of learning software and doing trial and error designs
  • No more weeks or months of delay to your projects
  • No more waiting time from busy in-demand graphic designers
  • All graphics are web-ready and fully customizable
  • You’ll be getting all the source files (PSD, PNG, JPG) for your convenience
  • No more expensive cost with your graphics outsourcing

Video Affiliate Pro

Easily Create Video Affiliate Review Pages & Manage Your Affiliate Bonuses Inside of WordPress

WP Video Optin Plugin

Create stunning “full video background” email opt-in pages within WordPress


WP Tube Maximizer

You only have to enter any Youtube video of your choice (within your blog, naturally) and add your ad or content to it: you can link any type of affiliate offer, your own products, apps, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus or even Clickbank products!

This video plugin is really cool. It allows you to pop affiliate links over your videos and sell within the videos you have on your WordPress sites. It’s a handy tool if you currently own a blog or plan to own one that sells affiliate products.

WP Video Attention Plugin

P Video Attention is a marvelous, practical WP plugin that allows you to easily clip your video to any corner of your page by serving as a smart widget

  • – Basically, the video will be playing and “follow” the visitor wherever he or she scrolls on any given page
  • – Visitors will continue to be able to see the video and no longer only hear it, increasing responsiveness and engagement in ways you would never imagine would be possible!
  • – User-friendly interface for those who are not tech-savvy
  • – Customize the videos the way you want (add count-down timers, share buttons, visually engaging animations, and much more!
  • – Transform your visitors into leads, subscribers and PAID customers
  • – Possibility of making your videos to match your current layout/blog design thanks to the many customizing options

Article Site List Builder Software

Discover The Ultimate Lazy 3-Step Formula For Building Your Own Profitable Mailing List On Autopilot

  1. Take A Website With Articles On (Such As A Content Site Or Your Newsletter Archive)
  2. Run Your Copy Of Article Site List Builder And Click A Few Buttons
  3. Sit Back And Watch Your Mailing List Simply Build Itself On Autopilot

It just cannot get any easier than this!


WP Email Countdown Plugin

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding And Generate RESULTS For You!

  • It’s easy to install and to run
  • Several useful customization options; you can modify and customize the plugin your way by choosing countdown style, effects, animation, style and much, much more!
  • In-depth statistics are included: this is something really cool as it can reveal interesting data that you can use to make better business decisions (and thus, increase your profits).
  • Proven to work like a charm: increase your conversion rates and click-through rates and make more sales!
  • Grab your subscribers attention in a fraction of a second and “force” them to buy from you!