My dog Clooney getting attacked by a kitten.

My dog Clooney getting attacked by a kitten.

What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you think of the word ?  Does it sound like a chore or a burden to you? or perhaps something that you have to do instead of want to do? Well to is different and not like that at all.


When you commit yourself to , guess what? … You gain all the benefits and reap all the rewards. Committing yourself to positive action means committing to your authentic self.


Start Small


If you are like most people, you put so much on your plate that you can’t focus on one thing, which isn’t good. You’re only asking yourself to fail, and then you get all disappointed because of that.



You really need to take small steps, and take one thing, one project, one task at a time.



When you have a desire, a dream, or a vision, it is important to set smaller goals, ones that are more manageable. When your goals are more manageable, they are quite simply easier to achieve.  You put all your energy into that with your passion, and you will eventually complete it.


Still think about reaching the stars, just learn to organize your dreams so you can have an impact on them better.  Once you have completed that one small goal, the feeling of confidence in you will just grow, and you’re going to want more of it.



Have an Accountability Partner


Once you have chosen and set your smaller goals, find yourself a buddy, a co-worker, or a family member who will sign up to be your accountability partner.    So, when you set those goals, you will now have someone to answer to, so to speak.


I’ve done that when I quit smoking. I think I told the whole world, right when I decided to quit. And it worked. I couldn’t go back , I would get the feeling of failure, and It doesn’t feel good.


In other words, make a promise and have someone check in on you to see if you are keeping that promise.


Whatever your reason,  just have someone to answer to and you will see how this has a positive impact on your end goal and your .



Reward Yourself


Whenever you reach a goal no matter how big or small, reward yourself.  There is no better satisfaction, to taking yourself out for a treat, or buying something you want with whatever hard earned money you just made.   Just be aware of how you achieved it.


I hope this helped you get an idea of how to set goals the proper way in order to achieve success.


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