I helped a startup business make 750$ in less than 24 hours. I’m bad ass…

…while i was sleeping I made myself 200$….

I find myself, saying, I love what i do, everyday…..and people who hear me say that…are usually shocked. Why am I showing off ? Cause other’s think it’s not possible to do what you love. Other’s think , stability and security is what they should live for. I live to do what i love. I will accept nothing less. I set goals, and and follow through, i don’t complain. I remember, for 2 years straight, i saw Zero money while i was sleeping. That didn’t stop me. I was persistent, and determined.

You find yourself, in some place right now, thinking, is this me? is this what i want to do for the rest of my life? If you are asking yourself that RIGHT NOW…then trust me …..finally you get it. NO you’re not supposed to be doing that for the rest of your life. The question you set for yourself, is a simple one. You are itching to get out of that situation, and that thought alone was your first step. Now start thinking, what it is you would like to do. Once you get it, and finally understand what it is you want to do, then start taking steps towards that dream.

Get a notepad….set a date…doesn’t matter, just write down, By November (for example) I will be doing …blah blah blah… whatever it is you want to do. Doesn’t matter how….its gonna happen…even if it feels so far away for it to be a reality, don’t worry about it. Just close that notepad, and then start organizing your thoughts, towards your goal. What are your next steps?

You can still be at that crappy job…or whatever it is you’re doing, but you can still day dream about yourself doing what it is you want to do. So instead of complaining about the situation you are in, take action, discreetly.

Why am i telling you this? Well because this is how I helped a friend of mine, a girl, back in April 2016. She had dreams, and she was stuck at this job for the past 8 years or so. When i talked to her, she expressed how much she hated what she was doing. I knew then that that was a sign. It was a sign that her self, was telling her self…. 🙂 that she needed to do what she loved to do. She just didn’t realize that just yet… i was the one that actually caught on to that, cause i’m very aware . Anyways… I told her, that just because she finally decided this is not for her…. I helped her find her passion, and dream. She named a few…one of them was being in television. That dream seemed so far away for her…..however for me, it was easy. I told her, not to worry about how she would get on tv and be a talk show hostess…I knew it was possible…no matter how negative she was about it. She kept on finding excuses that they wouldn’t hire her, since she never had any past experiences to it..etc. Anyways…bottom line i just kept on reversing everything she was saying to the point that i got her to believe it was going to happen. I had to remind her everyday! VERY TOUGH for someone who was pretty much negative.

Anyways…guess what happened? A few months later, someone showed up in her life, giving her an opportunity to be on tv as a hostess. YUP. Oh …also the job she was at…well she quit, since she was hired full time at the TV Channel she’s been there since November. Pretty crazy stuff right? Magic? Was I a Medium? Did I forsee the Future? NOPE NONE OF THAT…. magic shit.

There are laws in the universe….. They all work amazingly well when you connect the dots. Like i said, you know what you want? Go for it…stop complaining…. I was so damn negative…many people who knew me then……don’t recognize me now.. I’m proud of what i’ve accomplished in the last 3 1/2 years…self help, and self awareness, helped me find myself…and my power I have to help others..myself…and finally my family…very soon. From complaining, to Admiring myself…. what a change.

The ones that are complaining, and are angry, and the whole world is at fault….. I say take a mirror, and face your fears. You have issues my friend!

More news to come! 🙂 More updates to come… exciting 2017! How much i respect you


Demetris ….