How to Sell Clothes on eBay using this never seen before Strategy by Raiken

This dude has a system that easily pulls in 239 per hour. Raiken, shows you how you can start selling clothes on eBay. His method is proven to convert and helps you set everything up from beginning to end. It’s Actually Something New And Fresh – I’m Confident You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Ever Before.

Watch my video below showing you the first intro video of inside Raiken

Inside Raiken

Here’s What I Love About Steve’s Method


It’s Actually Something New And Fresh –  I’m Confident You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Ever Before.

You Don’t Need A Website To Do This – His Method Is 100% Newbie-Friendly – All You Need Is Steve’s Step-By-Step Training And You Can Make Money With This.

It Has NOTHING To Do With Affiliate Marketing, Creating An Info Product, CPA, Membership Sites, Or Any Other Method You’ve Heard Of.

You Don’t Need Any Special Skills Or Experience, and you Can Get Started With His Method Today, And Make Money TODAY!

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Learn How To Sell Clothes on eBay

My Journey As An Entrepreneur, Milestone Reached…

So let me start with a little story…  3 1/2 years ago, i begun this online marketing journey.  It has been an amazing one too.

I have transformed into a different person, since the first time I started online.  A better person overall.  I have found peace in what I do, and who i am, I love where i’m at currently, and I certainly love what I do.

Sitting here writing this post,  I get goose bumps all over cause my around the corner moment, has finally come .

I’ve been at this for 31/2 years, working up all the levels, leaving others in the dust, because i have belief in the system.   Because i have a passion and a rebellious character, that I won’t settle for anything less, than what i want to do.

I love helping others succeed, and that is giving me back..a lot more than just money.  I’m getting recognition, respect and i’m humble and grateful for all you who are following me and my path, and i really hope i can be an inspiration for many.

Believe me , not long ago, I was where you were at.  I was just trying to find that one person that can show me the way.  So that’s when I decided to become a vendor, and start creating my own programs, cause I was so fed up with all that bs out there.

Or those rehashed training programs you have bought over and over.  That’s when I said, ok that’s it, i need to do something about this.  So i did…and I have created Passion Blog Pro.  Then one day, I decided, i wanted to teach something else, something in the ecom.  So i created… Gearbubble Instant Profits.   Which was a great evergreen product.

A case study training course showing you how to create your own free store on gb, and driving traffic to it using fb ads.  Amazing course and easy to follow.

Now why Am i telling you all this?   Well, one of my dreams came true.

A big marketer, by the name of Bill Hugail, approached me  and we got the talking.  He loved this course so much, he decided he wanted to join, and add value to the product, by relaunching it with extra bonuses, and extra training and a lot more stuff! 🙂 .

This was it!  Finally, my work getting recognized from one of the Elite of the industry out there.   So May 14th,  Bill and I are launching  GB Cracked and it’s going to be hot!

So many big marketers have joined on board, to promote this, and i’m very proud of all the work that has been put in this amazing course.  So tomorrow i’m launching.

May 14th, at 10am EST.  Price will be at a very low price point at 7…but it will be going up every day and on each sale! .

Keep note.  There are a few oto’s you want to take a look at as well… and other than that , i’m just so grateful on this amazing journey i’m on .

Seriously….you guys and girls, trying all these stuff… do me a favor, and never quit!  NEVER QUIT!  NEVER QUIT!  …it will come! I can only promise you this!

So please keep a look out on my next emails, regarding the launch of my special case study course, GB Cracked!  you’re gonna love it if you didn’t pick it up!

Watch What You Get Inside GB Cracked!

Fully Automate Your eBay or Amazon Dropshipping’s Listing & Tracking Business with Highly Trained VA’s

Virtual Assistance services , eCommerce Solutions and Digital Marketing Company , based in Sofia Bulgaria

In Early 2017, a passionate group of experienced drop-shippers came together with the idea to help the drop-shipping community.

Understanding that there was a  need for providing solutions in the eCommerce industry, in terms of listing on eBay or Amazon, they wanted to take it to another level.  They decided to open offices in Sofia Bulgaria, and hire real Virtual assistants, who are fully trained to help you cut your time entirely to list profitable items to your online stores on eBay and Amazon.

Using their  in-house applications to list and to track each and every order while you are just watching your profits roll in, becomes a reality.

Geek Beasts have built a dream team for your listings.  In house real virtual assistants here to help you take your online eCommerce business to another level!

Watch My Video introducing Geek Beasts HQ in Sofia Bulgaria, touring of the offices and team.

