Christmas is around the Corner…You don’t want to miss this eBay Shopping Holiday Opportunity

WARNING: >>FOUL LANGUAGE AHEAD <<  Read at your own Safety…


Christmas is around the Corner.  People start shopping for  things and for other people.  If you are a person who doesn’t have a job at the moment, you are at home, you have a good internet connection, and a decent laptop or pc to work on, then you can’t miss this window of opportunity for you.


I’m doing this blogging thing to get people to be aware, and also help others get access to things that could help them get out of their “Shit”  Zone.   You’re in the shit  (I warned you about the foul language) ?   You are fed up with your job?  I’ve been there. Don’t quit just yet, but if you did get fired and you have no other choice…then why are you still reading about this?  Why aren’t you taking action?

And You…yea, you with your daily routine job.  I know a lot of you love your 9-5, but i also do  know a lot that don’t…and i think it’s the majority of people in this world.  Its good so the world is balanced…you have the ones keeping production going for the rest of the world, and then you have the other half that is actually making a dent in this universe one way or another.

As long as you are getting your monthly income in, then its all fine, but really, are you happy with that?  Don’t you want to maybe explore a little more on what your own self potential worth?  Come on, you can’t just tell me you are ok with just doing your routine, day after day for the rest of your life! … ?  Really?…i guess I could never put a finger on that.  My passion is elsewhere outside of that cubicle.

Maybe that’s why I’m moving from one thing to another till I find the one business opportunity that suites me.  But I think I will never be content with whatever I have.  I always have the urge or need to move on and find things that fulfills me.

I’m in the mode of finding many ways of making an income online.  I’ve been on this for the past year or so, and the last 6 months I’ve been experimenting with different networks till I found the one I’m comfortable with.  I’ve changed 3 times, and decided I needed to start making some money already.  I was getting little change here and there, but that’ s not good enough.  I thought about this  in the long run and asked myself this,  “Am I going to have to depend on other people to make a living?


No.  This is not what I need or want exactly.   I was taking the wrong route.  I suddenly found myself in Networks that basically was asking people to really come in “by pressure” and buy-in , so they can earn etc.  And that shit goes in circles.  And the money that flows, well it flows between each other.

I keep on saying to myself, something that to me is so obvious, but to others it is not.  Really, I sometimes wonder, If I’m the smart one, or am I an idiot to even be that NAIVE.

What am I talking about?  

Pyramid-Sheme-MLM-NetworksI’m talking about those MLM Networks, that you join, to get others to join, so they can make a profit, selling a product, that just keeps on going in circles, WITHIN , the circle.

Hmm.  So people invite, get excited for them that they are in, they pay, they see that they can’t really make money unless they invite others, to join, so THEY can make money, and so forth.  In the meantime, this market gets really saturated really fast.  Like 3 years average usually.  So this market is either going to CHANGE….or it is going to transform into another Business, Camouflaged basically, selling the same product under a different uniform.  Just so it can feel “refreshed” .   I say NO.

In the mean time, I kept on reading on other things in the horizon, popping up everywhere.  That’s why the power of Internet Marketing is powerful.  I was attracted to another network that seemed be different from the rest.

Just seemed different in a way that many, many people were happy with this.  This community is made of people, sharing their experiences in making a profit.   What did they do?  They basically they OWN their own shop on eBay without any stock of products and selling these items and making a clean profit.

When I say clean, I mean, there is nothing illegal about this.

I remember around 6 months ago, the word  drop-shipping kept on being thrown at my screen.   Then the words eBay and Amazon kept on popping up here and there.  And then, I kept on seeing other  messages such as making profits through eBay and Amazon.  My initial reaction I remember felt like that seemed like a hassle.

First things that came to my head, was like, if I do this, then  I must have product at hand, and  every time I make a sale, I’ll have to run to the post office .. so that put me off.  I didn’t see the bigger picture!

I couldn’t see the bigger picture.  


I was too anxious to make some extra income from home, I couldn’t see this amazing BIG PICTURE.  What was it?

It was about making straight up profit, from items you DON’T have at hand, and buying them at wholesale price from Specific suppliers whom then ship  them to “your” customer.  And all this without you budging from your office, home, couch, beach…What-evah !!  Get it ?  Let me be a little more graphic about this …

Picture this…


You are sitting at your desk in front of your monitor.  You open up eBay in one tab and Amazon in another tab in your browser.  You create an account at eBay.  More specifically, a sellers account.  And then you go to Amazon and find your product.

You find your product , ANY PRODUCT,  and go to eBay and make a listing of that Product.  You may choose a price that you feel is right and mark it up to a price that is considered fair in the market.ds-domination-how-dropshipping-works

We all know that prices VARY from shop to shop.  Consider yourself then as a Shop and your prices are such.

