The Universe Is Co-aspiring To Get Me My Wants – Milestone Reached

So, on May 14th, Bill Hugall and Samuel Cheema got together, to bring out GB Cracked. My personal case study training, which helps people get their feet wet in the ecom industry. Something which is huge….anyways, after a month of preparing, we finally launched on May 14th.


My experiences…..

Oh my…. what a week this was. As soon as we opened our doors to GB Cracked the system crashed cause everyone wanted in  .

We started with a $7 dollar front end tag….which attracted many affiliates who were promoting this with 100% commissions. That pushed everything else , upsells etc.

The phone didn’t stop notifying me on sales, my phone was on a charger 24/7 for 7 days straight. What an experience.

I finally made it to top 10 list on leaderboards on the JvZoo Platform, only to get Product of the Day on there…which is a huge accomplishment on my end. I also , got no. 2 spot 2 days in a row…and then just top 10 for the rest of the week.

This is considered one successful launch. With amazing affiliates who saw the value in my training…and they knew it can help their own lists.

So its all about quality. And i’m about quality. I won’t do anything else…and that’s why i’m so successful at this point, cause i really feel i can put an impact with my training and my own style of teaching.

Bill Hugall is my own personal Knight In Shining Armor. 😀 Bill is a respected marketer, who has made an impact on other people’s lives, as he has done with me. I can’t be more grateful than Bill for providing me with his experience and his own personal strategies, that helped me get up on that Mountain peak i’ve been trying to reach for so long. But it was only done when he saw and believed in what i had created.

I’ve been at this for 3 years and a half, with full determination of making things happen for me. It started slow, then it picked up, and now its not stopping anymore.

I have grabbed on a momentum that there is no stopping.   Many nights, sitting hours upon hours of creating, learning, investing..

YOU DEFINITELY don’t know what i’ve been through… and none is luck! .. NONE!.

I love what i do, and that’s what matters and it shows 🙂

So with this post, all i have to share here is my gratitude for everything that has come to me up to this point. The people and the Universe working for my wants. That’s what it is basically, cause everything i’ve been able to achieve , were all goals, which i wrote down in a little blue book, which they MAGICALLY come true everytime. Amazing stuff. 😀

I’ve come such a long way! I’m on another level now. 🙂
Milestone Reached!

Next milestone….to be announced 😉

Thank you for everything!

I helped a start-up business make 750$ in less than 24 hours. I’m bad ass…

I helped a startup business make 750$ in less than 24 hours. I’m bad ass…

…while i was sleeping I made myself 200$….

I find myself, saying, I love what i do, everyday…..and people who hear me say that…are usually shocked. Why am I showing off ? Cause other’s think it’s not possible to do what you love. Other’s think , stability and security is what they should live for. I live to do what i love. I will accept nothing less. I set goals, and and follow through, i don’t complain. I remember, for 2 years straight, i saw Zero money while i was sleeping. That didn’t stop me. I was persistent, and determined.

You find yourself, in some place right now, thinking, is this me? is this what i want to do for the rest of my life? If you are asking yourself that RIGHT NOW…then trust me …..finally you get it. NO you’re not supposed to be doing that for the rest of your life. The question you set for yourself, is a simple one. You are itching to get out of that situation, and that thought alone was your first step. Now start thinking, what it is you would like to do. Once you get it, and finally understand what it is you want to do, then start taking steps towards that dream.

Get a notepad….set a date…doesn’t matter, just write down, By November (for example) I will be doing …blah blah blah… whatever it is you want to do. Doesn’t matter how….its gonna happen…even if it feels so far away for it to be a reality, don’t worry about it. Just close that notepad, and then start organizing your thoughts, towards your goal. What are your next steps?

You can still be at that crappy job…or whatever it is you’re doing, but you can still day dream about yourself doing what it is you want to do. So instead of complaining about the situation you are in, take action, discreetly.

Why am i telling you this? Well because this is how I helped a friend of mine, a girl, back in April 2016. She had dreams, and she was stuck at this job for the past 8 years or so. When i talked to her, she expressed how much she hated what she was doing. I knew then that that was a sign. It was a sign that her self, was telling her self…. 🙂 that she needed to do what she loved to do. She just didn’t realize that just yet… i was the one that actually caught on to that, cause i’m very aware . Anyways… I told her, that just because she finally decided this is not for her…. I helped her find her passion, and dream. She named a few…one of them was being in television. That dream seemed so far away for her…..however for me, it was easy. I told her, not to worry about how she would get on tv and be a talk show hostess…I knew it was possible…no matter how negative she was about it. She kept on finding excuses that they wouldn’t hire her, since she never had any past experiences to it..etc. Anyways…bottom line i just kept on reversing everything she was saying to the point that i got her to believe it was going to happen. I had to remind her everyday! VERY TOUGH for someone who was pretty much negative.

