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Your own Self Hosted Autoresponder Solution

Mail it, is a new plug in from respected fellow internet marketer Brett Retucky. ¬† I’ve been a follower to Brett for a couple of years, and I can definitely say that his products have really helped me grow as an affiliate marketer. ¬† ¬†Now back to the reason of this post. ¬†You should understand that¬†Email marketing is the backbone of most internet marketers businesses and many smart offline companies which understand the power of sending a simple email.

In the past 3 years, I’ve personally sent thousands of emails and I’m not considered a spammer. ¬†Not at all. ¬†My complaint rate, is at a minimum, and as anyone knows me of follows me you can understand that I really don’t spam. I only send out emails of value which could help you as it helped me, or even provide you with new programs and trainings which helped me and could definately help you. ¬†I like to filter out all the bs that are in this industry and only show you the ones which I feel are worth getting , and which makes me feel 100% confident it could help you make money online.

I only show you what I have, and what i’ve been using in my business online. ¬† ¬†The reason why i’m trying to explain that i’m not a spammer is because, there are a lot of other marketers out there who are sending out emails, DAILY and every hour… on the hour type emails, which are trying to remind you to purchase something they are promoting. ¬†However, most of them so called marketers, are not looking at it in the long run, but the short run. ¬†They know how email marketing works, and they know that if they send a massive email to for example, 10,000’s of people, the 1% that buys, could make them a lot of money off one email. ¬† So it is really tempting to become a spammer, and try and grow your lists the UNETHICAL way. ¬† Well, rest assured, i’m not that kind of marketer.

So like I¬†was saying, there are a lot of marketers who are spamming you right now about things they haven’t even tried for themselves. ¬†They are just looking to get that instant commission when their list buys. ¬†So due to all of this, a lot of Autoresponders out there, like Aweber, Getresponse , etc, have fought the spamming problem, which makes it harder for marketers to get their message of what they are promoting into the inboxes of their followers. ¬† You need to do certain tests, before sending out the email, making sure its spam compliant.

I’m giving you a Full disclaimer for Mail it. : I am an affiliate for this product and purchased this copy from¬†Mike & Brett. I’ve purchased this product as I am currently using it in my business and plan to for years to come.

Check my Personal Mail It Review , in the Video Below So You Can See What You Exactly Get With Mail it And How It Works

Watch My Live Demo Showcasing you Mail It! Plugin!

 So What is Mail it?

Mail it is a plug in which you install on your blog which will allow you to import email addresses and send emails directly from your blog.  It is basically a fully fledged autoresponder with all the bells and whistles including tags, tracking, advances reports, segments, automation and all that cool stuff.

Here’s a list of the main features of Mail It Plug in.

  • Option to import subscribers without confirmation. (unlimited)
  • Option to setup signup forms so people can join your list. (unlimited)
  • Option to have add an autoresponder series. (unlimited)
  • Basic reports showing opens, clicks, unsubs and bounces.
  • Option to copy emails in one click.
  • Option to resend email to those who did not open.
  • Option to clean and remove inactive subscribers.
  • Option to use your own server or connect with other services.
This plugin was designed and is pitched as a ‚Äúdo it yourself‚ÄĚ emailing service, meaning you do not require anything else. ¬† Sounds too good to be true right? … ¬†Let me explain what I mean.
If you have a¬†simple basic shared hosting account which is costing you $19/mo . ¬†You should know you are allowed to send emails around In most cases you will only be allowed to email 30 ‚Äď 100 people per hour. ¬†¬†This is perfect for individuals, or for small businesses who like to maintain a small email list.

If you are planning on sending thousands of emails to your ‚Äúpermission based‚ÄĚ email list you will require a better hosting solution. The costs here can vary from $25 per month ‚Äď $100 per month. What you‚Äôre looking to purchase if your own dedicated server or VPS. This will allow you to have no restrictions and your own IP address.

What is important to know is that this plugin was not designed as a spamming tool.  Do not even think of SPAMMING using this tool.  Your  IP needs to be protected.  Basically if people start marking your emails as spam, then your deliverability will decrease.

Keep a clean email list, and only send out emails which you had permission to use from your subscribers.


Pricing options Using a Big Company Autoresponder




Get Response


ivate Campaign



Understand something about Autoresponders.   Autoresponder companies, like Aweber, Getresponse, could shut you down at anytime if they see that you are a spammer.   Some autoresponders also have some downtimes, either for maintenance etc.  Small issues, but very important when wanting to send out an email, while there is downtime.  Frustrating since, other marketers could beat you it, if they had Mail it Plug in for example.  Their emails would be sent directly to their inboxes, while you are waiting on your Autoresponder to go live again.

mailitboxMail it is what it is,  with a smooth running interface, fast reports, imports and keeping in mind no restrictions.

Personally I think this software should cost more, for a one time off fee.  For just $37 (current price) It’s a steal and I highly recommend adding it to your arsenal.

Mail it Plug in Is for Everyone Owning a Blog or Online Business. 


If you’re an offline business owner, a personal blogger or online marketers you should be building your list.  Make sure you pick up Mail It Plug in so you can also get the bonuses mentioned below.


 The Bonuses


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