“Affiliate Psycho” is a 13-step, over-the-shoulder video training system that shows you how to build (and grow) an effective affiliate marketing empire.  I had the chance to go through the training course, because when I saw the sales page of Affiliate Psycho, i saw a resemblance in the style of training, and the story relates to my story.  I was reading about some guy, who was hating his 9-5, where he got fired, or something, and then he started his empire not long ago…like in 2012, and that’s when I started as well. So it’s pretty crazy on how similar my story is with the creator of Affiliate Psycho.

I decided to contact Declan to find out more. I got a review access to the course, so I can exclusively show you what I found out about this course.   So i shot this video, below and you can decide if this is for you.  I’m telling you now, if you want to take this business serious, and believe us that , the strategies work, then keep watching and reading.   😉

Affiliate Pycho Personal Review and first look

What is Affiliate Psycho Exactly?

“Affiliate Psycho” is a 13-step, over-the-shoulder video training system that shows you how to build (and grow) an effective affiliate marketing empire.  From designing a gorgeous, product-focused, copy-and-paste lead capture system to creating “emotional” product reviews and super slick bonus offers (nobody else is teaching this stuff, I assure you.

To building your email list (yes, just one single list withone single welcome email, this alone is NINJA) using the award-winning, self-growing FREE traffic strategy.   To sending out stupid-simple emails that will kill your competition and leave you with life-changing, job-quitting commissions that come in every, single day!

Seriously, one of the best affiliate systems ever.

Who Is “Affiliate Psycho” for?

  • Newbies: Start with ZERO experience!
  • Frustrated affiliates: Finally get the results you deserve!
  • Product creators: Use our system with your buyers lists!
  • Retirees: Let’s cure your anxiety about the future!
  • Under-earners: Stop letting your boss insult you by throwing peanuts at your feet!
  • The woefully employed: Your boss’ lips look dry… rub some chapstick on your ass!
  • The unemployed: Shut them up about you “getting a damned job!”
  • The disabled: You can earn a small fortune just laying in bed with a laptop… I do! 🙂
  • Students: Who said you have to be a broke-ass through school?
  • Stay-at-home parents: It’s time to give your kiddos the world… and reduce your stress!
  • Insomniacs: I mean dude, you’re already up… may as well profit! 🙂
  • The youth: Get a jump-start on your financial future!
  • The elderly: Put some actual gold in your golden years!
  • Starving artists: Use our system to fund your true passion!
  • Over-achievers: You’re probably already in the member’s area. Why do I bother? 😉
  • Anyone with an Internet connection and a desire to slaughter their financial woes!

Slaughter Your Competition On This Low Price

Affiliate Psycho

Affiliate Psycho


10.0 /10


  • Grab a Winning Offer
  • Place Offer In Copy Paste Pages
  • Send Free Traffic for Commissions

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