Introducing FranknAI, a marketing automation tool designed to help businesses with content creation for social media. This review will delve into the product’s features, benefits, and overall quality, helping you make an informed decision.

Product Overview

FranknAI is a marketing automation tool that uses artificial intelligence to create and manage social media content. It stands out in the market for its ability to generate 365 days of content based on a user-entered URL.


Features and Benefits

  • Feature 1: Import From Website or Description – Users can import all the information for a product or service using a website URL or by adding a custom description. This makes it easy to get started and saves time on content creation.
  • Feature 2: Task Management – FranknAI offers a visual calendar and detailed task listings to help users schedule and organize their content creation tasks. This feature keeps businesses organized and ensures consistent content creation.
  • Feature 3: 365 Days Of Marketing Plans – Users can create detailed marketing plans for any product, service, or business. This feature allows businesses to focus on strategy and execution, saving time on planning.
  • Feature 4: Auto-Complete Marketing Assets – Based on the chosen topic and target audience, FranknAI suggests relevant and engaging visual assets to complete marketing pieces. This feature helps users achieve better results with minimal effort.
  • Feature 5: Plan Customization – FranknAI allows detailed customization of marketing plans, including objectives, frequency, and platforms. This feature allows businesses to tailor their content to their specific needs and target audience.

Product Quality

FranknAI is a high-quality marketing automation tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline content creation for social media. Its unique selling point is the ability to generate 365 days of content based on a user-entered URL. This sets it apart from competitors and makes it a valuable investment for businesses looking to save time and resources on content creation.

How It Works

Using FranknAI is simple and user-friendly. Users start by entering a URL or adding a custom description for the product or service they want to create content for. The AI then generates a 365-day marketing automation plan, complete with high-quality social media content. Users can schedule and publish this content in advance. The AI also continuously improves the content based on audience response, using self-learning algorithms. This step-by-step process ensures an effective and efficient user experience.

Target Audience

FranknAI is intended for businesses and marketing professionals who struggle with consistent content creation for social media. It is particularly beneficial for those who rely on Facebook content as a major organic promotion tactic. The tool’s ability to generate 365 days of content saves time and resources, making it ideal for businesses with limited content creation capabilities. FranknAI is designed to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries.


  • Time-saving: FranknAI’s ability to generate 365 days of content in advance saves businesses valuable time and resources.
  • User-friendly: The tool’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Customization: FranknAI allows users to tailor their marketing plans to their specific objectives, frequency, and platforms.
  • AI-driven improvements: The AI continuously learns from audience response and updates the content accordingly, ensuring its effectiveness.
  • Commercial agency rights: Users have the option to use FranknAI for their marketing agencies, expanding their service offerings.
Product Review: FranknAI

The Funnel

Unlock Your Marketing Potential with FranknAI!

Welcome to the ultimate marketing solution with FranknAI! Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, FranknAI offers an array of powerful tools designed to simplify and supercharge your marketing efforts.

Front End (FE) – FranknAI Commercial – $37 One-Time

Get started with FranknAI Commercial and enjoy features such as:

  • Import from Description or Website: Easily pull content from existing sources.
  • 365 Days of Marketing Plans: Plan a whole year of marketing (90 days for $32 license).
  • Manage Multiple Businesses: Add up to 5 businesses (1 business for $32 license).
  • Platform Integration: Seamlessly connect with Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn.
  • Unlimited Integrations and Auto-Generated Tasks: Streamline your workflow with automated marketing tasks and assets.
  • Instant Calendar View: Visualize your marketing schedule effortlessly.
  • One-Click Task Generation & Export Options: Quickly generate and export tasks.
  • Enhanced Output with Upvote/Downvote Features: Improve your marketing assets continuously.
  • Comprehensive Training Included: Get the most out of FranknAI with detailed training resources.

