Change Your Paradigms by doing what I do for the Next 30 Days…

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The Test

I’m about to do a small test.  I’m going to start watching a video every morning, when I wake up. And before I sleep, every night, for 30 days. It’s time to change my paradigms, and it’s time I show you how.    I already started today.  I want you to do the same.  I can almost certainly tell you, it will change your life.    I  know it will since I’ve done it in the past, but then I lost focus… This time I’m sticking to it.
All I want you to do is to watch the video below, daily for 30 days with me.   I don’t want anything else from you.   No I’m not promoting something.  This is part of the positive mindset value I’m giving you.  I have done this for myself, and it benefits you, in major ways.

A Video That Will Change Your Mindset

In this powerful 16-minute guided meditation audio I’m providing you with below will  teach you how to get rid of those conditioned harmful beliefs, or “paradigms”, which are controlling your life and limiting your success.  I now have this on my iPhone, and I will be listening to it, every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up, and on my dog walks.  Perfect.

Who is Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is one of the best speakers in the world on getting rich and teaches you how to to do more, be more and have more in every area of life.

Think and Grow Rich

He begun when he first read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill sometime in 1962 I believe.  I also have purchased this book last year and just finished it. What a mistake to take so long into finishing Think and Grow Rich.  Bob Proctor mentions how he still reads that book since the day he picked it up.
That’s just crazy.
Got me thinking, if he is so obsessed with it…and he made millions and made a life he wanted…which was freedom, then maybe it’s a good idea to follow his steps. Right?   and You!.
So I really do suggest you take me serious here.  I’ve been practicing all this for the past 3 years…Things are happening.
This blog and website is proof of my becomings.  I love this.  I sometimes forget, then something happens , and shakes me up, and gives me a clear message, and I’m aware and awake.  So I wanted to share this with you as a point for you to start NOW! and change your mindset and understand how everything works.

Goals ..Reach for the Stars

I’m so into it again, because I started following Bob Proctor closely.  See.. the Universe, actually showed me that path a few years ago, but I wasn’t aware of the messages. And ignored everything thrown to me in terms of Bob Proctor.  So now, I guess Its back again, with full force.  And now I’m taking it more serious than ever.
think and grow rich

Today I actually finished the audio book to Think and Grow Rich (I posted it below), and now I plan on listening as much as possible just to embed it in my mind. You’ll understand what I’m talking about after you watch the video about the Paradigm ,

So I’m following his every step to working with changing my Paradigm Shift.  IF you don’t know what the Paradigm shift is, then just watch the video below.

I believe I even wrote an article in my blog about this in the past when I figured out how the Law of Attraction works.    It also seems that I have lost my path a couple of times, and now I’m in that major phase in my life where I’m going through some powerful change , and I can feel it.  Honestly.

So this is why I have the urge to write this down, and basically, keep track of what’s going on in my life.  A new milestone is heading my way…

So back to changing your paradigm….

Watch the Video below, for the next 30 days…every day!  

PLEASE.  That’s all I’m asking…30 days…

Next is to play the video below  whenever you can , every day.  I listen to this while i’m working (with headphones) at home, or on my walks with my dog Clooney every day.  Amazing affirmations which will help you rewire your mind.  I followed this like a religion, because I’ve seen the changes it made to my life, almost immediately.

Make sure you add it to your playlist so its always available.  You have to do this daily, for 30 days too.

 Grateful and Thankful!

I have been taught to add being grateful and thankful to everything, at least every day.  So let me just thank you all for reading my blog, and following me.  Do  go and watch or buy Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller – Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

It really is a life changer.   On that note, thanks for reading,  and remember to watch video above for the next 30 days with me. You have nothing to lose!

Blessed and Grateful that you are my follower and avid reader!

Hope this will be helpful to you as it was to me!  Follow my path , it works.. ;)

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To living a flip flop life


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Build A Huge Massive Video Following In Just 30 seconds ( WP SCOPE OVERVIEW )


If you have a blog, something like mine, then I’m sure you have a lot of value packed content, and now there is a really cool new way to take that content and get an instant audience of thousands of people to that content.  Would you like to Build A Huge Massive Video Following In Just 30 seconds?  Read more for the WP Scope Overview and find out how you can do the same instantly.

How? Say hello to Periscope

So this new service called Periscope  ( you can download it through the app store for free) is getting pretty popular.  What this app does is it allows you to do a live video streaming straight from your phone, and since it integrates with Twitter you can get tons of people jumping on to check out your content.


How it all works in 3 Steps

  1. Pick the content you want to talk about.
  2. Download the app, and hit broadcast on your phone.
  3. Make sure you are pointing it the right-hand side.

You then can have a live presentation of your content, and people can interact with you.

The downside is that Periscope only keeps recordings for 24 hours.  However, not to worry, I already found a solution to the problem through the new WP Plug in called WP Scope.   This will allow you to capture yours or anyone else’s Periscope broadcast and use it on your blog.

