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Flip Flop Profits

It's time for your customers to take control! My goal with Flip Flop Profits was to show your customers exactly how they can start an Affiliate Blogging business from from their Passion with minimal budget. 

Using 3 platforms and through the strategies taught, your customers can actually create multiple mini cash-machines in any niche possible created to get commissions on a daily basis through a sustainable evergreen strategy.
I'm leaving nothing back and giving your customers every advantage they could ever ask for when it comes to generate a consistent full-time income from home using Flip Flop Profits.
The formula behind this evergreen strategy is basically, helping your customers find their Passion niche, creating a winning blog or website cache-machine and to drive traffic and make  daily commissions on autopilot , forever, using my own personal strategies which helped me build my online business 4 years ago. 

Your customers will be generating sales through the use of Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, Facebook ads, Bing Ads, Youtube and their Email lists.  

The only monthly fees someone will have to pay for , is for the hosting  they'll need to invest in. 
Why is Flip Flop Profits Unique
The course is unique because i'm sharing everything i'm doing in my day to day business.  

It's meant for people who are on a minimal budget and don't have a lot to spend, or scared to spend.  

It's also created for the advanced user who will spend using my strategies and tools.

There are golden nuggets inside the training not found elsewhere.
I also share secrets in our industry that people invest a lot of money to get that information.  

My whole blueprint is in your hands now.

What's Inside Flip Flop Profits? 
Module 1
Course Overview
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • What To Expect 
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Use Clickbank for a Source of Information 
  • Proof of Income
Module 2
Setting Up Your Cash Machine
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How to Build Your First Website with One Click 
  • Build Your Social Media Profile with One Click 
  • FB Fan Page Hacks
  • Build Your First Wordpress Blog
  • Gravatar Creation
  • Plugins to Use With Your Websites
  • Building Your Email List 
  • Tracking Your Links and Sales
  • How To Get Free Traffic For Your Niche
Module 3
Content For Your Blogs, Posts, Websites & Social Media Platforms
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Finding Content through Google 
  • How To Copyright Articles
  • Getting Rich Content from Clickbank
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Examples of Landing Pages to Create
  • Branding Your Website or Blog
Module 4
Googe Adsense
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • How to Set Up Your Google Adsense and generate an income through Google Adssensed
Module 5
Driving Traffic To Your Offers and Websites
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • FB Post Boosting Strategy
  • Create Your First Video Ad
  • Create Your Unique Image Video From Scratch 
  • Creating A Video From Scratch for FB Ads
  • Solo Ads
Module 6
No Website Direct Linking
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Direct Linking to any landing page or offer without the need of paying for hosting fees.
Module 7
Extra Training
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Building a Website that goes viral 
  • Using FB Messenger for your Biz
  • Masking Your Affiliate Links and Tracking
  • How To Build a  Bridge Page 
Copy My Campaigns
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • Copy My FB Ads Campaign
  • Copy my Bing Ads Campaign
  • Copy my Youtube Ads Campaign
  • Copy My Warrior Plus Campaign
Done For You Content
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • 250 Ready Made Niche Based Articles
  • Full Content Ready To Drive Traffic. 
  •  Perfect for The One Starting Out
  • Email Swipes 
  • Email Marketing 101 (ninja hacks) 
Inner Circle Group Coaching
In This Module you'll discover: 
  • FB GROUP Coaching 24/7
  • Extra Training and Full Support Guidance and Help
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INSIDE OTO 3 - Inner Circle Group Coaching

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My Goal 
To Partner Up With Incredible People Such As Yourselves, Fill Your Bank Accounts with Cash and Take Care of Your Customers
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Now he’s revealing everything
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No more trying to figure it out on your own, just let him
take you by the hand .  

This isn’t over night push the button success, this is building your own stuff, from zero.

The amount of detail in Demetris’s trainings is really deep and it’s never boring.  You get to see everything a super affiliate does, day in day out.  

He’s sharing with you his own real case studies and campaigns…like i said, nothing hidden, full transparency.

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You must have some kind of passion?  Don’t you?

Demetris will actually open your eyes to the many possibilities on generating an income online. Don’t be sitting in the sidelines spending money on stuff that doesn’t really work.  

Demetris’s new course , is Evergreen and will definitely help you build your own sustainable business, from zero.  Seriously.

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formula which is generating him, daily commissions for the past 4 years using the same strategy over and over.  

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If you’re worried about all the techy stuff, you
don’t need to!

He has you covered. Demetris  will show you how to
generate commissions, on a daily basis, using his own personal custom affiliate marketing strategy.  You don’t want to miss this.

He’s leaving nothing behind, and he’s taking you by the hand, with over the shoulder’s training and real live case studies, showing you everything in the affiliate marketing and blogging space.

You will be able to build your passion …any passion, into your business online, by the time you’re done with this amazing training offered to you.

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