So you create a listing on eBay, a Customer that buys from eBay see’s this product buys from you.

 Money is placed in your PayPal account, locked, and awaiting for you to send the product to this customer which will then release the money that bought the item.

 You, now go to Amazon, and Buy the item and send it as a gift to your customer.  Now From all of this, eBay gets paid, Amazon gets paid, customer gets their product, everyone goes home happy.

YES it’s that simple.  YES, it is Legal.  YES Amazon and eBay are aware of this.

This is the best time to be in this business.  I’m part of a network that teaches you how to set this all up.  Yes you can go and start on your own, but believe me you will meet some obstacles that you won’t know how to get through, if you don’t have certain tools.

I have access to tools, and ways to make this work flawlessly.  I told you , I’m done with all that pyramid scheme type businesses.

 I’m asking you to trust me in this , and I’m asking you to realize what the potential is for this.  All you need to be able to do is basically do listings on eBay, copy paste information, and then sit back and wait for the Cha-Ching sound on your notification list.    You could be making an easy 200$ a day, or week, depending how you go about this.

 I want you to join me, in this journey before Christmas! You can’t miss that window of opportunity.  People shop during that period and there ‘s a lot of ebay and Amazon selling during that time.  Don’t be silly, don’t be scared.  This isn’t hard, and it’s not a hassle.  You just need to learn how to do this correct with over the shoulder videos and a community full of people who are currently doing this now! .


For more information on Hydra Lister and Sku Grid for Drop Shipping Click » Here 

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Goodwill in the Online World

Is there Any Goodwill in the online World?

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.38.33 PM

You would think there is a lot of Goodwill in the Online world, since there are so many offers to choose from that are promising you the world.   But how do we get past the scammy side of the online world?   The phrase, ” make money from home” is probably the most searched keyword on Google.  I mean, everyone basically wants to learn how to work from home and make money online.  Goodwill in the Online World is existent in a select few.  The reason of this post is to explain why.

Work From Home 


Who wouldn’t right?  Problem is everyone thinks it’s easy.  Some have the perception that it is also free to work from home.  When I first got into this business I really thought it was going to be easy.  But never free.   And why?  Because I kept on getting spammy email from different online marketers or just affiliates who have abused the system.  Each “free” sign up came with a price.  Or a some kind of up sell.    I fell for it so many times, but I was still at it, because I knew that one would be the right one for me.

Email Spam

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.06.15 PM

I have emails up the a** from so many promising programs and tools that will bring me loads of quick cash fast.    It’s become a daily thing, unfortunately there is no end.  The only way you can be spam free, is to never input your email in any of those offers asking you to, BUT that’s also silly to do so.  Email Spam also contains real major opportunities out there that could actually make you a fortune online.  Just need to filter out your inbox.

 So don’t think that there aren’t programs that work, there are!   It’s just there are programs also that are there for the quick buck too.  There are the good and bad.  

I’m here to help


So that’s why I’m here.  Two years ago , after losing my job, I decided I wanted to work online.  I wanted to take the experience I have gained in the corporate world , covering marketing , sales and public relations, and take it online and build a business out of this, as well as help others.

I made a promise, that I was going to do this to help others once I have found the answer to my own challenges and obstacles I had to go through first.  (can’t teach unless you learn)   So after documenting my life in this blog, with the challenges I was facing, or the changes I was going through, I built my own niche. And in this niche, I found my followers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.31.38 PM


There is goodwill here because I believe that by helping others I help my business grow.  If I show others what I used and what helped me , I’m hoping they will follow my steps and ways where they can come back and thank me for it, and many of you have already done that and I thank you for reaching out to me.

My Guarantee

StarterKit and Resources

I can only guarantee that the tools I’ve been using work.

I have come a long way since starting this business.  I could name so many things of what I have covered in the 2 year journey i’ve had from working from home.  I am now at a point in my life where I’m about to bring my own product out (building your  passion into your business) I’ll be taking you by the hand on how I go about in creating a my passion into a business using a blog.   It will cover everything I have been covering till now with everything I’ve learned.

Coaching with Papa

I will also be adding a “Coaching Tab” as well where I will be providing a 1 on 1 coaching with me, Answering any questions you may have about anything I’m currently involved in.

Why Trust Me?

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.32.51 PM

I might not be a millionaire yet, I’m not promising you 6 figures,  I am promising you though programs that work, tools that could bring you fast cash or recurring money month.  I can show you how you can build your own business online using eBay and Amazon. I’m going to show you how to create your passion into your business by blogging,   I’m your guinea pig.  I am investing for your own success as well as mine.   That’s why you can trust me.