Anyways…guess what happened? A few months later, someone showed up in her life, giving her an opportunity to be on tv as a hostess. YUP. Oh …also the job she was at…well she quit, since she was hired full time at the TV Channel she’s been there since November. Pretty crazy stuff right? Magic? Was I a Medium? Did I forsee the Future? NOPE NONE OF THAT…. magic shit.

There are laws in the universe….. They all work amazingly well when you connect the dots. Like i said, you know what you want? Go for it…stop complaining…. I was so damn negative…many people who knew me then……don’t recognize me now.. I’m proud of what i’ve accomplished in the last 3 1/2 years…self help, and self awareness, helped me find myself…and my power I have to help others..myself…and finally my family…very soon. From complaining, to Admiring myself…. what a change.

The ones that are complaining, and are angry, and the whole world is at fault….. I say take a mirror, and face your fears. You have issues my friend!

More news to come! 🙂 More updates to come… exciting 2017! How much i respect you


Demetris ….

Look at Life Through Your Side View Mirror….


When you finally realize, how life works, and are aware of the things that are happening around you, you will understand that there is a force, which you can actually control.
It’s a force within, and that force is about focusing on what you want in life…. or even who you want, and then sit back and observe the things that are happening. You got to know what you want, or it won’t be delivered.

Filter our the bullshit, and keep the things that are making you happy right now. What seems right, is right…. Never care what others think of your decisions in life.
It’s all about what you want. Timing is everything.

The worst shit that happens to you, in any current situation you are in, is only a message that something great is going to happen very soon!
Doesn’t matter what it is. But, in my own personal experience, every shitty time, or experience meant, something great is coming to me. It’s like the universe is actually protecting me.
So when sudden changes happen in your life, best thing about it is to stay balanced, question , why it happened, and try and see the good out of it.

Sometimes, you can’t. It’s blurry, it’s not what it seems, it’s too hard. Losing a loved one, a loved pet, getting sick, getting hurt, whatever it is, is unfortunately part of the process…
I could never be in the position to tell you, you’ll get over it, it’s hard.. I get it. I know. But listen….. it can change, it will pass, it’s only for that phase. You can make it or break it. It’s all about your own belief.

Live the moment, Live the experiences, and try and be aware of why things happen to you. And remember, ask yourself…. “wait…isn’t this what I asked for? “….. bad or good.

You don’t want to be in the position, to get sad, for no reason, on bad thoughts about things that never happened to you. Scary thoughts, feared thoughts, about things you are scared to do because you were told that’s how it is. No…. Don’t…. Just think what you CAN DO, What you WANT TO DO, and forget the rest. The rest are just obstacles in this journey. All you got to do is WAKE UP, keep your head up, and move on…. There is more for you there….and there is more to live..instead of blaming the shits on yourself, or others. Just get over it. It’s all good. *(and to the people who will say, pfff….who does this guy think he is…NO One. Just someone who is trying to help the ones who understand what i’m saying. It’s also info from my own life experiences. I’m actually documenting things that are happening to me for the past year, and it’s been a tremendous journey…..eye opening experiences, and never down …

I never fell, just kept my head high, no matter what… 🙂 and i’ve had a few shits that happened to me. But All i kept on saying, will pass, i’m good, i’m happy, and i’m grateful. 🙂

You’ll understand too, soon… or maybe never.. But …i’m cool…this is what Makes me happy 🙂 ….)


The Power Of Change…


Do you know what’s beautiful? Watching my business grow….right infront of my eyes…and your eyes.

I remember, clicks on JVZOO (visits) on various products, would be around maybe 50 a day. If not less. Then it slowly , grew, to 80 average a day, then a little over 100, then suddenly… 300 + visits a day TODAY… that means, I’m growing.. that’s showing me my building i done for the past 2 years is online being in front of organic traffic.


My YouTube channel is growing fast, i never bought any traffic to youtube, just wanting to see my own potential in that area…just got my 534th subscriber. My List is growing on all fronts with 900 alive subscribers…. my blog has over 1550 followers….My private mastermind group is at 408 members….and the time is near for me to show you how this is all possible with my first product out that has to do with my own strategies, and how to use the right tools to start building your business from the ground up on the internet. I believe i have one of the most interesting success stories in this industry…and i can’t wait to be in the position to change millions of lives, in the near future. I even thought about being a motivational speaker some day to help others come out of their comfort zone, and accept only the challenge to find what they have a passion for and do that…cause that’s what we are here to do! . ..