Watch the WP Scope Overview Below

What WP Scope can  do for you

  1. Use it to build your own personal brand creating  a high-level following from your audience and  get raving fans;
  2. Develop niche authority sites that focus on a topic and have tons of unique, high-quality content on your site instantly;

  3. Get more social media interaction, so you can generate a ton of fresh leads, instant sales, and new cash flowing in the door on a regular basis.

Cindy, the creator of  WP Scope said she has a great ‘explain it all’ video where she breaks it down into simple, easy to understand
steps, so even if you never heard of Periscope before you will want to check this out.


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How To Build A Landing Page, From Beginning To End (Free Training)

Learn How To Build a Landing Page or Squeeze page, from beginning to end.  I’m providing some free training here, on how to actually create a landing page, how to build your list using this landing page creator, and more importantly , I’ll be showing you over the shoulders how to actually add this to your WordPress website.

In this training video I’m also showing you how I personally work. How I think and how I actually create right before your eyes.

So I hope you enjoy this training post on how to build your first landing page, using the tools I use for my online businesses.

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Who is Russel Brunsen?  And What Is DotcomSecrets?   And Why Does he want you to his Book DotComSecrets for Free?
First of all Let’s talk about what is DotcomSecrets.
Dotcomsecrets is not just another “how to” book on internet marketing. It’s not about increasing your conversions or getting traffic, but its gonna help you in getting double the traffic and double the conversions .
 It’s a playbook written and tested by Russel Brunsen for the past 10 years or so.

Who is Russel Brunsen?

The Underground Playbook for any Online Marketer, A must have, and its FREE!  I really had to write a blog about this.  Got to let everyone know that this is the real deal.
Tony Robbins quoted this book
A simple process that Any Company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online.” 
I’m  giving you the chance to grab a very informative book and its free.   The Picture below depicts my personal order .  Its a must have if you want to succeed in this online business.
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What’s the Catch?

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Want real buyer keywords? They’re inside.

Google has been lying to you… Google search isn’t the only one making a difference.  Imagine getting real world user-generated keywords directly from:  Google, YouTube , Bing, Amazon, Yahoo and  eBay

Imagine drilling deeper and deeper into each keyword to see all the possibilities that are available…  Imagine  having direct access to ClickBank and Amazon to find relevant products to promote…


If you are a blogger, drop shipper, SEO marketer, Online Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Solo Ad creator, then I have some really really good info here.   But first let me explain something about Keywords and keyword searching.


Focusing on the Right Keywords

To succeed in pulling free traffic from search engines, you need to focus on the right keywords.   Let me explain to you how a customer would buy something online.  When someone is online and are searching to buy something, they usually go to Google, and start typing different Keyword phrases in the search bar.


See … buyers know exactly what they want and usually use phrases to find exactly what they are looking for.  They are usually ready to make a purchase, and this is exactly  who you need to be targeting.


Keywords that Beats your competition’s ass


There are less SEOs optimizing for specific buyer phrases than more general terms. This is your opportunity to rank high for lucrative phrases and draw in buyer traffic.



Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.54.30 AM



Got me on Top Page on Google, Was NO.1.  Maybe you can help by getting me higher?  Watch my Demo Here (optional)


Every Search Engine has its own Specific Keywords…


You shouldn’t be searching in just one search engine.  Wrong move.  You need to look further than Google. You need to look into the other places such as Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Google , eBay and Amazon.  Well this depends on what you are looking for, and what niche.  If you are in Drop-shipping for example, you would want  to find the most popular and selling products on Amazon (see pic below)

If you are an affiliate marketer and you are looking for high selling products on Clickbank…then this will interest you as well.  More info below…


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.14.48 PM


The Drop-shippers Secret Tool : Finding Highest Top Selling Products from Amazon

Look, you should look beyond Google, cause there are more keywords!  And in order to find all these and use all these tools  you will use a certain software tool.  No this isn’t me giving you any real value from me per say, but actually letting you know what your options are and what works.
 Using this software tool worked for me as you can see , and the results are there.  I stumbled on this great software tool and haven’t looked back.
Haven’t had time to make my own personal video just yet, but believe me I will soon, and will update this blog post with my personal video on how to use it.  But without a further a do! , I present to you …

Step By Step on How to Use KeywordTapp!

Step 1: Enter Your Favorite keyword and get your results from 6 search engines

KeywordTapp will search through Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay’s search engines. It will provide you with results from these seven different websites.


Pulling actual user-generated keywords from the top 6 search engines will provide you with thousands of targeted buyer keywords in seconds.


Step 2:  Look through all Niches


KeywordTapp’s built-in keyword modifiers will  extract the long-tail phrases that will provide you with keywords that are trending right now.  Eexactly what the buyer is thinking right now. Long-tail phrases are important, because it gives you leverage on certain keywords in the keyword phrase




Step 3: Trends.. What is hot right now

When searching your keywords you can also take a look at the trends of that certain keyword or phrase.   This will show you the relevance of that keyword.


