You’ve heard the term, “The Money is in the List,” right? Well, usually you would go out buy traffic, send them to your landing page, hope that 30-50% of them opt in and then you REALLY hope they gave you their REAL email address . Most of you also, worry about creating the right fb ads, worrying you might get your ads account shut down trying. Forget all that hassle. Aniq Singal, Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam, released a really bad ass tool called LeadsTunnel!

LeadsTunnel skips the concerns of fake emails, copywriting, and landing pages. It utilizes the brand new technology released by Facebook to tap into highly targeted BUYER traffic..

You ready to see it in action? Check out this demo It’s a must see and MUST HAVE tool for 2016!


Check out My Live Demo of LeadTunnels

What Is LeadsTunnels ?

A simple to use, cloud-based tool that directly synchronizes your Facebook Leads and connects you to over 20 different popular autoresponders, CRM’s and webinar pla orms of your choice in REAL-TIME!

This will take all the grunt work out and automate the en re process so that you can have all the leads in your database and follow-up with your prospects in a mely manner!

We designed LeadsTunnel with privacy in mind so be rest assured that none of your collected data will be stored. It is your data and your data only. What’s more is that you are allowed to connect your data to mul ple pla orms at once. There’s no expor ng or transferring needed. It’s simple, fast, and secure!

So let’s talk about how you can use LeadsTunnel and Facebook to build your list.

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