Would you like to develop your own software? Here is something that people with ZERO experience, get help to become seasoned software developers – Allowing them to make a full time income from monetizing the software craze.  Software and Marketing can be a very profitable business.  I know this from first hand.  I’ve had my first Software and training program, back in January 7th. I’ve seen my income double since then.  Then i’ve launched a second software and training, just a few days ago.  And that showed me how powerful this software business is all about.  Now I have a way to also , do this on my own, without the need of any developers.  I’ve got my hands on the this WP Dev Suite, which is the world’s biggest and easiest WP plugin development platform EVER!   It contains 2 powerful cloud-based applications that allow literally ANYONE to go from zero to their own lucrative software empire in 2 easy bite-size steps.


WP Dev Suite Demo

What is WP DEV Suit Exactly?

WP Plugin Boss + WP Master Developer = WP Dev Suite.  Right now, WordPress is installed on 74.6 million websites, and a single good plugin can bring its author a fortune.  But what’s always stopped many people from exploiting this massive profit generating opportunity is:

  1.  Learning difficult coding languages
  2. Paying for expensive courses

Hiring expensive developers to build software, Poor PLR software that are unwanted by the market, and waiting months or years to see return on investment.

Dr. Alex has managed to turn software development on its head by completely removing these big barriers to entry.  WP Dev Suite allows you to easily tap into the MASSIVE WordPress Market – with YOUR OWN hot-selling plugins.  You can now enter the plugin market instantly, no experience needed, by using WP Plugin Boss to simply rebrand one of Dr. Alex’s 50+ highly sought-after, proven plugins.

Add your own name, links and branding, and start seeing the profits pour in. Then, if you wish, you can scale up your profits well into the future by learning coding ‘on the job’ with WP Master Developer.

Add more functionality to existing plugins, copy an existing hot-selling plugin that has no competitors, or build completely new creations because you’ve spotted a gap in the market – the sky’s the limit!

Who is WP Dev Suite For?

  • Internet marketers who want to grow their lists, sales and profts by offering software, plugins, themes etc. to their customers
  • Affiliate marketers who want to have the edge on other affiliates by offering in-demand software as bonuses
  • Wannabe coders who don’t have the time or money to spend on long winded courses
  • Experienced programmers who just want to streamline their current processes and pick up some nifty new tricks
  • Complete novices who want a comprehensive business solution that can take them from zero to 6 figures, by selling sought-after software

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