You do realize that FB is huge and popular but also greedy. With every update, FB has become a cash machine when it comes to you wanting any type of traffic to any type of offer you might have. If you want massive traffic, be prepared to pay for it.

Facebook was built through human psychology. Human beings are curious creatures. If you want people to interact with your posts, then you’ll need to create something that will drive their curiosity. I have been playing around with a software that beats beats Facebook at its own game. By using curiosity to attract your best prospects, then turn them into leads and buyers. Watch how i’m using FB Engagr to interact with my readers, while also building a list doing it through FB.

FB Engagr Review Live Demo

What is FB Engagr Exactly?

This is the First Ever Facebook Poll Engagement Builder Tool In Our Industry That boosts Customer Engagement, Increase Sales and Conversion.

It’s simply a POWERFUL cloud based software that lets your customers build Eye-catching Poll-Like campaigns on Facebook with a user friendly image editor… It has been proven over time that poll campaigns are highly engaging with potential customers commenting on their choice from the poll.

And with FB engagr, you can set automatic response with sales messages to every potential customer that comments on your poll campaigns on Facebook, campaigns with the ability to as well build a customer list based on the offer in the poll they respond to.

Take A Look At Some Of The Amazing Features Built Inside FBengagr

✔Poll Post/Ad Builder With Automated Funnels

✔Create Campaign in seconds…

✔Instant Campaign Editor

✔Collect Leads, Sell Products and Go Viral on Social Media Instantly & in a More Interactive Way.

✔Autoresponder Integration

✔One Click Post To Facebook Fanpage.

✔Create Two Type Of Campaign (RATE OR VOTE CAMPAIGN)

✔Access to Over 20 Million High Quality Photos in Image Library.
✔Access to Over 20 Million High Quality Photos in Image Library.

✔One Click Image Upload Option.

✔Private Autoreply to Comments on Post.

✔Autopost To All Fanpages and Profile.

✔Ready Made Campaign Templates In Different Niches.

✔Online Image Editor

✔Poll/Vote Stats

✔CTA Builder

Why You Will Love FB Enagr

The answer is simple… Engaging users on Facebook leads to sales!

There are millions of buyers on facebook but yet getting the attention of your target audience on facebook is like screaming for your customers attention in a noisy market, then that’s because of the OUTDATED technology and methods your customers have been using previously.

… It’s The MOST interactive & BEST engagement tool your customers need to drive hoards of free or cheap traffic, leads & sales.

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