Learn How To Copyright for Conversions and Sales


Copyrighting is one of those skills which I never knew it was a proper skill. I really think it’s easy when it comes to copyrighting.  The way I explain copywriting, is basically, copying someone else’s work, but changing everything so it sounds and has your own touch to it.  It’s a very simple process. Just switch words around, use the dictionary you know, and not use words you don’t even know.  Make it personal, make it seem as if its you writing it. The only thing that copyrighting does, is basically give you a path to follow.   No need to reinvent the wheel when you’re doing the same thing.  Just make sure it’s all you.

Everyone’s writing style is different.   That will set you out from the rest.  It seems like there’s a lot of work to master it can also be  time-consuming. I know this from personal experience. I’ve created everything on my own, and my copyrighting skills came in handy.  I didn’t have to hire anyone, and hiring someone do this job, can be expensive.

Let’s understand Copyrighting better.   It is considered a form of advertising, and a formula.  If you understand the formula behind the copywriting then you can become an expert too.  All you got to understand is the flow, and how you need to build your sales page, so someone either buys, or signs up easily.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can become a master copywriter without having to take an expensive course or spend years learning tricks of the trade.

Copyright Basics

As I mentioned earlier, copywriting is formula based.  There are ways to tap into the  psychological mind of your target market.    You can go aggressive and how how you can solve your target audience problem, or you can go through what types of features your offering has.

Let’s start with three copywriting basics you’ll need in order for these formulas to be successful.

Research and find out who your target audience is. In order for your copy to hit the mark with your readers, you need to understand exactly who you’re writing for.

Ask yourself: What are their goals?

  • Pain points?
  • What are the daily problems in their lives you can solve or make easier?
  • What are your features and benefits?
  • It is of value?

Often times marketers make the mistake of only promoting a product’s features – and they forget to point out the benefits and advantages those features produce. These benefits are what the readers really care about.


Including elements of social proof (think testimonials or case studies) alongside results you’ve produced can build up your credibility with the audience, making your offering more trustworthy. Once you have these three facets nailed down, you can start crafting compelling copy that your audience can resonate.

A Copywriting Tool That Speeds Up the Process

The downside to copywriting is that even once you’ve learnt how to copyright, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time, writing, or researching for what to write.  Those words don’t write themselves – which, again, is why this aspect sometimes gets handed off to a freelancer or outsourced help that can focus on doing the job well.

But outsourcing copywriting is pretty much expensive.  (if you want a real copyrighting copy which converts)   Yes you can do this alone, and on your own, but you could be saving time, and energy by using a tool which speeds up your whole process.  Exact Model  you can get all of the benefits of copywriting formulas in a quick, prepared template format.

How it works:

  1. Pick from 12 unique categories with over 200 unique sales messages and 40 email templates
  2. Fill in the blanks for your project needs
  3. Publish your material and put it to work

Using this you can simply insert your custom information and pull from prepared swipe files that leverage proven copywriting formulas to quickly build customized marketing content.

As long as you have the basics (which I outlined earlier), you can simply drop in your custom information and create well-written, conversion-oriented copy in minutes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder When it Comes to Copywriting


We know that well-written copy converts. So rather than investing hours of your time into courses on copywriting or paying someone to craft marketing copy for your business, it makes sense to leverage a tool  that helps you get all of the benefits copywriting hacks – but in a fast, easy-to-use format.

With some basic copywriting knowledge and a tool like Exact Model, you can start creating high-converting copy for your target audience faster than ever before.

Work smarter, not harder… your audience and your bottom line will reap the benefits.

=> Don’t forget to have a look at this Tool Exact Model <= 

My Best Marketing Resources

My Best Marketing Resources

All the best marketing resources you need to begin, all in one place.


Competitive Intelligence

Secretly swipe the money making facebook ads your competitors didn’t want you to see.

Similar Web
Get insights on any website or app and uncover your competitors’ website traffic statistics.

Ad Clarity
Digital ad intelligence with the largest cross-channel programmatic digital ad coverage.

Ad Beat
Instantly uncover any advertiser’s online display advertising strategy.

Discover which marketing strategies work best in your industry.

Native Ad Buzz
Search and analyze the best native ads to launch winning campaigns.

Box Of Ads
Dig into the largest database of digital, display, mobile, contextual and native ads on earth.

Spy Fu
Download your competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search.

