New Strategy Combines FREE Traffic for your affiliate Offers, Is this your Destiny?

DESTINY is a revolutionary new training that teaches you to get insane conversion rates with chat robots.   These little chat robots that JayKay has been setting up can be used to sell a variety of products, without ever having to deal with the complicated coding skills you usually need for these.  JayKay even has a short over-the-shoulder case study showing what happens a few hours after he activated one his DESTINY robots.

Watch my video below explaining more on what Destiny is all about and how it can help you get free traffic through this unique method.


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What Is Destiny Exactly and What Do You Get?


DESTINY is the ONLY comprehensive affiliate marketing chatbot training course ever released outside of private coaching. At a launch price of $9.95-$17 during the first 5 days, your subscribers are going to be blown away by the quality inside the members area.

8 Module video training with Over 30+ videos in total and over 9hrs of original high-quality content.

Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Getting Started

  • Dispelling the myths around chatbots (both the good and the bad)
  • How to setup your chatbot software
  • How to create you first sample chatbot
  • How to add your chatbot to a landing page
  • How to select an offer (newbie focused)
  • In this 2-part video, the differences between product launches and evergreen products are explained in-depth and a detailed
  • overview of how to select products in both categories is explained.
  • Presell Pages
  • Part 1 – Review Pages: How to follow my high-converting review page template
  • Part 2 – Bridge Pages: How to create a “storysales” bridge page that works for paid traffic like solo ads. This video also includes an optional breakdown of some lengthy copy I use on one of my highest converting bridge pages.


Module 3 – Free Traffic Chatbots
In this module there is a complete breakdown of the free traffic strategy including;

  • Free Traffic landing pages are explained, and why this particular format of landing page works best for the free traffic strategies explained in the course
  • Chatbot creation – explanation of what the chatbots should say and what they should AVOID saying to free traffic subscribers
  • Strategy walkthrough – Explanation of HOW to get free traffic into your chatbot that gets results


Module 4 – Solo Traffic Chatbots
In the first of 2 paid traffic sections I’ll include detailed a detailed explanation of how to use solo ads to funnel traffic into a chatbot, instead of traditionally collecting an email address.

  • Landing Page Explanation – how to create a chatbot-focused landing page for solo traffic instead of asking for an email optin
  • Chatbot creation – How to create chatbots that are focused on selling to solo traffic rather than free traffic. These chatbots need to be more aggressive in selling the product
  • Solo Ad Buying – A newbie focused video explaining how and where to buy solo ads if they’ve never done so.


Module 5 – Facebook Ads Chatbots

  • In the second, more advanced, paid traffic module I’ll explain how to create highly effective chatbots that can be used in Facebook ads. These chatbots have a relatively low barrier to entry since no landing page is required, and therefore less split-testing is necessary.
  • Introduction to using chatbots with Facebook ads
  • Chatbot creation – how to create effective chatbots for Facebook ads, very different to both free traffic and solo ads chatbots
  • Facebook ads Strategy – How to create chatbot focused ads without using a landing page, how to avoid complicated coding that
  • Facebook requires for chatbots, how to select audiences to target and create custom audiences based on chatbot engagement, and more.


Module 6 – Scaling

  • Vertical scaling – how to increase how much money you can make from your subscribers
  • Horizontal Scaling – How to add more subscribers to your chatbot


Module 7 – Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 – Detailed breakdown of all the messages, landing pages, presell pages, etc. used in a campaign where I made $160 in 24hrs using the free traffic strategy
  • Case Study 2 – Similarly detailed breakdown explaining how I made $417 in 24hrs using the free traffic strategy.
  • Case Study 3 – A TRUE “live” over-the-shoulder case study explaining how I made over $500 in 3 days using the free traffic strategy.


Module 8 – Loose Ends

  • 9 Step Action Plan – A quick video explaining the 9-steps the viewer should take to get started with their first free traffic campaign
  • Final thoughts


  • Checklists for the free traffic, solo ads, and fb traffic strategy
  • Mastermind group access via Facebook
  • Swipe files for solo trafic and free chatbot
  • $100 in 7-Day challenge and action-plan calendar


OTO’s in Destiny



OTO 1: 10 DFY Chatbots ($37 @ 50% Commission)

    • 10 battle-tested chatbots that are proven to convert with both free and paid traffic
    • Instructions on how to use them
    • These chatbots are designed around different objectives including; selling affiliate products, getting people onto an email list, getting registrations, and more


OTO 1 Downsell : 5 DFY Chatbots ($17 @ 50%)

  • 5 of the Chatbots are removed from the pack


OTO 2 : AutoPilot List Builder ($47 @ 50%)

  • This detailed training will teach the user how to how to create a small adjustment inside their chatbot to automatically capture email addresses from their chatbot subscribers and add them to an email autoresponder.
  • DFY chatbot is also included to get permission from the chatbot subscriber remain spam-compliant.
  • DFY email swipes are also included as a logical follow-up sequence for new email subscribers.


