Build Your List with Social Viral Traffic Using ViralSource

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What Is ViralSource? 


ViralSource is a cloud- based software app,  which helps you lock up any content of your choice.  This can be anything you have created on your website which you want it to go viral on social media platforms.  It can be used to build your own list using the one click Facebook sign up form.


Basically you lock your content up, and the only way people can access is if they follow the assigned task needed.


I tried it myself, and tested it out on my own page here on my website.  If you head to my Free Training tab , you will witness how I used this software first hand.  I’m locking up my Free Content.  So the only way people can have access to this training is if they sign up using the Facebook Sign up.  This helps me build my list knowing who these people are, so I can send them valuable information based on what they signed up to.


But listen, this isn’t the only thing that this does. You have other choices of call to actions.   You can ask your users to tag a Facebook friend so they can unlock the content.  Or they have to share the link on social networks , so you can build on viral social traffic that way too.

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Very simply you can now engage with those users in real-time and in the future.  See the power of this?   Now imagine doing this for everything else  you own.  🙂



Watch My Demo Below on How I Used ViralSource With My Website.  

ViralSource Features and Benefits


FB Signup Feature (my demo) 


Let’s you add people to an email list using their Facebook Login Email.



  • You know it’s a real email address
  • The Software Incentivizes them to give it to you
  • You can have it automatically added to your autoresponder of choice
  • You can export the lead as well
  • Let’s you build a list and have a big audience reach




 Tag Friends Feature 


Let’s your visitors directly tag their Facebook friends ( usually the ones most interested in the content/ items for sale on the target page)


  • Super Targeted Traffic
  • The tagged friends know the invite to your page from their friend (your visitor)  was specifically for them
  • Tons more visitors and the potential to go viral.



Social Sharing Feature


Your Page is shared by the visitor, which then your visitors audience, will get to see it.


The software incentivizes people to share, thus leveraging their reach to bring you highly recommended and trusted traffic based on their referral.  Potential to go viral!





bonuses (1)

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Price Increase in








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How to Drive Targeted Buyers Straight to Your Offers with Pindrill [Review]

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PinDril is the World’s first and only artificial intelligence for Pinterest and social media. It’s designed to allow you to quickly find content such as infographics, quotes, and Videos which are currently trending right now on Pinterest. Once you grab whatever it is you want to use, you can then either edit those images, put your signature on them, tie an affiliate link or any link you want to redirect them after your visitors click on the image / video  you posted. This is powerful, because you’ll be able to drive free traffic to your offers, or whatever it is you are promoting.


Think of the potential here. By just the name of this software it’s obvious you’ll be posting on Pinterest from your back-office, but it doesn’t stop there.


You can actually post on other social networks as well, like Twitter , Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can’t post to Facebook, but there is a way do it and its all in your how to video inside your back-office.

In order to make a post the first thing your going to want to do is search for a keyword. You can search for info graphics, quotes, or both.

Watch my live demo below how you can use this tool to your benefit.

How Will PinDrill Benefit you?


Pindrill creates, Manages, Pins all your content right from any website, Store, blog or any other social media platform you’re using .

No more multiple uploading sessions across social media sites or scrambling for content .  Pindrill does it all for you. You can
instantly set up your pinterest account with our fully automated posting feature. Plan your posts out and let the software post them
for you to maximize engagement and sales.

Pindrill Literally Synchronizes your website/blog/online stores with Pinterest.  You’ll be creating sale and most importantly creating a targeted following to sell to time after time…

PLUS Pindrill delivers you live analytics and results of each  campaign and post, pin and board it creates for you so you can see what exactly is working

Who is Pindrill for?

