A brand new, under-the-radar technique for getting leads and making sales.  Your traffic, or prospects won’t even know you’re selling to them!   Sometimes, Traditional Landing Pages might not get the results your want.    It’s not that they don’t work, sometimes you just need to get more out of your subscribers.  You want quality subscribers, not just anyone who wants to get that free report or whatever.

Now i’ve been playing around with QuizLeads , and this tool is really very powerful.  Integrate it with your WordPress websites, and you’re good to go.  This article, will show you an example of QuizLeads. Just watch my video below, on how I set up a campaign, promoting a product on Warrior + using this tool.

What Is Quizleads ?


Lead conversion on landing pages and squeeze pages is down across the entire industry due to “Banner Blindness”.

The reason for this is simple, everyone online has ALREADY SEEN the standard lead capture page, and now ignore it.

Therefore, to create higher conversions, we must drive premium engagement when generating leads and more subscribers will be had, more money will be created and amazing results will be yours.

To do this, we use whats called a Quiz Funnel and its the most powerful new way to generate leads online, to date.

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