OTO 2 Downsell : Autopilot List Builder LITE ($27 @ 50%)

  • Users will ONLY get the video training, no DFY chatbots or email swipes


OTO 3 : DESTINY Masters ($197 @ 50%)

This. Is. Awesome.

  • Advanced and detailed training explaining how to create “webinar chatbots” that will promote a high-ticket item to subscribers
  • The chatbot can also register the user for the webinar, and even send follow-up messages as part of the lead-in to the webinar
  • Also works with auto-webinars
  • DESTINY Masters students will also have access to a high-ticket webinar to promote as an affiliate that delivers $247 commission:
    • They DO NOT need to create their own content for the webinar
    • It’s a simple Plug ‘N Play service: Drop their affiliate link into that chatbot = done!
  • Also includes DFY chatbots to specifically around the high-ticket webinar strategy;
    • These chatbots are suitable for free, solo, or FB ads traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About DESTINY


What Exactly is DESTINY?

Destiny is a video training designed to help beginners and veteran marketers put together their own chatbots to help make sales and drive traffic to “value-points” in their business.

Do I Need a Website?

You do not need to have a website to use DESTINY – however, to follow some of the affiliate training exactly as it’s laid out in the course would need to be able to build at least 1 webpage somewhere online – even on a free site builder like Wix or WordPress.

I’ve Never Made a Dollar Online – Is DESTINY Really Going to Help Me?

Yes! DESTINY might sound advanced but it’s based on incredibly simple concepts that genuinely get results – even if you’ve never made a penny online before.

Does DESTINY Require Any Paid Tools?

The software we use has a free version which is used exclusively in the training – there is a paid option available but it is not required to follow the training videos and get your first chatbot deployed.

I’m Not a Beginner – Can I Still Get Value from DESTINY?

Yes! We cover basic concepts in some of the videos, but some content and be skipped over in favour of more advanced content not recommend for beginners – all are included in the members area

How Much Time Will it Realistically Take to Setup My First Chatbot?

We’ve included a demo showing you how to setup your first chatbot and it really only does take a few minutes. Be prepared to spend more time if you want to develop much more sophisticated chatbots however.

How Much Can I Make Using DESTINY?

In each of the case studies included in the course you will see how we’ve made $160-$400 in just 24hrs with completely free traffic, with every additional campaign we see even more money come in.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy! Click the button below and customize your order then just watch the training and take action!

Get Instant Access To Destiny Here

Learn How To Copyright for Conversions and Sales


Copyrighting is one of those skills which I never knew it was a proper skill. I really think it’s easy when it comes to copyrighting.  The way I explain copywriting, is basically, copying someone else’s work, but changing everything so it sounds and has your own touch to it.  It’s a very simple process. Just switch words around, use the dictionary you know, and not use words you don’t even know.  Make it personal, make it seem as if its you writing it. The only thing that copyrighting does, is basically give you a path to follow.   No need to reinvent the wheel when you’re doing the same thing.  Just make sure it’s all you.

Everyone’s writing style is different.   That will set you out from the rest.  It seems like there’s a lot of work to master it can also be  time-consuming. I know this from personal experience. I’ve created everything on my own, and my copyrighting skills came in handy.  I didn’t have to hire anyone, and hiring someone do this job, can be expensive.

Let’s understand Copyrighting better.   It is considered a form of advertising, and a formula.  If you understand the formula behind the copywriting then you can become an expert too.  All you got to understand is the flow, and how you need to build your sales page, so someone either buys, or signs up easily.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can become a master copywriter without having to take an expensive course or spend years learning tricks of the trade.

Copyright Basics

As I mentioned earlier, copywriting is formula based.  There are ways to tap into the  psychological mind of your target market.    You can go aggressive and how how you can solve your target audience problem, or you can go through what types of features your offering has.

Let’s start with three copywriting basics you’ll need in order for these formulas to be successful.

Research and find out who your target audience is. In order for your copy to hit the mark with your readers, you need to understand exactly who you’re writing for.

Ask yourself: What are their goals?

  • Pain points?
  • What are the daily problems in their lives you can solve or make easier?
  • What are your features and benefits?
  • It is of value?

