The secret to becoming a super-affiliate is a very simple one really.  Something I’ve been preaching to you about for years.   I told you my story about how I lost 2 years of my life, ignoring one very important aspect of me making and generating real money online.   Nothing was the same when I finally put the formula to work for me.   I’m talking about learning how to create and build funnels.  I have learnt how to generate , nurture and monetize leads, in any niche you can think of, which helped me generate over 6 figures a year.  

By doing so you will be generating massive commissions yourself for any niche and passion you might have.   The trick here is to be able to quickly a list of hyper responsive customers.  But to do this you need to give something of value to these leads for them to sign up to you. 

The first problem is that you don’t have anything to give.  I get it.  I was there too.   I didn’t know or have anything that would attract anyone to sign up to me.   I had to look for valuable lead magnets.  This either cost me money, or would find some PLR’s which again I had to spend money and they weren’t that great. 

Then we have the issue of the website thing.   I bet almost everyone is not wanting to build their website at first.  It’s probaby because they don’t know how to.  And the thought of building a website to collect leads seems very complicated.   I get it.  I was down that path as well.  I even thought, I don’t have money to hire someone to build it for me.    Well now things are a little different.   

There are many solutions out there for this challenge for many.  Imagine being able to create your first lead generating campaign without spending money on domains, or hosting to do so.  By owning a domain or hosting  you would then also have to build landing pages, or squeeze pages, where i’m able to collect leads by giving something back.    Also, in order to maximize any results from these leads, you need to learn how to do email marketing.  Learning how to nurture and grow these leads, starts by building trust by writing captivating emails that are related to your list.

It’s not easy, depending on what you’re doing.    The way I did things was that I spoke about my experiences and then would offer them value and then promote something that was in the same line of that. 

You might want to hire a copywriter , a freelancer if you don’t have the time.  That will cost you money too.   

So really, it’s all about experience here.   Trick is to be honest, be yourself, be real, be human.   Oh, you’ll also need an autoresponder.  Always understand this please.  Very important you get it, as this is the essential factor of making you money.   I know many of you are thinking you don’t want to be that “spammer” , who sends emails on a daily basis.  I get it.  I was there too. 🙂   Yes, I know the feeling.  But truth of the fact is that, email marketing isn’t going anywhere, and it’s the most important tool in any one’s business.   DO NOT IGNORE this important fact.   Once you change your mindset on this, then you’ll start banking. 

So the way you will be generating money is really through email marketing.  Finding the right offers for your leads, is essential to your success as an affiliate marketer.   You need to spend days in research, to scout for sellable products you can promote to your list.  You will have to also create valuable bonuses as an incentive for others to pick up the offers from your links and so forth.’s not an easy task or  job to be an affiliate marketer.  It might sound easy, but really it’s not. Requires a lot of work from your end, and a bit of a budget on the side to make it grow.   BUT then again, there are solutions to these challenges 🙂 

and this is where DFY Lead Funnel Saves you from, watch my video below where I explain everything!

DFY LeadFunnels

What Is DFY LeadFunnel Exactly? 


The 3 powerful tools in DFY LeadFunnel provide SOLUTIONS to real problems from a 3-in-one Funnel suite that helps you and your customers Generate Leads, Nurture these leads, and rake in huge affiliate commission, with a built-in 100% FREE Viral Traffic System.  DFY Lead Funnel is designed to provide SOLUTION to the 3 BIG hurdles that anyone seeking to result in affiliate marketing needs to overcome . Normally here are the 3 BIG hurdles which in most cases require 3 different tools.

  1. Challenge – Build a list
  2. Challenge  – Nurture your leads
  3. Challenge – Monetize these leads

Not anymore.  There are tree tools into one powerful system and made it plug-n-play simple. That’s where DFY LeadFunnel comes in.

  1. Lead Generator
  2. Lead Nurturing
  3. Lead Monetization

Funnel Information and Listing Link:

Front End:

  • DFY Lead Generation And Nurturing Kit – $29
  • 50 Lead Magnets (Softwares and Video Trainings, not crappy PLR Products)
  • 50 Squeeze and Thank you pages for the lead Magnets
  • Bonus Page for 50 Best converting Products on JVZOO and warrior plus to MONETIZE the leads
  • NO domain or Hosting required (users have option to connect custom domain through C-NAME)
  • Ability to connect to 23 Autoresponders, including Zapier.
  • Done-for-you VSLs for all Lead magnets (this DFY feature doesn’t current exist on any JVZOO or W+ software)
  • Free Viral Traffic across 20 social media platforms
  • Done-for-you Email Swipes for all Lead Magnets (valuable for Solo Ads)
  • Done-for-you Ad Assets(banners and Ad copy) for all lead magnets (valuable for paid Traffic)
  • 50 Well constructed Email Swipes to engage and Nurture Email List

OTO1: DFY Monetization Kit

  • Bonus Page for 70 Best converting Products on JVZOO and warrior plus
  • Each Bonus page comes with product VSL, description, funnel Information, and 5 custom made bonuses that are proven to convert.
  • Done-for-you delivery page for all Bonus pages.
  • Email Swipe and Affiliate Link request URL for all Bonus pages.
  • Bridge page – After purchase, buyers are forced to enter their email address before they can claim promised bonuses.
  • Free Viral Traffic across 20 social media platforms
  • NO domain or Hosting required (users have option to connect custom domain through C-NAME)

OTO2: 200 DFY Copy-N-paste Affiliate Marketing Campaigns + DFY LeadFunnel Template Club 

Over 200 “Done For You” copy and paste campaigns with presell email, live email and follow emails that people can use to make money online without learning email marketing or struggling to write high converting emails. All the dfy campaigns come with their custom and complementary bonuses that make them truly irresistible. These are campaigns that Victory have used to rake over hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few months.


  • 5 Additional Lead Generations Asset Monthly
  • 5 Additional Lead Nurturing Assets Monthly
  • 5 Additional Lead Monetization Assets Monthly

OTO3: TrendMonetizer 

  • This App helps your subscribers to Legally And Ethically Hijack TRENDING Content… and customize it in just a few clicks… to make it their very own… and get them tons of hyper-responsive and highly targeted traffic.

OTO4: DFY LeadFunnels Resellers

The Reseller edition gives your customers the rights to sell the products throughout the funnel and keep 100% of the profits. As you know our funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s throughout and no expense Is spared.

  • 100 license – $127
  • 250 license – $197
  • 500 license – $297

OTO5: Affiliate Marketing Training 

This is a step by step affiliate marketing training to take your subscribers from the beginner level to raking 3-4 figures per day in commissions.

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