The difference between me and other online marketers is that I’m not here for the quick buck.  I’m here to offer value and to do things a little different than the usual.

I buy everything I promote.  I always test out before I promote.  I make sure that whatever I’m using can make you 1$ more in your pocket.  I can’t guarantee what amounts you will make. But I can guarantee that you will be able to make anything over a dollar.   The ones that never worked for me, will never be promoted ever by me.  That’s why from over 100 products that I have purchased on JVZOO I have only promoted 5% of them on my website

Dent In the Universe

I’m trying to create my own little dent in the universe and not really follow the usual “online traditions” , but more of taking the “goodwill” road.  I want to help others use “Good” tools and programs.   No I’m not talking about reviewing everything and telling you what not to get …but showing you of what works.  And how would I do that?

Purchasing the programs / lessons / tools / software testing them out, and if they even make me 1$ I will let you know about it.  It is really that simple.

Another fact is that I don’t spam anyone signing up to my blog.  I actually send what has been blogged about on this website.  Together with any updates on my end in anything new to share 🙂 .

So conclusion…  Talk to me! I’m here to help.

Thanks for following, don’t forget to subscribe, don’t forget to comment!


to living a flip flop life!





Google Sniper Review – 1st day on it and already made $

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.11.44 AM

The image above depicts my first commissions with Google Sniper, and I didn’t even start.  So what’s this all about?

 First of all let me just explain, that I did fall on Google Sniper 2 years ago, and because I had no idea on how the online marketing world worked, I signed up and then got out immediately.    Why?  Because back then, I was a real skeptic about affiliate programs, but also naive.  I kept fearing about who’s trying to scam me.


However,  since then, I’ve grew as an Online Marketer, making myself an authoritative figure online.  I’ve invested in so many programs to find out which works, but to also build myself and my own career as an Affiliate Marketer.  Believe me there were a few flops here and there, but bottom line is that I got connected to the best in the industry, and finally, I have the right “funnels” to find the real legit programs that have helped millions.  One of these was Google Sniper which I kept on leaving behind…thinking it was too  overwhelming. It turns out

It turns out it’s not that overwhelming.   Now, since Google Sniper is on its 3rd year, and is out with the Google Sniper 3.0, that only means that the program works, and has been helping millions.    It’s no surprise that Google Sniper   is the hottest Clickbank product at the moment, paying over $5 million in affiliate commissions.  Just that,  must mean something.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.15.56 PM

#1 Selling product in its category on Clickbank.  Has the Biggest Gravity with 264 (gravity on Clickbank means, how many people are using or promoting)

So What exactly is Google Sniper .

Google Sniper is basically a blueprint on how to teach  you how to build small “sniper” niche site that will bring you a few thousand dollars every month.   If you follow through all videos and materials then you can get yourself ranked on first page of google 100%.   Basically the hardest part of this process is doing the research for the “keywords” you will be focusing in order to get your site ranked, and google sniper has the exact step by step process on how to find those keywords that not a lot of people know about.


Believe me, I’ve been doing this for 2 years, and finally I get how this works.   So it’s perfect for anyone new in this business.


Google Sniper will teach you 3 basic principles;

  • How to research profitable niches
  • How to find good keyword sets for your niches
  • How to find a good product that goes along with your niches

Google Sniper is a 3 step process that needs to be followed in the exact steps provided;

  • Pick the Clickbank products that you want to promote
  • Create your Sniper website along with the best keywords to use
  • Watch for traffic and tweak your websites for maximum leverage.


The objective of using Google Sniper would be on how to create “sniper sites” with WordPress along with a set of plugins to help you get to the top of Google’s search results. The major key to GS and the reason for its success would be on how easy it is to find profitable keywords and get them ranked on Google, by building mini web pages.

The methods involve targeting specific keywords by using exact match domains and then obviously these domains become an authority for the keyword or niche and rank well on Google.

Pros of Google Sniper 3.0

There Is too much information that Will get you going from day one. This site that you are reading on right now was created with the trainings taught in Google Sniper.


Cons of Google Sniper 3.0

I see no cons when you can easily make your investment back in that same month. The only other cons that I can come up with right now is the fact that you have to learn , and build everything yourself.  There are no extra charges here.  It’s well worth it.    I’m telling you this because I personally went through the whole program in one day, and took action the next day, and I will update you with my results in the next following weeks.


Google Sniper 3.0. Get on board…and thank me later

Sign up to Google Sniper and Start Making that cash. It won’t be easy, but it will pay off I can only promise you that.

