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I was waiting to get my hands on this Doodle app.  All I can say finally, an easy and simple, if not the most realistic doodle video creator to hit the market.    Doodly is the newest, hottest video creator app to hit the market.   You will at some point need to create some kind of presentation, either for the company you work for, or for your own business.

Please understand that ¬†video marketing is huge lately and you can cash in when promoting videos. ¬†Did you know that video animated presentations, cost money to be made? ¬† So why go pay for them when you can do them yourselves? ¬† Listen, you can actually go and create your own animated presentation right now for free using powerpoint or keynote, but it won’t be as easy as using Doodly.

I actually played around with it, and created a mini presentation to show you how Doodly is easy to use and how  you can use it in your business.  Seriously, take advantage of tools which could help you build your business online .  Watch my Demo below and make sure you grab it through my links.

What Is Doodly?


Doodly is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Included is over 200 custom ‚Äúposes‚ÄĚ, 20 scenes, 200 props AND the ability to upload your own images.

Fully tested and developed from the ground up, Doodly allows users to create unlimited videos right from their desktop for their marketing needs.




РAn easy to user interface that’s newbie and tech friendly
– Drag and drop/Push Button ease!
– Includes EVERYTHING you need to get started and create your first video today
– Create White board AND Blackboard videos!
– Includes a strong variety of done for you images
– Allows custom image upload with custom draw paths
– Allows you to create UNLIMITED number of videos
– Available for both PC and Mac (desktop software)
– And so much more..


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Need to see the proof? Check out the two videos on this page here.. The proof is in the pudding. It’s easy as heck to use and it’s powerful.  Hands down the best Doodle video creator to hit the market.

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