Often times marketers make the mistake of only promoting a product’s features – and they forget to point out the benefits and advantages those features produce. These benefits are what the readers really care about.


Including elements of social proof (think testimonials or case studies) alongside results you’ve produced can build up your credibility with the audience, making your offering more trustworthy. Once you have these three facets nailed down, you can start crafting compelling copy that your audience can resonate.

A Copywriting Tool That Speeds Up the Process

The downside to copywriting is that even once you’ve learnt how to copyright, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time, writing, or researching for what to write.  Those words don’t write themselves – which, again, is why this aspect sometimes gets handed off to a freelancer or outsourced help that can focus on doing the job well.

But outsourcing copywriting is pretty much expensive.  (if you want a real copyrighting copy which converts)   Yes you can do this alone, and on your own, but you could be saving time, and energy by using a tool which speeds up your whole process.  Exact Model  you can get all of the benefits of copywriting formulas in a quick, prepared template format.

How it works:

  1. Pick from 12 unique categories with over 200 unique sales messages and 40 email templates
  2. Fill in the blanks for your project needs
  3. Publish your material and put it to work

Using this you can simply insert your custom information and pull from prepared swipe files that leverage proven copywriting formulas to quickly build customized marketing content.

As long as you have the basics (which I outlined earlier), you can simply drop in your custom information and create well-written, conversion-oriented copy in minutes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder When it Comes to Copywriting


We know that well-written copy converts. So rather than investing hours of your time into courses on copywriting or paying someone to craft marketing copy for your business, it makes sense to leverage a tool  that helps you get all of the benefits copywriting hacks – but in a fast, easy-to-use format.

With some basic copywriting knowledge and a tool like Exact Model, you can start creating high-converting copy for your target audience faster than ever before.

Work smarter, not harder… your audience and your bottom line will reap the benefits.

=> Don’t forget to have a look at this Tool Exact Model <= 

Build Your List with Social Viral Traffic Using ViralSource

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 18.46.49

What Is ViralSource? 


ViralSource is a cloud- based software app,  which helps you lock up any content of your choice.  This can be anything you have created on your website which you want it to go viral on social media platforms.  It can be used to build your own list using the one click Facebook sign up form.


Basically you lock your content up, and the only way people can access is if they follow the assigned task needed.


I tried it myself, and tested it out on my own page here on my website.  If you head to my Free Training tab , you will witness how I used this software first hand.  I’m locking up my Free Content.  So the only way people can have access to this training is if they sign up using the Facebook Sign up.  This helps me build my list knowing who these people are, so I can send them valuable information based on what they signed up to.


But listen, this isn’t the only thing that this does. You have other choices of call to actions.   You can ask your users to tag a Facebook friend so they can unlock the content.  Or they have to share the link on social networks , so you can build on viral social traffic that way too.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 18.25.56



Very simply you can now engage with those users in real-time and in the future.  See the power of this?   Now imagine doing this for everything else  you own.  🙂



Watch My Demo Below on How I Used ViralSource With My Website.  

ViralSource Features and Benefits


FB Signup Feature (my demo) 


Let’s you add people to an email list using their Facebook Login Email.



  • You know it’s a real email address
  • The Software Incentivizes them to give it to you
  • You can have it automatically added to your autoresponder of choice
  • You can export the lead as well
  • Let’s you build a list and have a big audience reach




 Tag Friends Feature 


Let’s your visitors directly tag their Facebook friends ( usually the ones most interested in the content/ items for sale on the target page)


  • Super Targeted Traffic
  • The tagged friends know the invite to your page from their friend (your visitor)  was specifically for them
  • Tons more visitors and the potential to go viral.



Social Sharing Feature


Your Page is shared by the visitor, which then your visitors audience, will get to see it.


The software incentivizes people to share, thus leveraging their reach to bring you highly recommended and trusted traffic based on their referral.  Potential to go viral!





bonuses (1)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 01.11.25

Price Increase in








Get Eary Bird Access and Bonuses


How To Use Facebook To Promote CPA OFFERS Using Social CPA Academy


Social CPA Academy is based on real results that Jason has achieved over the past 2 years, $300k in verified proof, and a list of over 100,000 leads built.  Jason uses a very unique Facebook + CPA method.   He’s developed his own testing and scaling techniques which 99% of people have never heard of or seen before.  So below you can check out my video inside Social CPA Academy, so you know exactly what you get once you get it.

Trust me when I say, this program, is very affordable, and anyone in my line of business (affiliate  marketing) should jump on the training right now.   Watch my video, you’ll understand the power of this.