Anyone looking for more sales, leads and profits


  • Brand New Marketers that don’t have their own products, stores, offers or even a budget.  With Pindrill, you can promote affiliate or CPA offers using 100% free traffic for amazing results and absolutely zero risk.
  • eCommerce vendors who need maximum exposure to their stores and offers.  Pindrill will literally DUPLICATE your ENTIRE store into bite sized posts and share it across social media for explosive results.
  • Affiliate Marketers looking to make more commissions with no extra work- Just plug in your links, let the software create your posts, and watch as the traffic and sales come flooding in.
  • CPA Marketers that want to leverage the power of viral social media traffic to make hands free commissions, and stand out by sharing valuable content like infographics, videos and articles all embedded with their links.
  • Site owners & Bloggers after an EASY solution to build branding & exposure while increasing traffic and sales.
  • List Builders that need targeted subscribers in any niche, and don’t want to pay for expensive ads and risky traffic sources.
  • Amazon / AliExpress Affiliates who want to maximize earnings by sharing niche products on social media for 100% free buyer traffic.
  • Adsense Site Owners that rely on traffic for passive monthly income.  Pindrill boosts traffic to your blogs and sites on autopilot meaning more money in your pocket.
  • Offline Marketers & Consultants that get paid for results: Pindrill drives more traffic to clients’ sites, so you can charge a premium for your services.
  • SEO Specialists looking to create a powerful network of social media backlinks for a SUSTAINED increase in search rankings.


Watch The Demo On Pindrill Below

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Hijack Any Website And Place Your Own Offer to Maximize your Commissions

Sinfiltrator is software and training which helps you get traffic to your offer by placing your own offer over any type of website, or landing page, or high end offer without spamming, and without creating the content yourself. You can hook up your autoresponder and capture leads from websites like GOOGLE for example.  Some really cool stuff.  You Can check out my demo and live show around inside Sinfiltrator , so you can decide if this is for you!


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How Yves Uses His Software to Create $1k+ Campaigns in 5 Minutes Flat…

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My name is Yves, and just like you, I always knew there was a lot of money to be made online.

But with no money to invest, no website, and no product of my own… I felt pretty hopeless.

So, I decided to try my hand with CPA and affiliate marketing using free traffic. You may have heard of it… CPA and affiliate marketing are ways for you to get paid when someone completes a free offer of some kind, or makes a purchase.

I started pasting my CPA and affiliate links on Facebook and other social media sites… Trying to get free traffic. I was very excited, because…



However, all my links quickly got removed and I was never able to scale. And it was frustrating watching all my hard work go down the drain.

I quickly realized that instead of direct linking to offers,  I needed to share high quality stuff instead, but I didn’t have any.

And, let me be honest, I didn’t know how to create a website or write quality content. Especially because English is my second language.

I felt defeated.


I had my first taste of success, and I had to keep trying.

I dreamed of a way to get my links to display over the top of sites like CNN, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Fox or Reddit. Because I knew that their content would be trustworthy which would lead to a ton of clicks and hopefully a lot more commissions.

And that’s how Sinfiltrator was born.

I paid a ton of money to develop a software that allows me to attach my own CPA or affiliate links (or optin forms, or anything else in the world) right on top of someone else’s website – TOTALLY legally and ethically.

And, as if I snapped my fingers, money started flowing in. Just like I thought it would.

And it’s all thanks to Sinfiltrator.

Since then, I’ve shared Sinfiltrator with a few students, and their results are just as extraordinary.

That’s when I knew I had something valuable, and I knew I had to share it with the world…

With other people who are frustrated, fed up, and ready to pull their hair out after trying method after method and getting nowhere.

Just look at all the incredible results my beta testers are getting with Sinfiltrator


And know that you are on the verge of having the same – all you have to do is pay attention to this page…









Sinfiltrator will allow you to get instant traffic by sharing high quality content from OTHER people’s websites with YOUR affiliate links, CPA links, optin forms, buy buttons and more anywhere online, including social media


Use our step by step training to find content that’s guaranteed to attract massive clicks. Then simply place your offers over the top of that content using our software. You can send this traffic ANYWHERE.

Follow our video training where nothing is left out, and find awesome content to make money in any niche

Use our software to quickly overlay your money-making offers right over the top of that content


You don’t have to have a website to make money or build a list with Sinfiltrator. Our system is fully hosted on our lightning-fast servers so you can skip straight to profits.


Sinfiltrator gives you the power to place your links right in front of large buying audiences in any niche.