Step 4: Save your keywords and use them anywhere




All keywords of your choice can be saved and be used later on.  Export with ease (.CSV File )

Here is an example showing the top 10 suggested results for the term “bicycle” from the top 6 search engines:

(I drew the green lines to show
you the unique search phrases.)

Google results

Bing results

eBay results

Youtube results

Amazon results

Yahoo results

Of these 60 results, over 30% of them were unique to the particular search engine!

All this time you have been missing out on the wealth of  real-world search phrases.

Web-based application, nothing to download

As long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you can use KeywordTapp.


If you want to check out more on KeywordTapp Please click this link here >> 


Thanks for reading, hope this valuable info as it was for me when I first found this software.   I hope you connect with me, ask me some questions…subscribe if you like and comment below!


P.S if you want me to find you any specific keywords hit me up on Fiverr 

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The Science of Getting Rich and How to use the Law of attraction

Ask and it is givenask-and-give

Have you ever noticed someone in the business world where they just seem to have everything?Have you noticed how they seem to get everything with such ease and grace that you have to admit you might be a little bit envious?

Let me break it to you straight up.   That’s not luck. And no, they didn’t get lucky in regards status, or location. These individuals, these so-called “Rich People”, “Successful People” have actually used the law of attraction into the  science of getting rich and used it to maximize their own success.  For one, stop being envious of them, and two, stop hating on them.  It feels that people see others that are wealthy with some kind of resentment. Just because you don’t have that, doesn’t mean that they should be the bad guy here. That’s their own path, and you have your own.

Basically, mind your own business, that shouldn’t affect you. Don’t put the blame on them, because you don’t have what they achieved in their own lives. You should give some law of attraction love, and not hate.   You don’t want that bad Karma on your consciousness.

You want to learn the science of getting rich ?  Read on…It’s really  not that complicated.

Sitting Back and Waiting Rather than Chasing


Successful people know a few things more than the average person about the law of attraction does. Sometimes when you want something so badly and you pursue overzealous, it runs away from you rather than toward you.

Successful people know that once they are clear about their intention, set it, visualize upon it, then the only next logical step is to wait for it to come.  Most every individual you ask has a clear and specific dream and goal or goals; however, we all want it now. Successful people know how to wait patiently their desired outcome to manifest and they are so confident that it will come at some point.

But remember.They didn’t just sit and visualize. They actually put some hard work to get back.  No successful person has never done something for their own success.

You must take action! I can’t keep stressing this. You have to risk things. So Stop just visualizing, take action and never quit.


Abundance Blocks


roadblockPart of making the law of attraction work for successful people is the fact that they know and are aware of their abundance blocks.  This knowledge helps successful people plow through those abundance blocks.  For example, most successful people are aware that they may have an abundance block around money such as money is the root of all evil.

 Once they are able to clear away that blockage, the abundance of money using the law of attraction flows freely to those individuals.  Ask and it is given. Remember that statement.

That road block was your own doing, change your mindset to get rid of that road block.

The Power of Believing


Successful individuals also know a secret. They know unequivocally that the power of belief is integral to manifesting their desires. Believing that they are good individuals who deserve nothing less than the best, will serve them well as the science of getting rich in their book.

Be humble as you can possibly be. If you aren’t, change and  start now.  Be grateful, and believe the secret power you never thought you had. Rhonda Byrne didn’t become successful by luck.  She helped others, and made non believers, believers.  gratitude

I just despise the people who use it in a way to get certain things in their lives, instead of using it for everything in their lives. It’s like they want to fix just one thing and not themselves as a whole. That sounds a little greedy, and greed is not something you want in your life.  If you walk around with a mindset that you will fail…or you worry about failure, then pretty much that is what life will deliver to you.

However, if you walk around expecting and believing that you will receive blessings in abundance; your wish will be the universe’s command.

It is an everyday thing. It takes practice to change your own mindset. For some it feels like a chore, for others it becomes something exciting. For me, it was exciting to finally realize, that everything in my life is due to my own thoughts.  Go back in your life, and start pinpointing when you got things you wanted to get.

Question Everything


Question everything around you. See why certain people enter your life. See why certain people leave your life. See who’s in your life right now and wonder, Why?  You will be amazed when you start being aware of your own surroundings.

The people you hate, the people you love, everything that you are surrounded by right now, are all YOU.  They are there, FOR YOU.  Have you ever noticed, when you stop focusing on someone, something, or some certain situation, that just vanishes? It’s all you. When will you understand this? Just try it out.

 I’m here to succeed… I refuse to fail. That’s why i’m going places. How about your self? Are you doing what you love? Are you living the life your supposed to be living? What’s stopping you?

The Science of Getting Rich is to basically have a positive mindset about life and everything in it. That I think is a good place to start if you want to see some change in your current status. Stop thinking everyone is out there to scam you.  Not everyone is there to take you down.

There are others doing this to help themselves, because they know that by helping others, they get helped even more. Its something that goes around in circles. Its like the circle of life.

That’s how it is folks. That’s it. It’s that simple, it’s just we just choose to make it complicated.

Can any one relate?  Please leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe.

to living a flip flop life