What’s Social CPA Academy All About?

Inside Social CPA Academy you will learn how you can profit big without ever selling anything to anyone.

Based on real results and a case study, this training shows how to utilize two powerful components to get cheap traffic and high conversions.

CPA is all about getting paid when someone takes a simple action, such as filling out their name and email address, or ordering a free product sample. Can you see how easy it is to get a conversion, when they don’t have to pull out their credit card?

On top of this, you will learn how to use these components:

Reverse Engineering: instead of testing and trying a bunch of campaigns in the hopes of finding something that “hopefully works”, you will learn how to find your competitor campaigns which are ALREADY successful.

Afterall, if they are running those campaigns long-term, they must be making money, right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending money on ads. And don’t worry, the ad budget required to do this is a tiny $5 / day to get started.

And once you have found that successful competitor campaign, you can see which offer they promote, what ads they use, what images, and what their landing page looks like. This way you can replicate what they are currently doing and model your own campaign based on their success.

Second component is Facebook Traffic: inside you will see how to not only get into positive ROI from the get-go but to also then scale up your successful campaigns and further reduce the traffic costs.

Learn how to make Facebook give you the best audiences, best traffic, and best results of your life.

  • Cash in with the easiest, most powerful combination of CPA and FB ever created.
  • Get in on the Gold Rush by tackling a method that’s never been revealed before
  • Effortlessly build a huge targeted list and get PAID to do it
  • Zero experience required. Very non-techy friendly.
  • Results in 7 days OR LESS!
  • Only $5/day for ads needed

Grab Social CPA Academy


Affiliate Trax Review and Inside First Look


UPDATE!!! 9/5/2015

It’s LIVE!  Mike from Maine and Brett Retucky, just released an underground software and training system that’s going to take the Internet by storm and change affiliate marketing for the better. FINALLY!

This is a complete, money making system which they named Affiliate Trax. I have access to this and all i can say is WOW.

Take it from me, Brett and Mike know their products, and I have always invested in their products. My strategies are almost the same with them two, because well, their strategies work.

So because this system is so powerful, they’re kicking things off with a webinar where they’ll reveal how to make $721 per day AND build your list automatically while you sell other people’s products…

Joining Affiliate Trax, not only will you get some great methods you can use to start making money right away.

So make sure you grab my link below for your discounted early bird price I’m providing you with.  This will definitely help you with your career as an affiliate marketer.  I can personally guarantee it myself.  Hands down the training in this , shows you exactly how I personally work and make a living out of this.  This is one of many strategies you can dominate the online marketing world.

What Is Affiliate Trax

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.56.20

Affiliate Trax is made from real affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers full stop.  I promote a lot of stuff, but this is a  must have tool if you work with JVZoo.  You will be able to collect the emails from your buyers, when they purchase off your affiliate links.  Affiliate Trax has an area where you integrate your autoresponder account to its system to collect these specific leads.  This is huge.   You will be finally building a list by grabbing each buyers email when they buy!  This is not done before. I never had access to a software like that until now. Not only its a software but its got full advanced training by two of the top network affiliate marketers out there, Mike and Brett.  The training is going to help you get started and do exactly what I do today.  How to set everything up, and how to start making commissions through promoting products or creating products.

Watch My Video Below on How Affiliate Trax will benefit you today!

(Make sure you register now as seats are limited and you want to get in on this and lock-in your discount.)

Watch My Review and Inside Look at What You Get with Affiliate Trax

Watch A Demo On How Affiliate Trax Works

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First Cloud Based Email AutoResponder With Zero Subscription Fees – MailX Review




My MailX review

MailX is the first cloud-based autoresponder where you can take an unlimited number of leads and add them into your automail responder, without any double opt-ins.   Its all just a one time low fee.  For now that is. I I’ve just purchased it myself, taking advantage of this auto-mail responder one time fee.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 01.13.26


I don’t know if i want to leave Aweber that i’m in right now.   I found my comfort zone there, since i’ve had it  since  the beginning, but i’m definitely going to use MailX to actually make sure some of my important messages DO get to my subscribers.

I’ve also done a test, sending some emails to certain email accounts of mine, and they were all sent to my inbox.  No spam.  So this is good.  And this is why this is going to stand out from the rest.  Together with the fact that its cloud based, you’ll have access to your list at anypoint and time.  Again with no Subscription Fees. Guaranteed open rates and click rates.  You can check the sales page for more proof.  I’ve shot my own personal video below, showing you what you get once inside.



Watch My Video On How You Can Get My Bonus Free Gift to you If you purchase MailX through My link below.

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