Upgrade to FranknAI Fast-pass

Take your marketing to the next level with the Fast-pass option:

  • $297/yr (Save $47 with code FRANKNSTART) or $497 Lifetime (Save $137 with code FRANKNDEAL).
  • Access all OTOs at a discounted rate, bundled for maximum savings.

After purchasing the FE, you’ll be introduced to the Fast-pass option via a walkthrough video by Neil.

Upgrade Options:

  1. OTO1 – FranknAI PRO – $67 One-Time
    • Import from audio or documents.
    • Manage 5 additional businesses.
    • Integrate with more platforms: Quora, Email, Ads, Blog, Telegram, Discord.
    • Unlock unlimited objectives.
  2. OTO2 – FranknAI UNLIMITED
    • $297/yr, $77/quarter, or $697 Lifetime.
    • Unlimited business management.
    • Unlimited content creation.
    • Team license for 5 members.
  3. OTO3 – FranknAI Agency – $197 One-Time
    • Unlimited sub-accounts.
    • Register links generator.
    • DFY (Done For You) Business Website with all essential pages.
    • DFY Sales Proposal, Email Swipes, Telemarketing Scripts, Legal Contract, Graphics Banner, Business Cards, FB Ads Creativity, Rate Cards, Letterheads, and Invoices.
  4. OTO4 – AI Repurpose Domination – $47 One-Time
    • Create compelling email sequences.
    • Develop CTAs and follow-up emails.
    • Structure engaging email content.
    • Craft benefits and features for your sales pages.
    • Generate marketing materials for lead generation and sales.
    • Optimize and test your sales pages for better performance.

Unlock all these incredible features and streamline your marketing strategy with FranknAI. Start with the FE and explore the upgrade options to maximize your marketing potential!

Stay tuned for more tips and insights on leveraging FranknAI to its fullest. Subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel for the latest updates and tutorials.


  • Dependency on user input: The quality of the generated content relies on the accuracy and relevance of the user-entered URL or description.
  • Limited creativity: While FranknAI suggests relevant visual assets, it may lack the human touch and creativity that comes with manual content creation.


    • Q: Can FranknAI be used for multiple products or services?

A: Yes, FranknAI allows users to create marketing plans for any product, service, or business.

    • Q: Is there a limit to the number of marketing plans I can create?

A: There is no limit to the number of marketing plans you can create with FranknAI.

    • Q: Can I edit the generated content?

A: Yes, FranknAI provides customization options for marketing plans, allowing users to make edits as needed


Product Review: FranknAI

  • “FranknAI has revolutionized our social media content creation. It saves us so much time and effort, and the AI-driven improvements have significantly increased our engagement.” – John, Marketing Manager
  • “As a small business owner, FranknAI has been a game-changer for me. I can now focus on other aspects of my business while knowing that my social media content is taken care of.” – Sarah, Small Business Owner

Final Verdict and Exclusive Bonuses from Dpapa

In conclusion, FranknAI offers a unique solution for businesses struggling with consistent content creation for social media. Its ability to generate 365 days of content based on a user-entered URL sets it apart from competitors. While there may be a dependency on user input and limited creativity compared to manual content creation, the overall quality and AI-driven improvements make it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes and industries. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, FranknAI is a powerful tool for streamlining social media content creation and saving time and resources.

Product Review: FranknAI

Bonuses will be delivered in  a google doc under your access in Jvzoo!

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These are custom made bonuses, meaning they are creating by myself, for this offer specifically.

Bonus 1 : How to run a business with FrankNAI (for the total newbie) 

Bonus 2: Step by step case study, on promoting clickbank offers on FranknAI

Bonus 3: Hack on creating videos on the fly using FranknAI

Bonus 4: Hack on using Ai to create your social images

Bonus 5:  Creating a Website in under 5 minutes, and getting real traffic instantly using FranknAI


Conclusion and Special Coupons!

Make an informed decision today and explore the possibilities with FranknAI. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your social media content creation and save valuable time and resources. Get started with FranknAI and experience the benefits of AI-driven marketing automation. Your social media presence awaits!

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