Descretely monetize any top site in the world with Sinfiltrator

Integrate Sinfiltrator with all major autoresponders, including Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and others

Imagine putting your CPA offer right on the CNN website


Life is hectic. Lacking time should not keep you from accomplishing your goals online.

To create a fully monetized campaign, simply choose your template and fill out a few simple fields


Follow along step-by-step and don’t miss anything in our extensive video training. Watching us do it live in front of your eyes makes it completely goof-proof.

We are personally here to give you everything you need to do to start getting traffic and sales today.



How to use Sinfiltrator to make money even if you’ve never earned $1 online before.

How to finally use Sinfiltrator to build an e-mail list of people who actually buy – with no product of your own, and no squeeze page. You don’t even need your own domain name.

The sneaky way Sinfiltrator helps make tens of thousands of pure profit on AUTOPILOT.

How to add new profit streams in your life with Sinfiltrator in just 60 seconds a few times a week.

How to do ALL OF THIS even if you have zero assets to your name: no product, no website, no connections, no list… you need NOTHING.



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Bonus #3 – Join Us Live and we will show you how to get 100,000 visitors in 20 minutes using the power of Sinfiltrator! Completely free, no catch!

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That’s why your investment is backed by an ironclad 100% money back guarantee.

Use Sinfiltrator with no holds barred for a full 30 days. If for ANY reason you’re not over the moon with satisfaction…

If you only generate $1,000.00 in extra revenue and you wanted $1,001.00… Or for ANY reason, you decide Sinfiltrator isn’t right for you… All you’ll have to do is click  your mouse one time and you’ll receive an immediate refund, no questions asked.

That means the risk is on ME to prove that Sinfiltrator does everything I say it does… and I can’t wait to prove that to you.

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Developing websites costs $100s – $1,000s, depending on your needs. Hosting your websites is an extra $300/year or more.

That’s as much as $2,000.00 / month if you were to try to “piece meal” everything that Sinfiltrator does for you… And the added time and stress of managing different accounts all over the place.

Investing in external tracking software is confusing and expensive – as much as $300 each and every month.

Countless hours spent on monetizing your business – adding offers, promotions, opt-in forms, ads, and the like…

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Having The Life You Deserve Only Takes One $37 Investment (That’s Risk Free)

That’s it. You simply have to decide to take the life that’s waiting for you.

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You bet it is. I made it this way so that you have no reason to deny yourself this incredible opportunity.

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You do that by clicking the button below right now. That’s all you have to do. Sinfiltrator will do the rest… you just have to let it.

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waiting for you, as soon as you click that button.

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How I earned Over 1600$ in Less than 4 Days … (Social Proof Video)

I woke up today, around 10:30 am, by the time I got out of bed, to my usual routine, shower, and then walk my dog Clooney to the beach across the street from here, for my morning ritual of calmness :D.  Love it.12374909_10153723190960792_5127127676464516582_o

Anyways, usually on my walks, I think about positive thoughts, affirmations, like “I’m happy and I’m grateful  now, that Money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple streams of income on a continuous basis…I Am happy and greatful now, that Money comes to m…..” and so forth, and so forth.  If you’ve read my blog post back in September you would know to what i’m referring to.  If you would like to read it you can by clicking here.

Anyways..then around 12:30 am , I got back home, fixed my Frape (Greek Coffee) and sat at my office.  I remember while on my walk, I received an email about John Anthony paying my commissions, and that I should log into my back office of my affiliate back-office at John Anthony and check them out.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 16.07.58

In my head, I was thinking, “Oh it’s probably that 57 euros or something…”

Right before getting into my affiliate back-office, I decided to go straight to PayPal instead.  Knowing they pay out through paypal, I knew I would see my amount right there.

Right when i was entering my information to sign into my PayPal, I quickly thought about the time John Anthony mentioned that his signals are now free, but if someone upgrades in buying into the App, I would get 500 English Pounds as a commission.  So right before I clicked to enter PayPal, I quickly thought, … “HA, imagine I see 500-600 commission…”  and BOOM!.