What Runs Where
Have an inside track on your competition’s strategies to buy advertising more efficiently.

Who’s Mailing What
Simply the best direct mail and multichannel marketing advertisements archived anywhere.


Ecommerce & CRM

Helps you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car.

Elister Pro

eBay Listing software built exclusively for entrepreneurs success in dropshipping  on eBay and Amazon

Hydra Lister
eBay Listing software and Training with amazing automated tools to help you built exclusively for entrepreneurs success in dropshipping  on eBay and Amazon.


Page Builders

Helps you generate leads and sales for your business by creating a funnel and landing pages.

Build marketing funnels to get more leads, conversions, and sales for your business.

Landing Page Monkey 
Create high converting landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages easily.

Elegant Themes
New plugin that will transform your WordPress site into a marketing machine.


Keyword Research

Niche Reaper
Get insights into your competitors keywords, organic and paid search.

Keyword Spy
Find profitable keyword and ad copy by discovering what your competitors are spending.

Google Trends
Explore topics and discover what’s trending on Google in real-time.

Video Cents
YouTube keyword tool that will help you target high-traffic, low-competition niches.

Merchant Words
Explore the top 60 million keywords that online shoppers are searching for on Amazon.



Hot Jar
New and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.

Google Analytics
Get stronger results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels with insights.

Crazy Egg
Find out what’s making your visitors leave by seeing how users browse your website.

Analytics and marketing insights for your Facebook groups, posts, and members.


Tracking Tools

Online software to tweak, optimize, and track all your links with easy.  Create pop ups, and collect data on keywords which convert.



750 Words
Brain dumping exercise that will keep track of the amount of time you write 750 words.

Blog Topic Generator
Don’t know what to write about? Just put in 3 nouns and it will think of ideas for you.

Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor in your industry.

Daily Page
Create a daily writing routine with daily writing prompts that you’ll receive each morning.

Help Me Write
Add ideas you want to write about and get your audience to let you know what they want.

Simple and free web app that will take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews.

Get notified when you when you haven’t written in a while. Great accountability app.


Lead Generation & Email Deliverability

Brite Verify
Reduce your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages get delivered using true email verification.

Opinion Stage
Create viral polls, quizzes, surveys and more with the best conversational content service.

Contest Domination
Create beautiful landing pages for contests that have converted millions of opt-ins.

Create, embed, and share your own quizzes to drive social traffic and generate leads.

Lead Sift
Get notified whenever a prospect engages with your competition.

Discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenue at scale.



Collaborate on flowcharts, org charts, UML, network diagrams and more.

Rapid wireframing tool that helps you work faster and smarter.

Makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Search for copies of your page on the web with a quick plagiarism checker.

Easy to use free design program that’s great for marketing materials.

Best high quality free stock photos available online, all in one place.


Facebook Tools

Ad Espresso
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Like Alyzer
Measure and analyze the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook Pages.

Connect Leads
Add new subscribers to your email lists automatically and dynamically using Lead Ads.

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Drift Rock
Social advertising platform you can use to advertise over the entire customer lifecycle.


Instagram Tools

Grow on Instagram with easy-to-use analytics and time-saving management features.

Influence discovery, at scale, from the visual content that surrounds your brand.


Email Marketing

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Domain Names

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My Passion Blog Pro Coaching and Training Program Is Going Live!


Well, it took me three beautiful years, in this journey to product creation. Yes. Finally , i’m releasing Passion Blog Pro to the World Tomorrow!


Up until now I’ve had a soft launch during the months of July and August 2016. I’ve made over 30 sales, with very happy customers that bought into my program. ZERO REFUNDS! Not only that, I’ve got multiple messages through Facebook about how GREAT they find my training, and also how some already started generating commissions, within 48 hours of investing in my Passion Blog Pro.

I’m so excited, because the training I created, was created with the intent to help other bloggers, affiliate marketers, newbies or advanced, take the right steps and by using my own personal strategies, to help them build a sustainable business online like I have managed to do in the last 3 years online.

Remember, I was one of you. I wanted to learn how to make money online, and I have invested in so many programs and training, which actually helped my own online career become an Authoritative figure online, together with my 13 year old Corporate 9-5 experience. I have put out value for everyone out there and continue to put value out there. That’s how you grow into an authoritative figure where people can actually trust you.


Why I created Passion Blog Pro….