Geek Beast Services

Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Their highly trained, in-house virtual assistants have been hired to join the Geek Beasts team, for high quality services as well as taking care of our customers on a one-on-one basis, making sure that your online e-commerce business is running as smooth as you would like it to be and how it should be.  Our Assistants take the time to review your accounts online and give you new strategies and tips on how to double your sales.

eBay Undercut Listings

Our Virtual Assistance with over a year of experience will list you eBay items according to your needs

ebay Boosting Undercut

Increase your Sell Through Rate and Sales !

Are your sales slow on eBay and your Sell Through Rate is less than 5%?Then you definitely need Boosting Undercut Listings from Geek Beasts.We will try to reach you first in Best Match among other competitors by being the cheapest .eBay doesnt promote sellers with small Sell Through Rate,these listings wont make you big profits , their goal is to increase your Sell Through Rate.Big Sell through rate means more sales from your other listings that have bigger margins.

eBay Account Analysis

Our CEO’s will analyze your competitors , your Sell Through Rate and many more other factors to find out what the exact strategy you should follow to double your income.Everything is written in a Step by Step guide

eBay SEO Listings

Do you want fully modified eBay listings for your Drop-shipping business ? Geek Beasts can do that for you.We will modify description , images , title and identifiers so your listing can be unique!This eliminates competitors and increases the chance of selling an item with big profit margins
Private 1 on 1 consulting with Geek Beast’s Supervisors

Too often, eBay sellers jump into this business without proper training. Many also do not know how to evaluate their current eBay Account standing. Your eBay Account standing will affect your ability to make consistent sales and scale up your business. You need an account consultation to better understand where you are currently at, what areas you can improve, and to know the next steps to ensure that you get on the path to success. The Geek Beasts Supervisors will contact you through skype to help you

P.S If you need more detailed statistics about your account you should buy an analysis made by the company’s CEOs

Amazon Listings

Want someone to list you products on Amazon?No problem our highly trained Virtual Assistants can do that for you 24/7

Woo Commerce / Shopify

Do you want your own online shop?Our web designers can create your own shop within 10 days!

Digital Marketing

Our highly expert CMO’s can create you a full online marketing strategy according to your budget and your company’s needs

Auto Ordering Made by Virtual Assistants

No need to worry about Out Of Stock items again..Have you ever though the scenario of not sending any orders at all and wasting tons of hours?Well we are here for you…

Just fill the needed settings through Geek Dash and everything will be automated. INSTANTLY, Once you make a sale ,Geek Dash grabs all the necessary details and sends them to our Highly Trained Virtual Assistants.Then they manually put the order for you through a encrypted platform made by the team of SKU Grid.The Virtual Assistants do not see any passwords or credit card information.

The Team Behind Geek Beasts

Leave your eBay or Amazon store to the Experts 

What Is Dropshipping? Build a business Online Using Just eBay & Amazon

What Is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product. The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfill orders. The biggest advantage to dropshipping is that it’s possible to launch an ecommerce store without having to invest thousands of dollars in inventory up front. Usually retailers have had to tie up huge amounts of capital purchasing inventory. If you use the dropshipping model, you won’t have to purchase a product unless you already made the sale and have been paid by the customer. You could easily start a successful dropshippping business with very little money upfront. This is probably the easiest way to make money online and running your own business – Running an ecommerce business doesn’t need to be complicated or hard. You never have to deal with physical products. With dropshipping, you will never have to worry about warehouse space, packing or shipping, tracking inventory for accounting reasons, handling any returns. Basically you just never deal with products at hand.   Since you never have to deal with inventory or managing your warehouse, the only expenses you’ll need is for your internet connection and your laptop so you can live the laptop lifestyle from wherever you like! Now watch my video on what dropshipping is really all about. I’ll be using eBay and Amazon as an example, plus a listing tool you’ll find very useful if you decide to start dropshipping tonight!

Hydra Lister

Geek Beasts

Profit SKu

Sku Grid

I’ve Just opened Up My doors to GearBubble Instant Profits !

I just opened doors to my new Case Study Training Course called “Gear Bubble Instant Profits”  . It’s a simple step by step system that includes my over the shoulder’s training that could help you generate your first dollar online. If you are already generating some money online, then this will broaden your mind in terms of what you can do online right now.

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And if you didn’t know, ecommerce is one of the fastest ways that you can generate fast income online, using the power of Facebook and Facebook ads.

The method i’m going to teach you in the training videos are 100% time tested and proven.

This method is evergreen and you will be able to clone this method, over and over again, in order to create a bunch of cash machines online.

Remember, this is my own personal case study, which I created into a training course, because I really believe in the power of this.

So head over check out my sales page ==>

Discount Goes Away








Get it Now Before The Price Goes to $97

Want to hit $500/mo to 1k/mo online?

