Freedom.  This beats a paycheck every single time .   You are looking for a “Job-replacing income” .  Many of you are chasing the internet lifestyle.   Do you really want FREEDOM?  It starts with recurring profits.  Just like a paycheck, you know ahead of time exactly what you’re going to make each and every month.  Do you really want to take things serious?  I’m here to offer you a proposition.   Read all the way to the end.   Watch both the videos  I have on here, and also , keep note i’m giving you access to my Passion Fuze program.  I’m going to help you get started right now, using the Jvzoo Members i’m about to introduce to you inside the next video below.



Jvzoo Member Review and First Look inside

So What Is Jvzoo Member All About?

Welcome to JVZoo’s CUSTOM Membership Product Platform
Where YOUR Sales & Profits Are Priority #1

Ever since people started selling online, smart marketers have been trying to  figure out ways to turn one time sales into recurring profits.

‘Cause we all know repeat buyers make our lives MUCH easier.  To make it happen, you need specialized software that makes recurring payments and programs possible.  Here’s the problem. Most membership softwares are NIGHTMARES.  They can be ridiculously complicated to use – in many cases you’ll need to pay developers to get set up and are often insanely expensive.  It can be highly restricted in terms of customization and features, and are next to IMPOSSIBLE to integrate with other platforms & tools.

Meaning, until now – only marketers & companies with BIG WALLETS could afford to set up powerful membership sites to make recurring profits.  Now for the good news.

A LEADING eCommerce platform that serves hundreds of millions of customers  and product vendors has seen the problem …

And the profit potential behind membership sites.  So its put its CONSIDERABLE resources into developing the world’s most powerful, most user-friendly membership platform. No expense spared to create a software  that lets you effortlessly create recurring income sites that turn one-time buyers into REPEAT customers.

Here are all the  details of this surprisingly affordable, groundbreaking new technology.

  • Maximize Sales: Specifically built to increase both one-time & recurring profits to your offers
  • Convert More Leads Into Buyers, and more buyers into long term customers … automatically: built-in features maximize both retention AND upsells
  • Products To Profits – FAST: instantly connect existing products to your membership sites … or create new ones INSIDE the platform (product creation has NEVER been easier)
  • Skyrocket Your Passive Income: set a monthly price for ongoing access, JVZoo Member takes care of the rest. It provides incentives to keep your customers onboard, AND to upgrade to your premium offers
  • You Bring It, We’ll Build It: upload or create your product inside JVZoo Member, and we’ll put the whole site together for you. All the links, access points, integrations & delivery, COMPLETELY handled for you. Zero headaches, pure profits.
  • DFY Sales Pages: as you create your sites, JVZoo Member will pull key data and literally create specific sales pages for your products, packages & offers.
  • Customize anything while saving THOUSANDS on copy & designers.
  • Lightning Fast SaaS Platform: cloud-based, nothing to install, ultra-quick page load times, & effortless integration with your existing toolsearn how to set up your own free traffic for any niche without relying on launching products or rising-cost paid traffic

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I thought the best thing is to get you inside PassionFuze and help you get fast tracked online. It’s perfect for Jvzoo Member.  You use my training today, you’ll be able to start building your business using the Jvzoo Member.  Consider this something like coaching, since it’s perfect for this.  That’s why i’m giving it away, even though it’s currenly selling at $37.  I’m not kidding, you get Jvzoo Member and Passion Fuze together, you’re set, you’ll be generating a passive income, if used properly.   DO NOT THINK FOR ONCE that i’m just giving away my products like that.  I only give them out when I feel it would benefit you and 10x your business online.



Welcome to JVZoo’s CUSTOM Membership Product Platform
Where YOUR Sales & Profits Are Priority #

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