I Decided I wanted to help out some of you out there struggling with Keyword Searching. If you want something, free and dependable, then Go for Google Keyword Planner.

Here’s my personal tutorial on this Google Keyword Planner 2014 Tool.  This is the quickest way to search keywords in order to get ranked high on Google.   Or you can also use it in your eBay Career, but I suggest using Title-Builder.com for that and DS Domination’s Keyword Tool too.

If there is something you aren’t clear on how to search keywords on Google Keyword Planner, then please do contact me so I can help you. If I recall i did this in a rush just for the songs sake, so I might have missed out some important points. Don’t be shy to connect with me, and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos and valuable tools such as these.

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