A little before Christmas time, I decided I wanted to create a case study, based on a platform, I feel can be the easiest platform to make money from easily, and with zero budget down. I consider $5 Dollars, Zero budget. You can do a lot with $5. Anyways, point of the story is, I wanted to create a case study, for new comers in this industry, or even advanced internet marketers, or affiliates looking to make their first dollar online through other means.

I remember when I got started, I went through all the stages of trying to make money online. I started with Affiliate marketing, then I didn’t get it, I was overwhelmed, then switched to Drop-shipping, which actually worked, and I actually generated my first dollars online.

I actually thought I was going to do it forever once I understood it. I even became a power seller on eBay in less than 90 days. It was great. Only problem, is that I didn’t want to deal with customers, and started getting stressed regarding, items being sold, and returns that might occur, or had to deal with disgruntled customers etc. Nothing really that couldn’t be taken care of, but the problem is I wanted something faster in terms of money, and less stress dealing with customers.

The Return to eCommerce


So I returned back to affiliate marketing, where I actually got it, being a year off. It’s like my brain deciphered the complicated affiliate marketing code for me. I felt I understood how everything worked now, and begun actually generating a full income doing that while leaving drop-shipping behind.

Now, I decided to jump back in into the eCommerce industry, since there is a huge pie for you to take a share of profits from. I decided, to use my affiliate marketing skills, and strategies, to find a winning design on Facebook which is being “sponsored” as ads on your newsfeed, re- create that design, and put it out myself using Gearbubble’s Selling Platform. What Gearbubble does then , is take that design, and add it on any of the items they have for you to sell on.

For example. They offer ..high quality, Mugs, Pendants, Bracelets, T-Shirts, Hats, Beanies, Posters etc.

We’re talking about you taking any of your designs, and just placing it on those items, and then just driving traffic to it through differentFacebook Ad Strategies. No websites, no domains needed. Just you and gearbubble’s free platform. Free to sign up to Gearbubble and it’s free to get your design on their items. You just split the profits between you and Gearbubble. Profits range from 10-whatever it is you want. On pendants, you could generate a profit of around 20 per pendant. Or T-shirts, you can generate profits from 12-15 per t-shirt.


My Personal Proven Evergreen Case Study


So what I did, was basically, head out to facebook, and find myself a winning ad that i consider would work for me. I re-create the design I found, use gearbubble to add my design, on the item of my choice. I then, take my link of that item, and create a winning ad which is already working for someone else, to drive traffic to it and make sales.

Yes sounds too easy, but there is a certain science in doing all this, with zero money down.. 🙂 I’ll show you exactly what i did, to create a pendant I sold on Facebook, right before Christmas, and made $132.08 per week with only $5 down. It’s not a lot. But if you understand this strategy, then you’ll see you can actually create cash machines, for many items, creating you an easy 500- 1k per month using this case study i’ve created for you.

The item was selling daily, until a certain date where people stopped buying due to the fact that Christmas day would have been missed if they ordered after the 15th of December. Now i’m looking forward to Valentines day.

This case study will definitely work on Valentines day, so that’s why i created this Case study , training over the shoulder’s course, Gearbubble Instant Profits, showing you exactly what you need to do to actually generate your first dollar online using this proven ever green strategy you can actually create today and get it running tonight.  The best part is getting paid, weekly through Paypal.


And the best thing of all, you don’t even have to deal with customers. Gearbubble takes care of everything. They just pay you.  There is also an option to be an affiliate for other people’s winning products, so again, you don’t deal with anything! and anyone!  No items in stock nothing you have to pay to get it delivered. You  just worry about your design 🙂 .  I’ll show you how to find a winning design, how to re create your winning design, how to use Facebook to drive the traffic, and how to make sales using my own personal strategies.

Hi and Welcome to GearBubble Instant Profits

What You Get Inside Gear Bubble Instant Profits

I’m giving you over 12 modules of over the shoulder’s training together with a special bonus showing you some very cool never seen before marketing tricks using my strategies.

Why Invest in this Case Study Training Course?

I’ve used my affiliate marketing strategies, together with my eCommerce strategies, to create this one of a kind case study for you to follow. It’s affordable, and if you follow my instructions you could make your investment back. I say could… because I don’t know you and I don’t know how you work. I can’t guarantee the same results, because results will vary. I really believe and i’m sure you’ll get the bigger picture once you go through my training on what the possibilities are using these evergreen strategies i’m showing you for your own personal business or ventures online.

Looking forward to connecting with you, and once inside make sure you also join the Gearbubble Instant Profits Inner Circle Group which is specifically for members of GB Instant Profits, getting valuable extra tips and strategies all through out the year, plus free training from myself.

Make sure you pick it up now at the low price of $27.  After launch period 1/9/2017- 15/9/2017 i’m raising the price to $97, because I feel you can make that money and back, using my personal strategies.

Watch What You Get Inside GearBubble Instant Profits