I’ve Just opened Up My doors to GearBubble Instant Profits !

I just opened doors to my new Case Study Training Course called “Gear Bubble Instant Profits”  . It’s a simple step by step system that includes my over the shoulder’s training that could help you generate your first dollar online. If you are already generating some money online, then this will broaden your mind in terms of what you can do online right now.

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And if you didn’t know, ecommerce is one of the fastest ways that you can generate fast income online, using the power of Facebook and Facebook ads.

The method i’m going to teach you in the training videos are 100% time tested and proven.

This method is evergreen and you will be able to clone this method, over and over again, in order to create a bunch of cash machines online.

Remember, this is my own personal case study, which I created into a training course, because I really believe in the power of this.

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My Passion Blog Pro Coaching and Training Program Is Going Live!


Well, it took me three beautiful years, in this journey to product creation. Yes. Finally , i’m releasing Passion Blog Pro to the World Tomorrow!


Up until now I’ve had a soft launch during the months of July and August 2016. I’ve made over 30 sales, with very happy customers that bought into my program. ZERO REFUNDS! Not only that, I’ve got multiple messages through Facebook about how GREAT they find my training, and also how some already started generating commissions, within 48 hours of investing in my Passion Blog Pro.

I’m so excited, because the training I created, was created with the intent to help other bloggers, affiliate marketers, newbies or advanced, take the right steps and by using my own personal strategies, to help them build a sustainable business online like I have managed to do in the last 3 years online.

Remember, I was one of you. I wanted to learn how to make money online, and I have invested in so many programs and training, which actually helped my own online career become an Authoritative figure online, together with my 13 year old Corporate 9-5 experience. I have put out value for everyone out there and continue to put value out there. That’s how you grow into an authoritative figure where people can actually trust you.


Why I created Passion Blog Pro….

I created Passion Blog Pro , because I had enough of seeing the same rehashed programs out there promising you 6-figures. Always, these programs, or tools, keep something from you. It’s like they don’t tell you the full story. I had to always fill in the blanks, and I always wondered, WHY!? … Why are they doing this? Well, I know why now, and usually has to do with GREED. I’m fed up , really fed up. I was wanting to bring out Passion Blog Pro last year, but I still didn’t feel confident with my results. I wanted to make this for others, to just follow along my everyday daily activities online. Exactly what i do , to generate a sustainable income online. It was right after I invested in another shiny product, where I decided to take things in my own hands, and finally bring out something people can actually follow along , EVERY STEP of the way, on to earning money through various means online.

All the strategies I have in my Passion Blog Pro program, are easy to follow, over the shoulder’s training, without any type of homework to do, or any reading to do….or any Workshops to attend. This is you sitting right next to me, and me showing you how I go about and generate an income online. I show you everything! I’m spilling the beans in this product, and the reason i’m doing this is to actually put my foot into the industry, and actually make a dent! Enough with the BS Training products out there.


Look, if you want to really learn how I make money online, i’m taking you by the hand, and i’m providing you with over the shoulder’s copy my campaigns type strategies and tools I use to make this happen. From learning how to build a blog from scratch, on to how you can generate money from your blog. Or everything that has to do with Affiliate marketing, and how to find products, free products and how to market yourself with the different types of traffic sources i’m providing you with. I’m helping you not have to depend on anyone , but yourself to start generating an income. I like to think of my business in the long run and not the short run. I’m not into quick money schemes. I’m doing this to build my career and business for the long haul.

This is what will help me feel free and continue to do what I love on my own terms.

Investing in Passion Blog Pro will only help you from buying other programs and training since my strategies are evergreen. They will last in time, and if things change, i’ll be updating as well. I don’t want my followers or students, stay behind just because the industry changed. One thing you need to understand. The formula never changes. The strategies and sources, change, but not the formula. There is only one formula which will help you make money online, and every big accredited marketer knows about this. I’m telling you all about it in my Passion Blog Pro. I’m also going to help you , find “free high ticket products” which you can actually review and have for your own through a known secret not a lot of marketers tell you about it.

Anyways, This post is to underline this great milestone of my Launch tomorrow at 11 AM EST for Passion Blog Pro! Please head out and Grab your links if you want to start making money by promoting it, or if you want to purchase Passion Blog Pro right now, you can through my link here.

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Other than that, these are exciting times, and Finally , I’m bringing out a Training and Coaching program, which will definitely help you online. Either if you are new, or experienced, I have a little bit for everyone in there. With over 90 videos, and over 8 hours of over the shoulder’s content, in Affiliate Marketing and Blog Building, using my own personal Blueprint….you can’t go wrong!

Go ahead and visit the Sales page and Jv Sales Page for more info on my Passion blog pro.

