Promises…Promises..Promises. That’s all you hear from people all over trying to make you sign up to something that promises you money, and more money, and so easily. Yes, there is no such thing. I decided, to Quit my search for the one that will make me an extra income online. I decided to quit, not because there isn’t any out there that works, but I’m confident to say, that 3 months in DS Domination proved that whatever I was on 12 months ago, was meant for me to fall on DS Domination, and actually Dominate this business. Yes people.. I’m dominating online through my eBay account and also making extra money through the affiliate side of this company. There are two parts. The Business side, and the Affiliate side and i’m here to share my experience with this company.


Your Personal Revolution

DS Domination actually delivers on its promise. I am seriously a living proof that this business works. I’m talking about the Drop-Shipping business. I know so many people have no clue what I’m talking about.

I remember reading other blogs in the past with the names “eBay” and “Amazon” popping up, and the first thing that would come to my mind was basically seeing it through the lens of an “Actual Worker” placing items in packages and making sales online and sending those packages to others. And just the thought that I would have to go to the post office or deal with any of that made me actually ignore this 1 year ago when I first heard about it. Now I say, too bad I didn’t start earlier. Has nothing to do with all that. It’s a copy paste system, that works. You list on eBay items you want to sell. You copy paste them from Amazon and mark up the price. When your customer buys them off your eBay shop, you head out back to Amazon and then buy the item for your customer.

Look. In all honesty, this is the ONLY company that doesn’t really require you to recruit anyone. Their promise of making $200,  in a day is very possible. Always depends on what you have listed and how many you listed. I started in November 12th 2014. I’m almost 3 months in and made over $ 1000 in eBay sales. All this was done without me moving from where I am actually sitting right now and writing this article. I’m sitting here telling you how much this program is changing my life around. No bullshit guys and girls. This might not be for everyone, but I’m sure it is for the ones who are really looking for that one program that does work Online, and that pays you as well. It is also for the ones that want to grow their own businesses, expand their businesses, or just wanting to create a business from home. A homebased business.

My Official eBay Stats  (Skeptics -> connect with me ask me to show you I’ll Share my screen) 

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.58.46 PM

I got into this business not to be one of those shady marketers online. I do care about who follows me, and I do give the value I have promised in my previous posts or emails you might have received by me. You can see that I’m not a spammer, and I always send emails when I have something important to say, or show. I need you to take this time and rethink your thoughts about investing into programs. I can vouch this program works, you are more than welcome to contact me personally, and as many of you know, i get back to you, personally.

So if you want the proof you are looking for. If you want to see my transactions on PayPal…which is where you will be paid from , then I’m sure you can decide right after if you want to join a $19.95 educational program, that will actually change your life today. Seriously, Today.


What you Get when you Enter DS Domination Pro

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With $19.95 you get to set up your business and nothing more. The price shouldn’t have you scratching your head! For crying out loud, it’s like buying 3 coffee’s in a month. Don’t buy these 3 coffees in that month and test it out.

If you are sitting on that couch, daily, not knowing what your next move is, why don’t you try this? I’m talking to the ones that are looking for “making money online” schemes and strategies.

By joining the program, and my team, you get to watch modules step by step , we take you by the hand, and teach you how to list items you never see or own, on eBay, and make a profit from that. The process is simple, every major outlet is doing this as we speak. The system is legit. Search the Term “drop-shipping” and believe me you will get the info you need.

I’m really fed up trying to explain how this isn’t another pyramid scheme business. I will explain it as best as possible. This isn’t a pyramid scheme business, because you are purchasing “tools, software, lessons, community and a coach/mentor ” in order to succeed, by utilizing the tools you pay for, you get what is promised. Which is basically, teaching you e-commerce using eBay. It’s that simple.  And if this business ever shuts down…if ever…then you can easily take what they taught you, and continue this for your own good, For life.  As long as people are making products, and people are buying online,  you will always have a job in Drop-Shipping.

So if you are that person that wanted to sell something online, or wants to learn how to open up their own e-shop online, then this program will help them achieve that and More. If you are a person that wants to make something extra on the side, then this is it. If you are person that needs something fulltime, then again, THIS IS IT.

Seriously, anyone can do this. Its nothing but a serious copy paste system. Nothing to do with data entry, nothing to do with stealing. You are the “middleman” that never sees the items you are sending. You are the coordinator. Not sure how many other words and phrases I can use to explain how easy this all is.

So to end this right up and cold. I want you to Drop-Ship with me. I want to teach you how to do this. I want to help you do this from home. I want you to make your first sale, and I want you to come back to me and say , THANK YOU MAN…you actually did care, and you actually did help me get my investment back and more! .


I promise you this, you will be amazed by the eye-opening info in all of this. I have invested a lot of money and a lot of my time, in building the foundation of my OWN business in Drop-Shipping. I’m building my own team. I’m creating my own videos on youtube. I’m creating landing pages and creating advertisements to recruit new team members. I wouldn’t do all this if it didn’t work for me. I told you this in the beginning of my blogging career. I was in this to find the one that works, and then I would share my results, and show you which one you should be part of. The time has come to share this business.

I used to promote another 3 businesses in the past, and none of them lasted a month in my book. That’s what it took me to find out all that bullshit they were promising. With DS Domination, I’m still trying to find what’s wrong with this, but then the cash register on my notifications keeps reminding me, how real this all is.

I have personal friends and family reading these posts. They have seen my results. I’m here to help. I’m here to share with the world, the one company that really kicks ass online. This is for you! This is for your home based business. I love saying I’m a drop-shipper. Makes people ask me what it is, and then I just fire up with passion and start living my explanation. That alone shows me how much I love drop-shipping and how much I believe this is the future.

The most Future-Proof System that will bring you money during your sleeping hours. Seriously.

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Once inside, I’m going to plug you in to the rest and begin working with you one on one, to get you all set up. I promise I You need help, I’ll be there to help you. That’s one promise I always keep. My Plan is to make sure you make your investment back in that same month. If we don’t succeed that, you can decide to leave. No problem. No harm done. You only gain from this whole process.

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