My Story

When I was fired, from my corporate 9-5, I had to find ways to survive in the next year. Using the severance money I got from losing my job, it was enough to last me for about a year.  Including rent.

I didn’t allow myself to sit, and ponder on what’s next. I had to take action. But I will never forget me feeling powerful on that day. ¬†Other’s would be sad. Me on the other hand, knew it was for a good reason. ¬† It was my time to finally begin on dream. ¬†I wanted to work from home. ¬†I was fortunate enough, to be living during the great social media growth that was taking place. ¬†Facebook was already established, and companies now were hiring Social Media Marketers to run their campaigns online. ¬† ¬†Timing couldn’t be perfect. ¬†So i begun my research, on how i can take my own skills and talent and actually use it to my benefit to work from home. ¬† ¬† My research helped me end up finding different ways of generating an income online. ¬†Either that by being a freelancer, and landing a couple of clients as a social media consultant, helped me begin generating some kind of profit through ecommence by trying out drop shipping. ¬†That was cool too.

However, the real money lied in the affiliate marketing industry.  Loads going on there.  I decided to shift my focus on affiliate marketing, and blogging, because these two tools can actually help you set up things on automated and will help you generate some kind of income monthly and recurring.   Great stuff.   The only problem is that for some , this could be complicated.   I know it took me 3 years to fully understand it.  After putting it to the test finally, and seeing results on a monthly basis, I decided, I was in a very good spot to start helping people.   That in turn , made me fully realize how much I loved what I was doing, since , helping others to their success actually brought me a lot of joy and fulfillment.

It was like I was giving back.

After spending hours, upon hours, and investing in programs , training, and tools, I finally grew my business to where it is today.

I took baby steps, but the strides were huge. ¬†I was consistent, I would never quit, and there would be days, upon months, where I wouldn’t see any type of commission coming in.

Once you get it, and mend it together, then its all history.  You take that formula, and you start generating your own income at your own terms.  You put in the work , you get back the results.

What You Don’t Know¬†

I know I’ve learnt a lot, from the best. ¬†I also know, that going through a lot of those other trainings from so called Guru’s, also angered me. ¬† Frustrated seeing the same type of “shit”out there. ¬†Copy or rehashed products and tools, used by other marketers, selling it as new.

Others promising you the world the next day, only to find out that , that’s far from the truth. ¬†Other sharing half of the real info. ¬†So many secrets, so much bullshit , only to keep you, the noob, into a buying mode. ¬†Everything new coming out lately is basically promising you everything everyone else is……and you the buyer, the addicted buyer, buy anything they put out there for you.

Filtering The BS

I made sure I filtered out any of that bullshit from other so called GREAT MARKETERS….and give you what is needed. ¬† ¬† I’ve also had it with the boring training out there and listening to people who obviously don’t give a shit about you. ¬†Just your money. ¬† ¬†That’s when I said, ok , that’s it, i’m going to create my own product. ¬† ¬†And that’s what I did.

I really had enough of the bullshit out there. ¬†And the pie is huge for everyone to get a piece if they want it. ¬†It all depends on how much you want it, how much you want to understand it , and the work you need to put to make it happen. ¬†Its really that simple, but very overwhelming. ¬† There isn’t a product out there, which will literally take you by the hand and show you exactly how its done. ¬†I know I haven’t been able to find that product….and at an affordable price.

I found myself helping others, online, for free. ¬†Giving my time, and hours to help others in need. ¬†I remember how it was when I was looking for that one person to help me and the only thing they wanted was my money. ¬† No one helped me. ¬†I helped my self, and I invested in my own self. ¬†Not to a coach or mentor. ¬†I’ve been asked to mentor and coach others, and i’ve denied them, because I didn’t want to put a price just yet. ¬†I wanted to make sure the things I teach are the right ones for my followers. ¬†Very simply put, I want you to succeed. I want you to make it online. I want you to create the life you want to create on your own terms. ¬†You deserve to. We all do! ¬† ¬†That’s where I come in.


My Personal Training And Coaching Program

I created Passion Blog Pro, for one clear reason. I wanted to ¬†help others who want immediate help from me. ¬† ¬† Going through Passion Blog Pro is like , you’re actually sitting right here next to me, and me showing you what I do on a daily basis. ¬†I cover everything you can think of to begin your journey online as an entrepreneur. ¬† I cover everything from Affiliate Marketing to Blogging. ¬†I’m showing you my exact blueprint on how I generate an income online on a monthly basis. ¬†I share with you my exact strategies, with over the shoulder’s training, covering over 8 hours of pure value. ¬†Nothing Hidden. ¬†Full Transparency. ¬† ¬†This is me showing you behind the scenes in the life of an affiliate marketer and blogger. ¬† If you invest in this training, you are investing in yourself. ¬†This is what you need to get started the right way, with the right tools, and the right guidance which will help you generate in income online.

My Passion Blog Pro, is my own personal passion, on helping others achieve what I’ve been able to achieve. ¬†I want to inspire and help others who were told they couldn’t . ¬†This will help you create your own business online, using your own passion. ¬†Finally you will be able to do what you love, online and make money from it. ¬†The beauty of it, is you can choose any type of niche and start today.

I’m looking forward to your own success. ¬†If you are ready to join Passion Blog Pro , Please then Just Click the Button Below. ¬†Get ready for your right journey to your success through my own Coaching and Training Program, Passion Blog Pro.



Training and Coaching Program

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