Making money online sounds easy.  As easy as it sounds, most people who try , fail miserably.   They fail to understand the one thing that is important to beginning your Make Money Online journey.  List building.  

Look, you need the right parts to connect together for list building to work.   The right traffic, the right landing page tools, the right email delivery software as well to get your message out.  Everyone can build their own cash in demand business , in any niche, but you need to understand the importance of list building in general and the blueprint formula to do what is working today.  

Without all these building essentials working together, you are always losing money on traffic that is not doing anything for you.   Or content you have out aren’t getting traction, or even conversions.  The worst is that you are not building a sustainable online business and that’s because you are missing the right tools for it to work.   And if you think you are, but not building a list still…then it’s definitely not Sustainable.   Especially if you are doing what I mentioned above.  I know this also discouraged so many people to follow through with their dreams of financial freedom because of you failing to realize this important aspect of the business.  Really sucks though if you did.    

Let me explain something to you.   Push button profits, DO exist but it’s not really what you think.    Let me explain…

Let us picture a day in a life of being in my shoes for a second.   Just take in what i’m about to explain to you.   Imagine doing this my job online.   Sending out one email right before you go to bed, to wake up you find a couple of hundred dollars in your online wallet.   This is basically the formula I have been following  . Not the actual sending the email out, but the fact that to get that first email out, a few things had to be done before sending it out.   I do teach you the basics, but there is a lot more to this.    I have the blueprint formula for this, for anyone to follow and achieve results as well.   IF this sounds like something you would love doing, then stick around.  Keep reading, you’re in for a treat!  

Look, I started all this back in 2012.   I didn’t make it online until 2 years later.   I didn’t make any money until 2 years later.  Now I’m generating over 10k a month.   And i’ve done it all, 90% through list building.  Chances are , you probably got to this post through an email I sent out.  Well not all of you.  But most of you.  

I work an average no more than 3-4 hours a day.  What explains the shocking difference in income and effort?

I built an email list.   If you’ve tried or struggled to build a list, and make money from it, you know how frustrating it can be ,  Learning complex page builder softwares,  Paying HUGE monthly fees for autoresponders.   Usually you can’t afford these tools until you have made some kind of consistent income coming in. 

I’ve spent so much money on paid traffic, to learn the process to start learning how to build, and sell to people in my various niches.  And most of the time, I came out losing more than what I was making. For me it was a learning journey of loss and wins.   For you it can be different. Sending out emails that weren’t converting to my list, and so forth. 

It’s The Worst . FEELING IN THE WORLD.  You spend thousands on softwares, traffic and training.  You invest months of time, sacrificing sleep and sanity.  Then barely make a sale when you promote.  That’s what happened to me early on.  And I hear the same story from so many other upcoming affiliates, or people who have tried their luck online.

Now we can solve this issue, and problem with one easy solution, that covers everything we just talked about above.    Get ready to learn how to build to capture leads, how to make money from your leads, and how to build a sustainable affiliate business from scratch using a 3-in-1 software suite, helping you generate these type of commissions and numbers you see in my personal screenshot from my warrior account.  


All the softwares, conversion tools, AND TRAFFIC you need for list marketing profits, under one roof  Without technical hassles: the custom tools inside work together, right out of the box.  Say goodbye to guesswork: this all-in-one platform SYSTEMIZES everything from lead generation to email to profit.  Forget struggling for traffic: you get my favorite traffic method for growing your lists FAST, as large as you like!  Geminii Takes “Push-Send”  PROFITS TO THE NEXT LEVEL

What Is Geminii Exactly?




Automated List Building Squeeze Page Software With Templates And Hosting Effortlessly grow your list faster than ever Geminii’s powerful squeeze page creator converts as much of your traffic into subscribers as possible. Customize 2 optimized lead page templates, or make your own from scratch.  Save $100s per year & maximize conversions with BUILT IN hosting for ultra-fast page loading.  
Unlimited Use AutoResponder With NO Monthly Fees Putting the ‘profit’ into ‘push-button’

Easily send unlimited promo emails to unlimited subscribers with Geminii’s robust autoresponder.  Developed by a leading autoresponder software specialist, it’s built to maximize your delivery rates hassle-free.   Enjoy seamless integration with your Geminii squeeze pages for quickly synching your leads onto your lists.

