I was this close to getting my account shut down from Aweber, because I had a link somewhere in my emails, where it was connected to a scammy product, which I stopped promoting 2 years ago.  Aweber had my account on hold and made me freakout a bit.   The reason behind my freaking out, was because my business is run on autopilot using specific tools. 




One important thing to being a successful marketer is to actually build a list.  Do not think that for once, the list is not important.  It’s one of the most important foundations you need to build from day one.  

I had to learn this the hard way.  I was wasting my time trying to make things work without being that guy who builds a list.  Took me a while to get this, and lost 2 years worth of profits I left on the table, for some other Affiliate Marketer to take away.  Seriously, most of you think you can get away with it, and I’m telling you’ll be back.   

The importance of having a self-running business and a sustainable one is through your targeted audience, who have subscribed to the specific niche you are working with.   So as I was actually doing that myself, I woke up to a message from Aweber, letting me know that my account was on hold.   I quickly got on support, got them online, however the support guy said I had to wait for a review of my account and he couldn’t help.   So  I waited till their offices were open, so I could call them. While waiting, I started to think about other solutions I need to have as a backup.  

Like for example, right now I’m paying $69 for my Aweber Account.   Another $35 something to Getresponse (another email autoresponder) and this is used as  my backup plan.  But what I really wanted, is a solution I don’t pay any monthly fees for.  No more.  So a few days ago, I got myself into XMAILS.  Xmails is an autoresponder, where it’s cloud-based, and you don’t pay any fees for it. 

Apparently, you can send unlimited emails, to unlimited leads, without any restrictions.   Sounds too good to be true.  I got in, I tested it, and I thought it was broken.     I decided to shoot a video explaining more about why I thought Xmails was broken, and what lead to me thinking that.   Please watch below. 

Learn About Xmails And The Controversy

What Is Xmails Exactly?




Xmails is a Complete Email Solution


It’s a one time fee email autoresponder.  You’ll be able to send high converting mail to subscribers unlimited number of times and get’s more traffic, for more leads and conversions twice the speed and can actually make more sales once you start building that targeted list.


Using xMails is really easy. 

There are three steps you need to do. 

Step #1
Add Your Contacts
Import your existing list from other email solution or Use our proven to convert opt-in form templates to capture leads and make list at 2X speed than your normal templates.

xMails has smart tagging system which means you can filter subscribers via List and different tags based on opens, clicks, behavioral pattern on open time, geographical location and niche . 


Step #2

  • Select from Template and Modify
    Select any high converting mail content template from 100 templates in the various niches. (These templates are proven to convert and battle-tested in various niches)
  • Simply Click. Edit, Update
  • COMPLETELY Modify ANY Template as per your requirement In Minutes.
  • This mail will not just get you high open rate but good click rate too.

Step #3

  • Schedule or Send to Unlimited Subscribers 
  • Just select your list or tags to whom you want to send email using xMails in just one clicks.
  • Send or Schedule Mail to your Unlimited List to Hit Inbox

You have option to add your own smtp too if you wish to use it for delivery.  Imagine shooting high converting mail , In Less Than 10 Minutes.  



Your Early Bird Bonuses When You Pick Up XMAILS


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Your bonuses will be found inside your member’s area. 


Prize Goes Monthly When Timer Reaches Zero