My Credi Response Review and why i think it’s bad ass…

Are you spending money and time creating fresh content OR laser-targeting people through expensive FB ads?  It takes hours and is cost so much isn’t?  If you’re not spending money then i’m guessing you’re relying your on your free traffic.   Well that’s great.  When people engage with your posts on your pages it would be good to connect with them on a personal level right? I mean that’s why you put your post out there, so you can get engagement, correct?   If so, I can show you now how you can actually engage on a personal level, and also be able to give them the information that is related to your post or offer , or article…or whatever it is you’re doing online!

Personal interaction explodes conversions and now you can start one on your own Facebook pages using Credi Response.  This is nothing like chatbots, but better! You see unlike Chat bots, the visitor does not need to start any conversation.

With Credi Response you’ll be able to reach out to every single visitor and help you boost sales and promote the things you want to promote easily without being pest.    Only I know how much I despise marketers who don’t know what they are doing, and they keep reaching out to people who they know are in their specific groups targeted to visitors who they bother through chat all the time.

This time, with Credi Response they come to you, and only when they ask or engage with something you have posted will they get your personal message to them.  You know that, first message is the important one.  After that you can go ahead and take control since now you got them through chat with immediate interaction.  You can actually time the response as well.  Which is perfect, as a reminder to anyone who engaged with your post earlier, they now get notified with your message back to them.  How cool is that?

Your FB marketing needs a super booster shot with Credi Response. See how simple and effective  it is to make your competitors go broke!

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