In this article you will learn how to create your own ebooks and info products online in just seconds.  But before I proceed, you need to understand one thing.  Giving out reports is one way of building effective subscriber lists.  In order to give out reports you need to create them.  The way you would create a free report, is either by you writing the content yourself, or copywriting someone else’s which is already working.

What I would personally do, is head out to google and search with specific keywords trying to find the articles that relate more with my own personal niche.  I would mix up articles, from different sources, and also reword them, making it sound more like me.

I don’t copy.  I would create this using a word document, where then I would also add my affiliate links if needed, and then save as (PDF)…which is my now newly created ebook I can give out to people who are looking for that type of report or what not.

Now…this all takes some time to create, research and put out.  What if I told you that with Instant Product Labs, you actually do all that in just under 60 seconds. No joke.   With this cloud-based software you can create awesome products in just a few minutes.

Watch my video below on what this can do for you, and watch me create my own personal ebook in just minutes.

What Is Instant Product Lab

The Instant Product Lab software is packed with everything you need to save time, get more leads, and boost your online income…

Here are just a few of the included features..

  • Create a unique ebook in just a few minutes with the click of your mouse (No tech skills required!)
  • Automatically add your affiliate link throughout any ebook you create with Instant Product Lab so you can profit by giving away your ebook
  • You don’t have to ever worry about writing any content (Instant Product Lab does all that for you)
  • And forget about dealing with designers… This software will even create an awesome ebook cover without any design skills needed..
  • And unlock most “ebook building software” the ebooks created with this easy-to-use software look amazing.

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