I woke up today, around 10:30 am, by the time I got out of bed, to my usual routine, shower, and then walk my dog Clooney to the beach across the street from here, for my morning ritual of calmness :D.  Love it.12374909_10153723190960792_5127127676464516582_o

Anyways, usually on my walks, I think about positive thoughts, affirmations, like “I’m happy and I’m grateful¬†¬†now, that Money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple streams of income on a continuous basis…I Am happy and greatful now, that Money comes to m…..” and so forth, and so forth. ¬†If you’ve read my blog post back in September you would know to what i’m referring to. ¬†If you would like to read it you can by clicking here.

Anyways..then around 12:30 am , I got back home, fixed my Frape (Greek Coffee) and sat at my office.  I remember while on my walk, I received an email about John Anthony paying my commissions, and that I should log into my back office of my affiliate back-office at John Anthony and check them out.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 16.07.58

In my head, I was thinking, “Oh it’s probably that 57 euros or something…”

Right before getting into my affiliate back-office, I decided to go straight to PayPal instead.  Knowing they pay out through paypal, I knew I would see my amount right there.

Right when i was entering my information to sign into my PayPal, I quickly thought about the time John Anthony mentioned that his signals are now free, but if someone upgrades in buying into the App, I would get 500 English Pounds as a commission. ¬†So right before I clicked to enter PayPal, I quickly thought, … “HA, imagine I see 500-600 commission…” ¬†and BOOM!.

I found a 670 euro commission! ..

Oh my. ¬†How things have changed. ¬†How far I’ve come. ¬†I wish you would follow my lead, and understand that to learn how to make a 670 euro commission in just one day, is about joining the right programs and finding the right products to promote as well as using strategies which could make you a super affiliate. ¬† Watch my Video below explaining how I’ve managed to make over 1,600$ in less than 4 days. ¬†I’m not showing off, i’m showing you what’s possible. ¬†Don’t be a skeptic.

Allow yourself to learn new ways of making an income online. ¬†I live from this. ¬†This is my life, and i’m loving every bit of it. ¬†You can Too. ¬†Join my teams, programs, and i’ll help you along the way. ¬†Watch My Video, and then Head out to the menu of this website, choose a program you would feel would be attractive to you, and join. ¬†It will help you get started for sure. ¬†And they will help you make your fist dollar online.


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