I believe i have the talent and passion to motivate and help change people…

I’ve seen it at first hand, and with people sending me messages saying how I’ve managed to change their lives or actually make them pursue what they have a passion for. That’s what my was made…with that in mind, and also to make a living off it. To GIVE to GET…etc.

Life has been treating me so good since I’ve changed my mindset and rewired my brain. This isn’t some kind of theory, but a proven fact that I’ve put to a test and still living it and experiencing my changes as a human being, as a person, as an individual who is really, pursuing the meaning of life and how to achieve happiness while removing the materialistic bullshit that keeps us back and into control….society, religion, schooling system, banking system, working system, whatever media system is out there that is there to tell you CANT Do what you love doing, because such and such….. what a load of crap. It’s all in the power of you, and the WANTS you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You feeling down, come talk to me, i’ll motivate your ass to do something about that DOWNess you are feeling. Life is great once you get control of it yourselves, and understand that you have the power to attract whatever you want in life. I was such an angry young man. I was such a materialistic worshipper of NEEDING Things that others had. I was a jealous prick that i wanted what they wanted, but also judged others for having what they have. I was such a spoiled brat, that i wasn’t grateful for whatever I had in my life….I was such a greedy ass, not wanting to give fearing of losing what I had….I was such a selfish asshole, not caring about the others just myself and how i wanted to be loved by everyone….i was such a cry baby, cause i was complaining about how unfair life was with me……

WELL OF COURSE it was unfair with me.

I was not understanding what life was all about, and who i was. Now i understand….you must love yourself first, before taking the world. You must be grateful for whatever you have and accomplished….first before taking the world. You must accept of all the faults you have done so you can take the world. Now i know why i was, who i was. No i know why nothing was ever great for me back then….Now i know why i had to go through all that. It was a wake up call, for me to change, and finally understand what life is all about. And Now….I’m in my greatest transformation ever, where I will remember this milestone of my life-like it was yesterday, and that will spark the motivation in others to get where I’m going and how I’ve managed to do it. This is why I’m living the Flip flop life. FREEDOM at its core….now its up to me to keep on growing like i have grown in the past 2 1/2 years.

Nothing can stop me….once you rewire that brain of yours, nothing can stop you. You’ll understand about this statement, when you get to the level I’m in already. Do what You love Doing, Focus on what you love doing, and it will happen for you too. Don’t settle for average and routine….settle for what makes you feel like when you accomplish something.


to living a flip-flop life.

(this was going to be a 2 sentence message, and turned into a blog post. Right off my head with no scripted writing or thought. It came and flowed out of my head, while writing.)

Visit for self help audios and videos which will help you change your state of mind today. 

Change Your Paradigms by doing what I do for the Next 30 Days…

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.58.30 AM

The Test

I’m about to do a small test.  I’m going to start watching a video every morning, when I wake up. And before I sleep, every night, for 30 days. It’s time to change my paradigms, and it’s time I show you how.    I already started today.  I want you to do the same.  I can almost certainly tell you, it will change your life.    I  know it will since I’ve done it in the past, but then I lost focus… This time I’m sticking to it.
All I want you to do is to watch the video below, daily for 30 days with me.   I don’t want anything else from you.   No I’m not promoting something.  This is part of the positive mindset value I’m giving you.  I have done this for myself, and it benefits you, in major ways.

A Video That Will Change Your Mindset

In this powerful 16-minute guided meditation audio I’m providing you with below will  teach you how to get rid of those conditioned harmful beliefs, or “paradigms”, which are controlling your life and limiting your success.  I now have this on my iPhone, and I will be listening to it, every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up, and on my dog walks.  Perfect.

Who is Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is one of the best speakers in the world on getting rich and teaches you how to to do more, be more and have more in every area of life.

Think and Grow Rich

He begun when he first read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill sometime in 1962 I believe.  I also have purchased this book last year and just finished it. What a mistake to take so long into finishing Think and Grow Rich.  Bob Proctor mentions how he still reads that book since the day he picked it up.
That’s just crazy.
Got me thinking, if he is so obsessed with it…and he made millions and made a life he wanted…which was freedom, then maybe it’s a good idea to follow his steps. Right?   and You!.
So I really do suggest you take me serious here.  I’ve been practicing all this for the past 3 years…Things are happening.
This blog and website is proof of my becomings.  I love this.  I sometimes forget, then something happens , and shakes me up, and gives me a clear message, and I’m aware and awake.  So I wanted to share this with you as a point for you to start NOW! and change your mindset and understand how everything works.

