In the last 4 years, i’ve been able to actually build a website, the current one you are on right now. ¬†I was able to actually build a list with over 8,000 subscribers, both my blog and youtube channel. ¬†And on my 3rd year, I actually started seeing a lot of profit rolling in, day in day out. ¬†I realized, i’m actually a super affiliate now.

I’m generating over 100+ a day in various commissions through various strategies i’ve put in place. ¬†I’m making money from multiple income sources as we speak. ¬†I don’t really have any bosses. ¬†Only clients I choose to work with, and I have my own training courses out too, with great success. ¬†One of my courses back in May made Product of the Day on Jvzoo too. ¬†I basically have taught over 1,500 people through my courses and personal inner circle groups i have. ¬†I Remember…4 years ago, i was no where close to where I am today.

The beauty of this system, is the fact that when it turns on.. it really turns on. ¬†And once it’s on, it doesn’t shut down. ¬†You basically don’t want to shut it down. ¬†What i’m talking about is generally affiliate marketing and blogging, and how you can generate a real income online.

I now own a real online business because of what I’ve been able to achieve. ¬† Affiliate marketing, is the fastest way to make and generate an income online. ¬†This is something, ANYONE can get into from day one. ¬†The whole idea is to know what you’re doing, and how to set things up.

There is a formula, that everyone uses. It hasn’t changed since day one. ¬†Everyone things, that just technology moves forward, doesn’t mean the formula changes. ¬† It’s a really simple one really. ¬† Find something you have a passion for. ¬†Find ways to make money from it. ¬†Put it somewhere for people to find it. ¬† Drive traffic to it. ¬† Generate money.

I have combined Affiliate Marketing and Blogging for a sustainable business online. ¬†I have created my own custom blueprint which is future proof and evergreen. One strategy which if you rinse and repeat for any niche you can think of, you’ll have an online business up and running and created by yourself for yourself.

The problem with is, is that sometimes it needs a little time to get it going. ¬†If you’re consistent and persistent and add value to your passion online business, then you’ll definitely come out a winner. ¬† And if you follow my exact strategies on how to do this, showing you exactly what i’ve been doing for the past 4 years, then really there is no going back.

I’m doing this to help people understand that the process is easy, however, putting the work in is hard. ¬†I’m showing you exactly what i’ve been doing through various strategies, using my blogs as my case studies. ¬†I’ve got real life case studies showing you step by step how to copy my campaigns using Facebook Ads etc. ¬†I’m offering you a chance to take a look inside my own word, and how I work online. ¬†I’m showing you the easiest way to set up a website, in less than a minute with a few clicks of the mouse. ¬†All you have to do is just follow me in my training videos I created for you in Flip Flop Profits.

Flip flop profits is my new Training and Coaching course showing you an easy way to set your passion business up online, and generating money from it. ¬†My plan is to get you to build a sustainable business which will bring you an income every month. ¬†It’s not overnight success…it’s building and giving the right type of value for the right people, and for you to build your list so you can maximize your profits. ¬†The bigger the list, the bigger the paycheck. ¬†Trust me on this.

So I show you everything, with one simple formula, which I take you by the hand, and teach you how to do the same.  After you are done with this course, you will have finally understood the process of how affiliate marketing works and how you can join us in this industry, since there is a big pie for everyone to be part of.

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What Is Flip Flop Profits? 

Inside Flip Flop Profits, I show you an easy way of doing affiliate marketing and blogging and making money from your own passion…any passion. ¬†You could be generating¬†over $1,500 a month on autopilot, using my evergreen strategies which helped me build my own sustainable income. ¬†I share secrets, and over the shoulder’s strategies which have been used in my business in the past 4 years.

You can get started without any experience, but it’s also made for the advanced user too.

You will create a sustainable income depending on the work you put out and the content you bring out should be consistent and persistent.    

But the one thing that is attractive in this course is my training, and how EASY it is to set things up and not to be so overwhelmed by things that might stop you from starting.    

I show you¬†the easy path and the budget friendly route. ¬† ¬†Everything based in this Training course is a replica of what I use in my business today which can be easily implemented with any niche possible. ¬†The course is unique because¬†I’m sharing everything I’m doing in my day-to-day business.

It’s meant for people who are on a minimal budget and don’t have a lot to spend, or scared to spend.

It’s also created for the advanced user who will spend using my strategies and tools. ¬†There are golden nuggets inside the training not found elsewhere.

I also share secrets in our industry that people invest a lot of money to get that information.

My simple formula and blueprint are now in your hands.

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