All while saving THOUSANDS in recurring fees charged by other autoresponders.  

Industry-Leading Email Conversion Technologies Turn your marketing messages into ATMs

Unlock the highest converting marketing messages of your life with these built-in email conversion tools.  Include countdown timers, scarcity bars and clickable buy buttons INSIDE your emails , to skyrocket your results.

These proven methods used by top email marketers usually cost hundreds or more and can be technical nightmares to set up.

With Geminii, they’re point & click easy, And SLASH the time it takes to write emails because they literally do the selling FOR you!  Plus You Get A-Z Training On How To Use Each App For U


Front End – $27 Geminii Basic

Geminii has been created to provide HUGE value on the front end and will give any newbie access to the 3 most important tools that EVERYONE needs when they start their online business. These 3 essential tools are also included in the ONE TIME ONLY price that would otherwise cost you individual monthly fees.
The apps include:
  1. Simple cloud based autoresponder to allow users to get started with the wildly profitable email marketing business model. Features include the ability to upload their customer lists via .csv, send out unlimited email newsletters
  2. The Geminii email marketing tool box; Increase your click rates using Timers, Scarcity Bars and Buy Buttons “Inside” your emails
  3. Squeeze page creator with 2 customizable templates fully hosted by us with the option to download all leads generated.
Training by Zeeshan will show you how each individual app works and Jono will show you how all of the apps fit together and how to start driving traffic to your pages using Bing ads.
OTO1 – $47 Geminii Pro Edition
Unlimited Everything – While the FE is limited to 2 squeeze pages and only 3 features of the email toolbox, with this upgrade you get access to an additional 4 squeeze page templates plus ALL the features of the toolbox including:
  • Clickable giff videos inside your emails
  • Personalized images
  • Self interacting elements like “Yes / No” buttons
  • User feedback satisfaction buttons
  • Q&A’s
  • Polls
  • Social media buttons
  • Google Map graphics
And many more features that will increase your clicks and sales
OTO2 – $67 Geminii Advanced Traffic Training
Jono will show you how to get insane traffic from adwords using the google display network and gmail ads… It’s like getting into peoples email inboxes without even having an auto-responder
OTO3 – $97 Geminii DFY Campaigns
x7 “Proven” high converting campaigns from Jono’s personal campaigns collection that collectively made over $50,000. These campaigns include:
  • Email Swipes
  • Bonus Pages + Bonuses
  • Review Videos
OTO4 – $197 High Ticket DFY Funnel + Limitless Traffic
HUGE value once again here. Users get direct access to jonos adwords audience by placing pixels on our sales pages for the next 365 days. It doesn’t stop there…. They also get access to jonos personal ads library plus access to jonos personal Auto-webinar funnel (complete with emails, follow up emails and retargeting). Simply use Jono’s ads, to send to jonos audience and cash in ($880/sale) from the penny clicks.
OTO5 – $197 Resellers License + Developers License
Combined developers rights to the software AND resell rights. With developers rights, users can train their own VA to access their apps and take charge of their campaigns. Buyers of this up-sell also get to sell Geminii as if it was their own product and take away 100% commissions on the WHOLE funnel.

Pick Up Geminii from my links below and Get these Exclusive Bonuses Delivered

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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Geminii different and better than other list building softwares?
Geminii includes ALL the premium tools you need to both build lists, AND profit from them.  With other products, you typically have to “piece together” different elements like autoresponders, page builders, email tools and traffic … which frequently means $100s of dollars PER MONTH.  With Geminii, you get unlimited access to everything for one low fee.

Will I need to download any of the softwares? Will they work on my Mac?
No and yes!  All the included softwares are cloud-based, so there’s nothing to install AND they work on any operating platform.  Simple & straightforward, right out of the box. 

I’m a complete beginner. Will this work for me?
YES – all you do is follow the simple step-by-step guidelines. We’ve worked extremely hard to make this the most beginner-friendly list marketing system on the planet.  And there’s world-class support to help if you ever have a question.

How much time does this take?
This will vary depending on individual effort and previous experience, But many beta testers reported having successful list building campaigns running within an hour of their 1st login.  From there, it takes about 15 minutes to send out a daily promo email.

How do I get started?

SIMPLE! Just Hit The Button To Unlock Your Geminii License


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