I will be updating this article, with my results using Google Sniper.  So keep a look out.  If you want to go check it out yourself, then just Click the Get Started Below.



google sniper 3.0


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Leveling up in the Blog Game, This is My Dream Job , Yes !

DSC01839I started as an Affiliate Marketer not long ago. It was like a calling for me.


From whatever I was doing in my life at that time, everything lead me back to being an Affiliate Marketer, and it doesn’t seem it’s like a fad or a thing that’s going to pass for me, but actually this is here for life, for me.   I feel I just leveled up in this blog game.



My passion, has created my true Dream Job, YES.  I’m here for good.  I’m here to stay, I’m here to expand, but in order to expand, and grow, I need to change.  I love this job.



I’m a dreamer, I’m a dream chaser, and I want you to be inspired as well.





DSC_0511Well what’s not to love about this job?   You basically work from home, on your own time, and make money while you sleep.   Why wouldn’t I tell you about this? I’m still in the growing phase.  I’m still in semi puberty.  Not fully, since I have a good background in “Marketing” in general, but this online thing?  Oh My. LOVE IT.



I’ve well established myself as a good marketer, with good strong background experience in all of this.   So I need to take advantage of this, and the great thing is I’m taking action and advantage of this opportunity as we speak. Once you connect with me, you’ll understand the possibilities you can have doing what I’m doing.



So in order to SERVE you better, I’ve made a few minor changes in my blog and website.



10585424_10152622260560792_1614795565_n My plan and vision  here is to help whoever is into this niche market I’m interested in (Affiliate Marketing / Online Marketing), show them what I did, see the results I’ve had,  and be part of this lifestyle as well.  It’s as simple as that.   If I manage to get people to follow my steps, then my job is satisfying as well as profitable.



The more under my belt, the stronger I’ll be in the market.    There are another millions of me online doing what I’m doing.  The only difference is that everyone has a unique approach to this.   My plan is to differentiate as well.



I feel my style is different.  If you are here reading this, you are probably captivated already, cause I’m REAL.  You’ll see grammar mistakes here and there, but that’s because I’m human.  I’m more focused on giving you the right valuable information and not something I can make a quick buck on.



I’ve put myself and my wallet on the line here. I’ve used my self in a few programs to show my readers, my followers what works and what doesn’t.  No I’m  not going to bash the ones that didn’t work for me.  That’s not my ideology.



I’m not saying one is better than the other either, that only attracts the wrong kind of people on my blog.   I prefer having people, with logic, with integrity and a hunger to do things and take action and not judge or criticize.   I’m one of those people.  I’m not scared.



I’ve been blessed with the right people in my life to guide me to where I am now, and I’m proud I can be helpful to some other “me”, cause like I mentioned before, there are a million of “me’s” in this world, I know this, cause I followed someone elses exact steps to get where I am today.



Mentoring from the best is what someone needs in this business to actually succeed.  I promise you that.  Better follow someone elses “success” than reinventing the wheel.  You can reinvent the way you market things. That would be cool, but to follow someone elses steps, in an over the shoulder way…. well that only leads to success.



Now the only thing left is how much work and time and investment are you going to put? .  It all comes down to that.

So this is the deal


So I’ve done some major changes lately. I’m focusing more on helping others move forward with their online business, or blog.  I’m going to begin some webinars at some point, and will be providing some top-notch valuable information  you can use in the online marketing world, for you , your business, or your blog.



I’ve also, changed many of the products I was promoting, and part of just one community and program that is helping out on my career at the moment.   My website previously started looking like a big billboard of different items to promote, and believe you me, that wasn’t my plan.



That was going the opposite direction I visioned when I first started this business.   So yea, NO more FLASHY LIGHTS and Crazy banners for you to MAKE you go and buy.  I don’t want to take that route either.  Subliminal-Messages-Television-Advertising   I want to help you, and by helping you I will be profitable in other ways.  You’ll find out more about this  and what I do exactly,  once you sign up to my blog.  Yes this is the change. 



Any information needed on how to follow my steps, must go through signing up to me.  I’ll be sharing valuable information and articles such as these in my blog, but the real work will be done privately with me.



A great affiliate marketing tip is to be able to  control your list and know who is serious about joining.   Another tip is to give valuable information and tools to my readers to come back for more.  And I will do that.  I’m doing all this so I can have a better organized group so I can help the ones that really need the help on a one on one basis.


So thank you again for all that are following me, just wanted to give you a big update if you noticed any small changes I’ve made in my site.  For more information, please don’t forget to sign up to me below, and you’ll get steps on what to do next, etc.

dpapa To living a flip flop life!