Eclipse Revealing Secret and Method

For the past 6 years I’ve been an affiliate marketer. This is the best decision and path I ever thought of taking, as this provides me with an income I never thought possible. One problem is when you’re starting, is that the commissions are hard to make. You either make very little or not at all. It really depends on how you are sending traffic, and if you’re an authoritative figure online. Someone people can trust etc. However, you could do this faceless as well. Even if you copy other affiliate marketers to what they do, you still are not guaranteed, any sales, or commissions. The reason behind this is because these “Gurus” have bigger lists than you. They have a following already, and they know how to generate buyers. It’s not easy though. Needs a lot of hard work, and time, investment, work. Hey, it took me about 6 years to get to these numbers now…check image below.



Today I have a little secret to reveal to you.  The secret method, that no one is really talking about.  And to be honest, a month ago I actually created a free training on my youtube channel, sharing you this secret method ) .  Now if people are signed up to me, and opened up my emails, you would have probably seen this method and tried it.  Or some of you ignored my email….and thought it was some kind of spammy email.  Well… Sorry to break it to you, like I always do, I always spill great value with great never seen before training to you, because I learn it from others, and teach you next.    

The method is so stupid simple, anyone can do it.   So what is it?   It’s getting in front of your competitors list, viewers, followers or whatever your competitor has.  If let’s say, you wanted to promote something to my list.   Now you can.   Basically, you are cutting your time it would take you to build a relationship, build a list,  or discover the right traffic for your niche if you were going to do this alone.    Eclipse is about to change that for you.  You are about to become the moon, which will get in front of the sun!

You are about to get in front of buyers who are ready to spend money for whatever you are trying to offer.    A training course, which teaches you how you will be making your first commissions using the secrets and methods taught in Eclipse.  

There is more to this.   More advanced, more in depth, and you will learn about it in Eclipse.  Keep reading , as I am also providing you with about 7 exlcusive bonus bundle I have created for you, plus another 4 early bird bonuses which are just so valuable to ignore!    DO NOT IGNORE THIS….this can change the way you will be making money online, as an Affiliate marketer. 

Here Are My Real Results and Money Proof about How I'm Using Eclipse

What Is Eclipse Exactly?



Eclipse is a brand new training course that will show you how to “Hijack” big affiliates traffic & commissions by placing YOUR offers over the top of theirs… They do all of the hard work and you sniper the profits. This system has NEVER been previously released before and is something that green grass newbies can take advantage of…. No, this has NOTHING to do with launch jacking 🙂


Prices & Up-Sells



Front End – Eclipse: $12.95

Access the powerful Eclipse software and training modules.

Upsell #1 – Done For You: $37

Let us GIVE YOU campaigns to use for the next 365 days… at least 2 per week. These campaigns will consist of; Done for you review video, done for you video ads, done for you bonus page, done for you emails…. the complete package for all up-coming launches in 2019 & beyond.

Upsell #2 – Steal Our 3.8 Million List: $197

Put your tracking pixels on our sales pages and take advantage of hundreds of thousands of visitors. Customers get to keep all of the tracking data to use for their own promotions. This is as close as it gets to building a HUGE list overnight.


Upsell #3 – 1K Daily Hack: $197

A complete DFY solution for customers to use our video ads and targeting together with our own high ticket offer which pays out $1000 commissions per sale. All of the ground work has been done leaving customers to target and profit.


Upsell #4 – Eclipse Outsourcer: $77

A collection of over 30 Monetizable channels that you can use to place your eclipse system over. This will save your HOURS of manual work.


Upsell #5 – Licence Rights: $167

Sell “Eclipse” as their own product.


Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:


  • NO launch jacking
  • NO Ecommerce
  • NO Boring Content Creation
  • NO Product Creation
  • NO Hard Work
  • NO​Outsourcing


All of this is covered by a ‘no-questions asked’ 30 day money-back guarantee

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Attention: This Special Bonus Page Comes Down At 11:59pm EST On Thursday, July 11th! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is “ECLIPSE?”
An “under the radar” way to steal traffic in 30 seconds or less. Because you’re stealing from “the rich,” the traffic is juicy and plentiful.

Q. Is This Really “Beginner Friendly?”
Yes, this is something that literally anybody can do. The reason people aren’t doing this already, is because they don’t know about it yet.  There’s an expression in English called “the Early Bird gets the worm.” Anybody who jumps in now will be in the best position to bank with this.

Q. How Long Until You Start Making Money?
it’s illegal to promise any earnings whatsoever, however, we would be shocked if you didn’t see the potential here.

Barely anybody knows about this, and it’s something that you can CERTAINLY exploit… You owe it to yourself to jump on this one, now!

Q. Is There Really A “100% Money Back Guarantee?”
Absolutely!! We know that you’re going to love this, so we’re slamming it with our Iron Clad “100% Money Back guarantee”

In fact, if you follow the steps inside and you don’t make at least $100-$300 in 3 days, I will personally give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY back,  Take that to the bank 😉

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 This is the FAST WAY to steal traffic from the guru’s…

It’s NEVER been shared to the public before



With Eclipse, There’s:

NO launch jacking

NO Ecommerce

NO Boring Content Creation

NO Product Creation

NO Hard Work

NO ​Outsourcing


YES, this is the easy way to build a business.

Because it’s LEGALLY stealing the “business” from the guru’s, and fast tracking your journey to success.