So i’m going to get right to it. i love doing review products. One of my major income sources is doing reviews of tools and courses which i feel will help you in your online career.

I also know how hard it is to understand the concept or the laziness involved. Not everyone does reviews.

So really it’s not for everyone. However, what if i had the solution for your laziness? Well not really laziness, the know how, with a twist. For example, what if with a click of a button, you get all the information you need to actually do a review on a product from jvzoo for example.

What if this cloud-based software will create a pdf with your personal review which is basically automatically done for you. Your personal links are tied in with the pdf, and when you share that pdf, so will your affiliate links, and once they are inside reading, they click your links and buy where you make your commissions. Without the need of a website.

There is also free training on how to actually set things up for free traffic to drive to that specific pdf, in order to get some commissions right off the bat. Are you understanding the power of this? Watch my video below on how you would use Passive Profit Builder for instant commissions.

What is Passive Profit Builder exactly?

Inside This 2-Part System To REAL Online Wealth…

Part #1 Here’s what the Passive ProfitBuilder App will do for you…

​1. Instantly turn ANY offer into a PDF review with your very OWN affiliate links stuffed inside in just a few clicks of your mouse.

​2. Maximize FREE traffic to your PDF reviews, by sharing it to the TOP 4 Social Networks to make as much money as passively possible.

​3. MAXIMIZE conversions and earn more commissions on products you’ve reviewed with built-in “Bonus Page” that is generated automatically!

​4. Bonus library included in the app to be able to offer bonuses from our library by just click a click of a button. ​

5. Saves you ALL the time of having to set up these affiliate campaigns manually- meaning you can spit them out 10x as fast and 10x your profits. Set one up on the toilet at work if you like 😀

Part 2# Passive ProfitBuilder Step By Step Training

The step-by-step over the shoulder training is just like having me sit right next to you and guide you on how to create a passive money-making business from the ground up…

1. The EXACT steps to take to build a $10,000+ per month passive income business with simple product reviews…

2. The simple steps to use the Passive ProfitBuilder App to turn ANY offer into a shareable PDF product review gift…even if you currently have no “tech” experience and no website (I’ll teach you how to do everything)

3. How to get started today, even if you’ve never had any results online before or you’re a complete newbie to online marketing.

4. How to get things setup so you can get hordes of high-quality FREE traffic flowing quickly to your PDF product reviews.

5. Why now is the time to get started and how to quickly start making as much passive income as possible in your Bank account.

6. How to make more money and scale things up without any more work using simple share buttons.

7. Plus, a whole lot more!

in just 3 steps


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demo of passive profit builder