Passive Puzzle Book Profits?  Puzzle books are a goldmine… among the top selling books on Amazon…

Today you are about to learn how to create a Puzzle book which you will be selling on Amazon, even by the end of the day.   Get excited!   You can do this so fast like it’s a real magic solution for you to make some passive income.   My friend Ken Bluntman, has gone out of his way, to create a cloud-based software which he created for his own self, to create puzzle books and is selling them on Amazon.  You basically don’t even have to write a single word.  The software actually creates multiple puzzle books to your liking with a few clicks of your mouse.  This is probably the first puzzle-book making software, I have come across, and when I got access to it, my AHA moment went off.  Your job is to just add a cover to the book.  Keep reading , as I have a solution to your cover book creation, and how you can get it done, for free, or for $5. 

Watch this demo below on how Ken is making hundreds selling puzzle books in the video below. 


How Puzzlebook Mastery Works



Imagine being able to create puzzle books and use them:

  • as gifts (to one of your puzzle-loving friends.. or maybe, for yourself)
  • as giveaways
  • for teaching vocabulary (let’s face it, every new knowledge domain has its own vocabulary)
  • to sell to local businesses.
  • to engage people on social media.  

In fact, what a great, fun way for people to become more familiar with almost any subject (you can upload your own word sets).

Get this, and you’ll be able to make puzzle books as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Use Ken’s software to create your puzzle book…
  2. Add a cover…
  3. Upload to Amazon…

All kinds of puzzles…

  1. Word searches
  2. Cryptograms
  3. Sudokus…

You really don’t need to have any skills , everything you need to know is included inside Puzzle Book Mastery. 

What Are The Upsells inside Puzzle Book Mastery



$27 Standard Level

The front end product is limited use/limited features of the software. People can easily make puzzle books at this standard level. There are three puzzles types (word search, cryptogram, sudoku). They can use the software only 100 times per calendar month. 


$37 Pro Level

This upsell provides unlimited use (no limits how many books can be generated). There are two additional puzzle types (word match, word scramble). Also includes niche research, Amazon ads training, and ability to put headers on the pages (branding). 


$67 Master Level
Crossword Puzzles and Activity Book Training. Activity books are a natural extension of puzzle books. This market is hot! It’s hard to imagine not reaching profit with activity books, especially putting books out now and watching them fly in the busy online shopping fourth quarter. Crosswords – additional puzzle type available only in the Master level. Software created crossword puzzles using your puzzle clues! 




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