Checkin Socimasters Review

Attention:“Restaurant Owners Are Paying $147-$297/Month To Anyone Who Can Force Their Customers To ‘Check In’ On Facebook…

One of the best online business models is recurring/subscription based, and everyone’s goal should be to establish that income source.  Did you know you can actually copy and paste your way to $147-297 per month clients?  WITHOUT  any cold calling, face to face meetings or leaving the comfort of your own home! 

You see businesses such as restaurants struggle to get new customers in, and they are willing to pay you a lot of bucks if you can drive more real customers to the, And two girls, Alicia and Lorette, have discovered a really cool way to offer FB checkin services to businesses, and charge them $147-297 per month.  The best part, its all done with copy and paste e-mails and templates. 

Check out my video below explaining more on how you can set up your own recurring business online today. 

Checkin SociMasters Review 

 ✅100% Free Traffic on Tap

 ✅Easy and Newbie Friendly

 ✅ZERO Start Up Budget

 ✅Make Money Without Leaving Your Home!

 ✅3 Simple Copy/Paste Steps

 ✅Easy 20 mins Set Up

CheckIn SociMasters is a complete done-for-you solution that generates $147-297 recurring payments from local restaurant owners for handling and automating their customer check-ins on Facebook, WITHOUT having to talk face-to-face with the owner

Here’s what you’ll be getting in this ‘newbie to social media master’ system: You’ll get 23 over-the-shoulder videos that break down this entire process into easy-to-digest chunks.

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I need a website? I don’t have any tech skills!

\Honestly, you don’t need any tech skills or even a website. All you need is access to the internet, an email address (free Gmail or Hotmail will do) and access to Facebook. If you can send email messages, and follow simple video instructions showing you around Facebook, then you can replicate my success. I have students in their late 60s who didn’t even have computers until they hit 40, and they’re having amazing success with this business model.

Will I really see long-term recurring payments?

What’s to stop a restaurant stealing the check-in idea and doing it themselves?
If a restaurant really wants to do it themselves, they can. But here’s the truth. Restaurant owners are among the hardest working people alive. They have to work ridiculously long hours, many of them unsociable.

They simply don’t have the time to run Facebook campaigns! They’re just happy they have someone doing all of it for them, so they can concentrate on their business.

And once they see an uplift in bookings and profits, there’s no way they’re going to bite the hand that feeds them.

I hate prospecting and cold calling – do you promise me there’s no knocking on people’s doors, or telesales involved?

I 100% promise you, there is no cold calling or face-to-face meetings involved. Everything can be done via email or by Facebook messenger. Just copy and paste my proven emails, find restaurants that desperately need your new check-in service (I’ll show you how) and hit send. Remember, I give you full follow-up emails too, including emails that overcome specific objections. There is no need to get on the phone, or visit a client, unless of course you want to (and perhaps get free meals and drinks from grateful clients ;-))

What upfront costs are there to getting started?

Literally zero – that’s why my business model is so newbie friendly! I’m sure you’ve heard of other business models that promise no upfront costs. But once inside the course, you realize you need a website, hosting, autoresponder service, landing page software, funnel creation software etc etc.

My business model is one of the very few online businesses that genuinely requires nothing extra! OK, you do need an internet connection. But if you’re reading this page, then you already have an internet connection, right?

And you also have an email account, yes? And you’re on Facebook? Boom! You’re ready to do business!

Isn’t selling to local restaurants a little scary?

Look, fear happens when you a) don’t have a plan, and b) don’t have a great service. Restaurants NEED more customers. Restaurants are one of the most difficult businesses to keep afloat. Once of the first things people do, when trying to save money, or weather a recession, is stop going out for meals. It’s why 1 out of 2 restaurants will fail within the first year of opening! Your new Facebook check-in service is a Godsend to restaurants in your area, and now you’ll have, at your fingertips, the exact step-by-step plan to deliver this amazing service to them. If anything, restaurant owners should be scared that you’ll go and help their competitors and not them!

Will this work outside of the USA?

Yes! It doesn’t matter where you live, if there are restaurants, they will need customers. It’s that simple. All you have to do is set up a PayPal account, or a business bank account, and you’re ready to start accepting recurring monthly payments from clients.

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