I am not sure how long you‚Äôve been in business, but I started using Adsense in my business since March 2014.¬† I had no idea what i was doing, but i remember clearly saying, I didn’t want to be that guy that owns a website with full of ads.¬† That was something stupid to do.¬† I was leaving money on the table.¬† I really was.¬† If i started back in 2012 using Adsense to my websites, then I would have had doubled my passive income since then.

Right now i’m making about 500 euros every month, from Google Adsense. I’ve got a threshhold for it to pay me out when my commissions from my ads placed on my blog get to 500 euros.

Check out my video below showing you how i’m generating passive income from Google Adsense and how you can do the same today using Sense drill!

What is Sense Drill Exactly?


Sense Drill is a short¬†‘Step-by-Step‚Äô PDF + Video Training’¬†where you literally watch over my shoulders as I create a simple new website¬†(even a child could do this), set up a simple Facebook ad, direct this traffic back to my website with AdSense installed, and then watch my money double up‚ĶSo you can copy and paste what works 100%.



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