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Become An Expert In FB Ads Using Dark Post Engine

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 16.19.43

If you have ever used Facebook for marketing you know it can be sensitive when it comes to creating the “right” ad.  Especially when you consider the thousands of ads already populating Facebook with the sole purpose of edging you out.  So when you go and spend your hard earned dollars on Facebook advertisements you expect them to work!  But, the reality is that isn’t always the case…

In fact, more often than not, we are getting a wide range of conversions and views with very little to monitor the changes.  This is a problem for anyone starting off marketing on  Facebook.  Well, going through Dark Post Engine, I realized the power of this tool.  You could actually spy on every ad on Facebook  which is currently working, which will then help you go and create the perfect ad for yourself.

Dark Post Engine’s has a very easy to use UI and simple integration to connect it to your Facebook profile.  It can have you up and running in minutes.   This will provide you with immediately and actionable information to better produce Facebook ads.  I was very skeptical at first, but once I saw the demo, I was sold.  Now I think you should take a look at my own personal video demo showing you how this works and what you get inside Dark Post Engine. 

If you really care about the health of your advertisement and are looking to maximize their dollar value, than you need to check out this tool.

Watch My Demo Video On Dark Post Engine

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Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 16.13.31

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 16.13.40

Everything You Need – You Get it Right Now for Just $47!

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How To Use Facebook To Promote CPA OFFERS Using Social CPA Academy


Social CPA Academy is based on real results that Jason has achieved over the past 2 years, $300k in verified proof, and a list of over 100,000 leads built.  Jason uses a very unique Facebook + CPA method.   He’s developed his own testing and scaling techniques which 99% of people have never heard of or seen before.  So below you can check out my video inside Social CPA Academy, so you know exactly what you get once you get it.

Trust me when I say, this program, is very affordable, and anyone in my line of business (affiliate  marketing) should jump on the training right now.   Watch my video, you’ll understand the power of this.

What’s Social CPA Academy All About?

Inside Social CPA Academy you will learn how you can profit big without ever selling anything to anyone.

Based on real results and a case study, this training shows how to utilize two powerful components to get cheap traffic and high conversions.

CPA is all about getting paid when someone takes a simple action, such as filling out their name and email address, or ordering a free product sample. Can you see how easy it is to get a conversion, when they don’t have to pull out their credit card?

On top of this, you will learn how to use these components:

Reverse Engineering: instead of testing and trying a bunch of campaigns in the hopes of finding something that “hopefully works”, you will learn how to find your competitor campaigns which are ALREADY successful.

Afterall, if they are running those campaigns long-term, they must be making money, right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending money on ads. And don’t worry, the ad budget required to do this is a tiny $5 / day to get started.

And once you have found that successful competitor campaign, you can see which offer they promote, what ads they use, what images, and what their landing page looks like. This way you can replicate what they are currently doing and model your own campaign based on their success.

Second component is Facebook Traffic: inside you will see how to not only get into positive ROI from the get-go but to also then scale up your successful campaigns and further reduce the traffic costs.

Learn how to make Facebook give you the best audiences, best traffic, and best results of your life.

  • Cash in with the easiest, most powerful combination of CPA and FB ever created.
  • Get in on the Gold Rush by tackling a method that’s never been revealed before
  • Effortlessly build a huge targeted list and get PAID to do it
  • Zero experience required. Very non-techy friendly.
  • Results in 7 days OR LESS!
  • Only $5/day for ads needed

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Watch How I Made $520.80 Residual Income in two months

I’ve been using a brand new system that allows me to COPY my way to Multiple Income Streams Online.  Generating  a $520 per month residual income, just by being an affiliate for The Digital Afilliates, and joining as an Apprentice (level) and Pro (Level).  Their Affiliate Comp plan is one of the best out there and the payouts are huge.  Each level is a real product, they give value to the user.

The program sells by itself.   If you are into Affiliate Marketing, or  Blogging  then keep on reading.  Here you will learn  how I made my $520 per month residual income in two months, and how you can too …

Check out my video explaining How I did it below ….

Want To Be An Affiliate Superstar?

Nowhere else have I found a way to just COPY what Millionaires are already doing right now.  This is your chance to get in if you want to learn how to be an affiliate superstar.  Over the shoulder copy marketing campaigns that are working right now doesn’t get better than this.  You will learn what others aren’t teaching you.

Right now I’m actually living the dream I set forth 2 years ago.  If you were like me,  that had an itch to succeed, to make it on your own, to be able to generate some type of income online, then believe me, when I say, if you join what I usually promote on this website, then I can only almost guarantee you will be making your first dollar online. Even if you are new.  Understand this…I was where you were 2 and 1/2 years ago.  Go and read my past posts in my blog you’ll understand what I mean.

Question is, are you willing to put the time and effort in your passion?   Do you have $37 dollars to invest?  Not to me, but to the program?  Only action takers make it big… are you an action taker? If you’re not…that’s ok.  You are not ready yet.    

