Exact Model, is Anik Singal’s and Jimmy Kim’s new software app, which basically helps you write better sales messages and emails, but that’s not all. You might think it’s not that important, but let me assure you knowing how to copyright in our line of business, is a huge must!  OR you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money hiring someone to copyright for you.

Now look, I’ve learned how to copyright myself, with my own common sense, and I have also shared that type of information in my youtube channel and my website. However, it’s time consuming.  This software i’m showcasing today,  Exact Model, has everything you need to save a lot of time.   Watch my video review below showing you why I love this so much.  No joke, this is a copywriter in a box….

Watch Exact Model in Action

What is Exact Model ?

Exact model is a “fill in the blank” software that allows anyone to create high converting sales copy and emails in 3 simple steps for any type of niche you can think of.

Exact Model comes with over 200 sales scripts (including upsell scripts and downsell scripts) AND 40 proven email templates that you can literally “fill in the blank” and create in minutes.  And it’s all done in 3 simple steps and 10 minutes to create high converting sales and email scripts.

Watch The DEMO from Anik And Jimmy