Goals ..Reach for the Stars

I’m so into it again, because I started following Bob Proctor closely.  See.. the Universe, actually showed me that path a few years ago, but I wasn’t aware of the messages. And ignored everything thrown to me in terms of Bob Proctor.  So now, I guess Its back again, with full force.  And now I’m taking it more serious than ever.
think and grow rich

Today I actually finished the audio book to Think and Grow Rich (I posted it below), and now I plan on listening as much as possible just to embed it in my mind. You’ll understand what I’m talking about after you watch the video about the Paradigm ,

So I’m following his every step to working with changing my Paradigm Shift.  IF you don’t know what the Paradigm shift is, then just watch the video below.

I believe I even wrote an article in my blog about this in the past when I figured out how the Law of Attraction works.    It also seems that I have lost my path a couple of times, and now I’m in that major phase in my life where I’m going through some powerful change , and I can feel it.  Honestly.

So this is why I have the urge to write this down, and basically, keep track of what’s going on in my life.  A new milestone is heading my way…

So back to changing your paradigm….

Watch the Video below, for the next 30 days…every day!  

PLEASE.  That’s all I’m asking…30 days…

Next is to play the video below  whenever you can , every day.  I listen to this while i’m working (with headphones) at home, or on my walks with my dog Clooney every day.  Amazing affirmations which will help you rewire your mind.  I followed this like a religion, because I’ve seen the changes it made to my life, almost immediately.

Make sure you add it to your playlist so its always available.  You have to do this daily, for 30 days too.

 Grateful and Thankful!

I have been taught to add being grateful and thankful to everything, at least every day.  So let me just thank you all for reading my blog, and following me.  Do  go and watch or buy Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller – Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

It really is a life changer.   On that note, thanks for reading,  and remember to watch video above for the next 30 days with me. You have nothing to lose!

Blessed and Grateful that you are my follower and avid reader!

Hope this will be helpful to you as it was to me!  Follow my path , it works.. 😉

DON’T MISS OUT  on my Next Article!

To living a flip flop life


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Top 10 Online Marketing Tools and Programs – The ones that Actually Work!

My Top 10 Online Marketing Tools and Programs…the ones that actually work


I’m true to my statement above. I know this, because I personally use them.


I usually go out and buy anything that looks shiny to me, test it out, and when I see that it brought me some kind of quick cash, I then promote it to you all. It’s disturbing to know that a lot of you still don’t feel confident in what I’m promoting. I can seriously understand you.


Again, nothing I promote is BS. It brings you something back. I’m saying something, because it always depends on you.


So it’s almost the middle of 2015, and a lot of new shiny products came out for marketers and anyone that is basically trying to make some kind of income online. These are New tools and programs that you might have missed on.


My job is to provide you with this info to help you.


Go ahead and Click on each link and check it out. Don’t worry, they don’t bite..they only help.



My Current Top 10 Online Marketing Tools and Programs


1. Aweber 

My Number one email autoresponder is none other than Aweber. Helps me get my word out helps me build my current business. List building is a must! email autoresponder is a must too! I am also promoting other ones, but aweber is my favorite by far, considering that almost all highly successfull marketers use Aweber for their business or blog.


2.The Digital Affiliates

Copy marketing campaign case studies every week from super affiliates Bob Becket and James Starr.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, and want to be thrown in the deep end while being a total noob. Then this is it .  The best program in Digital Affiliate Marketing up to date and affordable.


3. PicRedirect

This is seriously a sick little tool. You get to hide and mask your affiliate links like a ninja. Not only that, your posts on facebook look like they are sponsored. It has the same template as Facebook’s PowerEditor Ad Creator. Only difference, you can redirect any link you want to anywhere you want. Works on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.


4. Landing Page Monkey

Seriously, you can’t build a list without this software. Get your landing pages and squeeze pages done in a like 3 minutes. Seriously, you can add anything. Animated backgrounds (very popular).


5. eLister Pro

Can’t list on eBay without this tools. It’s also got a listing integration to keep track of your items on eBay. Must have tool if you are into e-commerce!


6. Infinii Ecom

Best Company I’ve been with since November. This is the company that introduced me to e-commerce and making money through eBay. I love dropshipping , that’s why I have a team and I’m teaching everyone how to dropship through Infinii . Join my team?


7. Clickmagick

Track your links with this Link Tracker. It perfect for you that do online ads, where you have to learn how scale up your ads using clickmagick.  Everymarketer needs to use Clickmagick.  You will see your profits double up with Clickmagick.


9.  Affiliate Trax

Build your Leads for any online business. Keep track of all your sales through JvZoo and Build your Lists with Buyers.


10. Facebook Group Autoposter

Advertise for Free using this Autoposter.

You can find the above tools with videos either on my Facebook Channel or through my website. Have a look before you get kind of thing.
Next Month I’ll be sharing my Next Updated top 10 Marketing Tools and Programs for the everyday entrepreneur!

to your own Success

DPAPA Living a Flip Flop Life!