I created Passion Blog Pro , because I had enough of seeing the same rehashed programs out there promising you 6-figures. Always, these programs, or tools, keep something from you. It’s like they don’t tell you the full story. I had to always fill in the blanks, and I always wondered, WHY!? … Why are they doing this? Well, I know why now, and usually has to do with GREED. I’m fed up , really fed up. I was wanting to bring out Passion Blog Pro last year, but I still didn’t feel confident with my results. I wanted to make this for others, to just follow along my everyday daily activities online. Exactly what i do , to generate a sustainable income online. It was right after I invested in another shiny product, where I decided to take things in my own hands, and finally bring out something people can actually follow along , EVERY STEP of the way, on to earning money through various means online.

All the strategies I have in my Passion Blog Pro program, are easy to follow, over the shoulder’s training, without any type of homework to do, or any reading to do….or any Workshops to attend. This is you sitting right next to me, and me showing you how I go about and generate an income online. I show you everything! I’m spilling the beans in this product, and the reason i’m doing this is to actually put my foot into the industry, and actually make a dent! Enough with the BS Training products out there.


Look, if you want to really learn how I make money online, i’m taking you by the hand, and i’m providing you with over the shoulder’s copy my campaigns type strategies and tools I use to make this happen. From learning how to build a blog from scratch, on to how you can generate money from your blog. Or everything that has to do with Affiliate marketing, and how to find products, free products and how to market yourself with the different types of traffic sources i’m providing you with. I’m helping you not have to depend on anyone , but yourself to start generating an income. I like to think of my business in the long run and not the short run. I’m not into quick money schemes. I’m doing this to build my career and business for the long haul.

This is what will help me feel free and continue to do what I love on my own terms.

Investing in Passion Blog Pro will only help you from buying other programs and training since my strategies are evergreen. They will last in time, and if things change, i’ll be updating as well. I don’t want my followers or students, stay behind just because the industry changed. One thing you need to understand. The formula never changes. The strategies and sources, change, but not the formula. There is only one formula which will help you make money online, and every big accredited marketer knows about this. I’m telling you all about it in my Passion Blog Pro. I’m also going to help you , find “free high ticket products” which you can actually review and have for your own through a known secret not a lot of marketers tell you about it.

Anyways, This post is to underline this great milestone of my Launch tomorrow at 11 AM EST for Passion Blog Pro! Please head out and Grab your links if you want to start making money by promoting it, or if you want to purchase Passion Blog Pro right now, you can through my link here.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 15.15.59

Other than that, these are exciting times, and Finally , I’m bringing out a Training and Coaching program, which will definitely help you online. Either if you are new, or experienced, I have a little bit for everyone in there. With over 90 videos, and over 8 hours of over the shoulder’s content, in Affiliate Marketing and Blog Building, using my own personal Blueprint….you can’t go wrong!

Go ahead and visit the Sales page and Jv Sales Page for more info on my Passion blog pro.

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How To Use Facebook To Promote CPA OFFERS Using Social CPA Academy


Social CPA Academy is based on real results that Jason has achieved over the past 2 years, $300k in verified proof, and a list of over 100,000 leads built.  Jason uses a very unique Facebook + CPA method.   He’s developed his own testing and scaling techniques which 99% of people have never heard of or seen before.  So below you can check out my video inside Social CPA Academy, so you know exactly what you get once you get it.

Trust me when I say, this program, is very affordable, and anyone in my line of business (affiliate  marketing) should jump on the training right now.   Watch my video, you’ll understand the power of this.

What’s Social CPA Academy All About?

Inside Social CPA Academy you will learn how you can profit big without ever selling anything to anyone.

Based on real results and a case study, this training shows how to utilize two powerful components to get cheap traffic and high conversions.

CPA is all about getting paid when someone takes a simple action, such as filling out their name and email address, or ordering a free product sample. Can you see how easy it is to get a conversion, when they don’t have to pull out their credit card?

On top of this, you will learn how to use these components:

Reverse Engineering: instead of testing and trying a bunch of campaigns in the hopes of finding something that “hopefully works”, you will learn how to find your competitor campaigns which are ALREADY successful.

Afterall, if they are running those campaigns long-term, they must be making money, right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending money on ads. And don’t worry, the ad budget required to do this is a tiny $5 / day to get started.