Are you still looking for that program that works for you?   If you are, stop it.  Stop wasting time with you  trying to figure out what works , and for free.  You won’t find that information for free.  I know this for sure,  because I did the same thing.  I tried to find tutorials on youtube, or reviews on google, and all I got was more affiliate marketing people promoting their business or network biz ops through their blog, page, link etc.   So really, either join us?  or be the victim of not following the right programs.  Or maybe you have a shiny product syndrome.  You know, running around, buying everything that is hyped up, and promising you 6 or 7 figures online in a month.  In time with experience you’ll be able to learn how to eliminate the shady ones and pick the ones that are actually the ones that will help you start making money online.

Invest, Invest…INVEST

Trust me, I was always worried about where I would invest my money .   I had to learn the hard way.  I spend more than I should have.  Thankfully , I was smart enough and a good eye and gut feeling to what was right for me.  So the scammy products I wasted on, were minimal.  I learnt that I needed to give value, which I do give value, however, value also comes with a price.  You need to understand that If you want to achieve something successfully, you need to focus and have belief in the system.  How will you respect a program or tool if you don’t invest in it yourselves and try it out yourselves?   I’m here to point you to the right direction.   The direction is for you to make money online.  Follow my steps, and you will be succeeding as well.

You like making money online?

If you are on this website, and you are reading this blog, then you have to realize that we are talking about the same interest and passion.   As you can see, my website is done with passion.

I put a lot of time and effort in building all this.  I too had to learn how to do this.   To learn everything I’m trying to teach you, or show you.   I’m that affiliate marketing guy that wants to make some quick cash fast.  That’s not my goal. My goal is to make a sustainable residual income, so I can have a secure future ahead.

I want to know that i’m actually doing good in this world.   I really want people to actually make it in this industry.  I want people to break from the broken 9-5 system.   I want people to understand that they can be anything, and they can do anything in this life as long as they know what it is.  Online, you can build your own passion into your business.   And this is what this website is all about.

Are you ready for your own online business?

If you want to learn how to build your passion into your business, the fastest way to that road is for you joining The Digital Affiliates.  I’m not going to say it again.  If you want to learn from the best, the latest, and the most updated internet marketing strategies and case studies, then TDA is the answer to you becoming a super affiliate.

Get in my team , today, and don’t miss out on this Online Affiliate Marketing Network Program.

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Live Webinar

1000leadsautowebinar (1)

Also have a look and Join the Live Webinar on How you Can Generate over 1,000 Leads. Its full of value and its free to register.   Watch my Video on more information.

It will interest you if you are trying to build your list.  And as we all know…list building is essential to every online marketer / affiliate marketer.


Replicate Campaigns of Top FB Affiliates using Adsiver

It really sucks when you are spending your money testing on Facebook ads, through optimizing, and trying to find the ad that works.   Facebook advertising is really hot right now, and every marketer right now is using Facebook as the go to platform when it comes to ads.  Facebook is a great platform, however, it is really strict and doesn’t want any spamming or any offers to biz opportunities.

This could get you banned, unless you know what you  are doing.  And as they say, following a successfull marketer, will get you sure results, instead of you trying to re invent the wheel again.   Marketers are always looking for high ROI campaigns and for social media if done correctly can bring in emails, leads or customers very cheap.

I have added another tool to my aresenal, called Adsviser. I have done a case study that shows you how I find an affiliate campaign, that is working right now, through Adsviser.  Once in your backoffice of Adsviser, you begin there, by searching for your niche…


Step #1 Searching a niche

To begin with, I searched for keywords “supplements” “muscle” and choose one of the top performing ads onAdsviser. Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 00.27.05

A good indicator is the “Ad Rank” and how much engagement there is in the facebook ad (likes, shares, comments): There are a few key things when looking at this ad.Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 00.30.42


The first is the high number of likes and shares of this ad creative. As you can see this has been liked 857 times and more impressivelycommented upon 101 times. Also note the use of a muscle man who is being used to target the male demographic with age range 25-­34 years old.

I wanted to look for ads within a specific country such as “United States”. Let’s explore what happens when we click on this ad.  I am taken to comparison Top 10 of various muscle supplements page full of links to male products offers affiliate links. Muscle supplements are a big deal in the US and if you can get your clicks cheap enough there are profits to be made.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 00.25.38

Step #2 Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages are critical to a successful campaign so make sure you look at the landing page by clicking the image of the ad.  You could use Landing Page Monkey for a one time fee and create any landing page you want from nothing.

Step  #3 Copy and Paste a campaign

The next step was to copy the ad text, image, demographics and landing page and start to run the ad on Facebook by targeting Men between 24­35 who live in United States with some specific muscle interests.

The Results

The result was to generate over $2,345 over the next 4 days with ad spent less than $235. The engagement of the ad was extremely high due to tested top performing ad that already has been tested from top affiliates.

Adsviser gives you the power to achieve high results in sort period of time and helps you to reverse engineer what is working right now. You can find pretty much any detail about facebook ads that you could possibly want.



Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 00.57.42

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 13.32.36