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Instaniche is the world’s first and only web based software that researches, customizes, monetizes, builds, and hosts you fully fledged unique amazon affiliate sites that rank on page one on Google, with just a few clicks. ¬†You can start making money online as early as this week.


When I first begun my career in affiliate marketing, I signed up to Amazon Associates, to get my first affiliate link, so i can promote various products from Amazon and get paid from Amazon.  I would take the link from those products and drive traffic to them using my blog.  When people would buy from those links, I would earn a commission.   That was two years ago.  Since then a lot of new programs and tools came out, helping you build websites instantly and niche oriented.  One of these software tools is Instaniche.   I was able to build two websites, in less than 60 seconds, each dedicated to a certain category (niche) through Amazon.


One is called the and the other¬† ¬†You can check those websites and see what i’m talking about. ¬†I haven’t done anything else other than put some information asked in this software tool and then it spit out new websites for me.


All I had to do is ¬†make sure I got a domain name, and that’s it. ¬†That’s all you pay for. ¬†A domain name! ¬†($14) If you already have domains, like i do, you can use them too.



 Watch my video live demo below on how I built my own niche based website which is connected to Amazon.  

If You Were To Try To Do This All On Your Own Manually, it will take you a long time, and it will be tough to start doing so. Trust me from a person that tried this before and failed. You have to spend all day researching dozens of niches before you found one that you wanted to try to enter. Then you’d have to spend days or even weeks trying to find good profitable keywords to rank for. Then you’d have to spend many hours on finding good hot products to add to your site. Then you’d have to find a domain name, buy it, and go through the technical process of setting up and hosting your website. Design the site. Write content from scratch. Build and optimize the sit.

Now, could you hire someone to do all of this? Yes, of course but it will cost you. I’m telling you right now, InstaNiche helps you with an ease of a button. It’s that easy.

You’ve seen my video showing you how I built my own niche websites. You can too right now . Just grab it from the link below.


Watch The Inside First Look of Instaniche So you Know What You Exactly Get when you Grab it From my links below.

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