And once you have found that successful competitor campaign, you can see which offer they promote, what ads they use, what images, and what their landing page looks like. This way you can replicate what they are currently doing and model your own campaign based on their success.

Second component is Facebook Traffic: inside you will see how to not only get into positive ROI from the get-go but to also then scale up your successful campaigns and further reduce the traffic costs.

Learn how to make Facebook give you the best audiences, best traffic, and best results of your life.

  • Cash in with the easiest, most powerful combination of CPA and FB ever created.
  • Get in on the Gold Rush by tackling a method that’s never been revealed before
  • Effortlessly build a huge targeted list and get PAID to do it
  • Zero experience required. Very non-techy friendly.
  • Results in 7 days OR LESS!
  • Only $5/day for ads needed

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Affiliate Trax Review and Inside First Look


UPDATE!!! 9/5/2015

It’s LIVE!  Mike from Maine and Brett Retucky, just released an underground software and training system that’s going to take the Internet by storm and change affiliate marketing for the better. FINALLY!

This is a complete, money making system which they named Affiliate Trax. I have access to this and all i can say is WOW.

Take it from me, Brett and Mike know their products, and I have always invested in their products. My strategies are almost the same with them two, because well, their strategies work.

So because this system is so powerful, they’re kicking things off with a webinar where they’ll reveal how to make $721 per day AND build your list automatically while you sell other people’s products…

Joining Affiliate Trax, not only will you get some great methods you can use to start making money right away.

So make sure you grab my link below for your discounted early bird price I’m providing you with.  This will definitely help you with your career as an affiliate marketer.  I can personally guarantee it myself.  Hands down the training in this , shows you exactly how I personally work and make a living out of this.  This is one of many strategies you can dominate the online marketing world.

What Is Affiliate Trax

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.56.20

Affiliate Trax is made from real affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers full stop.  I promote a lot of stuff, but this is a  must have tool if you work with JVZoo.  You will be able to collect the emails from your buyers, when they purchase off your affiliate links.  Affiliate Trax has an area where you integrate your autoresponder account to its system to collect these specific leads.  This is huge.   You will be finally building a list by grabbing each buyers email when they buy!  This is not done before. I never had access to a software like that until now. Not only its a software but its got full advanced training by two of the top network affiliate marketers out there, Mike and Brett.  The training is going to help you get started and do exactly what I do today.  How to set everything up, and how to start making commissions through promoting products or creating products.

Watch My Video Below on How Affiliate Trax will benefit you today!

(Make sure you register now as seats are limited and you want to get in on this and lock-in your discount.)

Watch My Review and Inside Look at What You Get with Affiliate Trax

Watch A Demo On How Affiliate Trax Works

Sign Up to The Free Webinar


Mints App 2.0 Will Change The Way You Grow Your Online Business In 2016


What is Mints APP 2.0 ?

Mints App 2.0 an amazing Cloud­based app that will help you build gorgeous interactive polls and ratings within minutes. You will be able to engage your audience. You will collect more leads while drive more traffic and sales.

With Mints App 2.0 You can grow Real Businesses, Boost Engagement & Generate More Customers easily.  This app really will help you get results  in your own business or marketing campaigns you are building online. You will get to know your audiences, your traffic, and know exactly what they want and you will be able to target those people directly!

This is what we call a customer-driven funnels and if you’re not using it for your business already then you’re already missing out on a lot of income online.

I’ve heard that people that got in when the version 1 of this marketing platform was released last year have already generated over $2.6 million in sales and collected over 500,000 email leads – just think to yourself if you had only 1% of that success?

I can’t believe i missed out on version one!  So this time around, I got in.  Watch my video below on how I use Mints App 2.0 and how it can benefit you and your business today.

Mints App 2.0 launched just today, and I took the time to create a video below showing you how I personally use it giving you real examples, almost live. :)

This is seriously, one of the successful internet marketing platforms to ever come out on  JVZoo.

Watch My Live Demo Of Using Mints App 2.0 and you Decide

Watch The Different options you have to interact with your users

One of the amazing features of running Mints campaign is the ability to generate viral social traffic instantly to create more brand awareness, drive more customers to your funnels and make more profits



Instantly collect highly targeted & responsive leads from your super-engaged audience. Mints App 2.0 is fully integrated with all the top email marketing service providers to allow you set this up on the fly

Watch My Longer Version Of Another Demo Video For Mints App 2.0

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