A brand new way to get highly targeted leads on complete autopilot has just been released. It’s incredible, No kidding.

They’ve called it ChromEngage and it’s a powerful software tool that lets you
– Fill out a simple form (your website name, address and logo etc)
– Connect your autoresponder account
– Hit the download button and YOU’RE DONE

You’re able to send unlimited push notifications (no fees, charges, usage limits)
You’ll display a lead capture form, adding them to your email list
You’ll be getting an incredible SEO boost from Google themselves (in their directory)
You’ll also get free search traffic within the directory itself

You’ll be Submitting it to the Google Directory on your Google account (the same one I use for email, google docs, youtube etc) and just clicked a button to request dev access.   Just Watch my video below on how Chrome Engage works and how it’s going to benefit your business online, whether it be affiliate marketing, blogging.  I’m getting free traffic from Google Chrome Store.  Watch How I created my app on there, and i’m getting free traffic from it to my website and offers.

Watch How This Chrome Engage Works By Putting it to the Test