I found a 670 euro commission! ..

Oh my.  How things have changed.  How far I’ve come.  I wish you would follow my lead, and understand that to learn how to make a 670 euro commission in just one day, is about joining the right programs and finding the right products to promote as well as using strategies which could make you a super affiliate.   Watch my Video below explaining how I’ve managed to make over 1,600$ in less than 4 days.  I’m not showing off, i’m showing you what’s possible.  Don’t be a skeptic.

Allow yourself to learn new ways of making an income online.  I live from this.  This is my life, and i’m loving every bit of it.  You can Too.  Join my teams, programs, and i’ll help you along the way.  Watch My Video, and then Head out to the menu of this website, choose a program you would feel would be attractive to you, and join.  It will help you get started for sure.  And they will help you make your fist dollar online.


Watch What is Possible

Recommended Programs To Begin Your Career As An Affiliate Marketer :

The Digital Affiliates Network

Project Breakthrough 

Infinii (drop-shipping e-commerce) 


How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign using Bing Ads! (5 Part Series Training)

How to Create Your First CPC Marketing Campaign using Bing Ads! 

This is a 5 part series of video tutorials showing you how you can take advantage of Bing Ads with CPC Campaigns.  Cost Per Click Marketing Campaigns could be very profitable for any marketer starting out.  Its cool to get your feet wet with Bing Ads, who are considered a friendlier when it comes to promoting CPA offers online. Please follow my 5 part series, for free.  Its full of value, and this stuff doesn’t come cheap.  People pay thousands to learn these tactics, and i’m just one of those people.  I’ve been taught, through programs i’m currently in, and product I have purchased through other mediums online.  Affiliate marketing is a profitable business if you know what to use and how to use various tools. Enjoy!


Part 1: Introduction to CPA Marketing and Bing Ads

Part 2: How to Find Offers on MaxBounty

Part 3: How To Create Your First Bing Ad

Part 4: How To Create Your Landing Page

Part 5: How To Research For Keywords 

Bonus Tips, Some Things I forgot To Mention in My Previous Videos

Recommended Resources:

Passion Blog Pro  My Personal Training and Coaching Program

Landing Page Monkey  (landing page/ squeeze page creator)

MaxBounty (CPA Marketing Offers)

Cickbank (CPA Marketing Offers)

Aweber (Email Autoresponder)

Elegant Themes (Build Your First Website)

Can you Make Money in 30 to 90 days with The Digital Affiliates?

Blatantly…YES, however results vary, depends on you!  Read more below, to get an idea of what I mean.

The Digital Affiliates First month in

So I started with Digital Affiliates in August 20th 2015, and one month has gone by since joining this amazing online networking business.   I wanted to show you my update and proof of results, since I begun my  journey with TDA.  I promised you this in my preview post on the Digital Affiliates. Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.30.44 AM   Please take a look at my video I shot, showing you my personal results and a sneak peak to what you get when you join The Digital Affiliates.    Word of warning, my results are typical, and your results will vary depending on how much effort and time you put in it. If you can watch a bunch of videos, showing you exactly what to do, then you will be making some kind of income in the next 30-90 days.   Either by promoting TDA or by using their tools and secrets to take your affiliate marketing to another level. Below you can see my status as a recruiter in the Digital affiliates.  This proves that, the people that have joined under me in the last month, are pretty happy with the system, and doesn’t look like anyone is going anywhere. proof I’m super excited about this program, because it is so transparent when it comes to sharing wealthy information on how to be a super affiliate, from the top two in this industry, Bob Beckett, and James Starr. The program costs 37$/mo, and you get a lot more that what you are paying for.   Every week, they roll out with a new case study, to which you will be copying exactly what we do, so you can earn a piece of that pie as well.  There’s a lot to go around, so don’t worry! :). Guys and  Girls, if you are really serious in building your first 6 figure online business online, then look no further.  If you are an affiliate marketer that has been trying over and over to actually make it in this industry, then look no further.  The amount of information shared in this program is worth a lot more than what they are asking for. Watch my video below and you decide if this program is for you or not.

Get Started