Bingify Review – Learn How to Create Ads on Bing Promoting CPA Offers

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you know traffic to your offers is the lifeline of any business online.   If you want big pay days doing what we do, then you need a proven formula you can just copy and paste your way to success.  Bingify actually does that.   I’m pulling the curtain on my specific ad i just placed together with the winning offer in the video below.  I’m providing you with full free training and value in the video below that ties in well with this course i’m talking about.

All you need to do is look over our shoulders, copy and paste what we do, then sit back and enjoy the results.

How to Create A Bing Ad Campaign with Direct Linking (CPA FREE Training)

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Learn Inside Bingify



  • The exact way to generate an extra $2000+ a month from one CPA account simply by promoting proven-to-convert, sizzling-hot products that people actually need
  • How to get started the fastest way possible by Direct Linking to CPA offers.
  • No experience needed and everything is shown in a step-by-step over the shoulder manner, leaving no stone unturned
  • How to Pick the Right Market for Bing ADS Using Some Underground tools that the Gurus don’t want to talk about!
  • Over-the shoulder campaign setup
  • Thoroughly understand the Bing PPC fundamentals and how the Bing Auction works!
  • Get instant access to our closely guarded, sneaky traffic methods and find out the secrets to cranking out highly profitable campaigns that will explode your CPA accounts
  • Reverse-engineer your competitor’s Ad titles, descriptions and landing pages using our custom software.
  • How to uncover the most profitable untapped niche markets out there for huge paydays
  • How to generate unique long-tail keyword combinations by merging your sets of keywords using my custom software
  • How to create ‘Set & Forget’ campaigns that it run on auto-pilot
  • How to optimize your ads like a pro to massively increase your ROI!
  • Spy on your competition and legally steal their most profitable campaigns
  • Never have to worry about getting cheap and highly targeted traffic to your offers ever again



Who Can Benefit From This Course?


  • Any internet marketer regardless of the niche
  • Anyone who values their business and is not ready to sacrifice a lot of traffic
  • People who want to cheap, high converting traffic and spend the least amount possible to scale up
  • List builders looking to skyrocket their lists
  • CPA and affiliate marketers looking to easily sell more
  • Lazy people who want easy traffic and passive revenue
  • E-commerce marketers who need more highly targeted traffic

Your Bonuses Delivered in your members area



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YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO The Only CPA Profit System You Will EVER Need To Get Targeted Traffic and Commissions With Just A Few Clicks!


How To Build a 7 Figure Business By Following The TOP Internet Marketers and Getting Them To Share Their Secrets

Get ready to learn proven, high quality content from some of the Top Internet Marketers in the World today. Learn and see the mind-blowing topics and subjects I was able to attend to in Portugal, at the Marketing Alliance Event, on October 27th 2017.

I’ve paid over 1000 bucks for attending the Marketing Alliance, in Portugal. Let’s get real here. You’re about to get all the top secret information from leading figures in the industry today. The ones that actually helped me get to where I am today. So even if you don’t have dreams of becoming an overnight expert (which you surely could do with this). maybe you just want a complete treasure trove of proven IM tactics from these Big ‘Guru’s’ .

Get on the fast track to online success, using not just the secrets, but the ACTUAL content these IM gurus use. Watch this video I shot explaining more about my own personal experience with Marketing Alliance Portugal.

Marketing Alliance Portugal

Marketing Alliance Portugal

What You Get Inside 7 Figure MasterClass

With Over 7 Hours Of Recordings FROM  9 SPEAKERS


These speakers LOVED sharing their best stuff with the audience.


Why You Need These Recordings


These videos are packed with methods and tactics that have the power to completely change your life.  The stuff that gets shared by speakers at these events is exclusive and you won’t usually find it in courses being offered online. It’s like getting 8 video training courses from the best online marketers for MUCH less than you’d spend on even 1 training course. Unlike the live event where everyone there was feverishly taking notes so they wouldn’t miss anything, you can watch these and rewatch them from the comfort of your home as many times as you want.  When these top marketers get on the stage, they spill their guts and share their absolute BEST stuff

These are real methods and tips that you can start using to make money TODAY! . I’ve made and making money with what these speakers shared at the event.


What I Paid For the Event


Some Funny Candit Moments From the Event

Some of the Top 7 Earning Marketers I Got to Network With!

Meeting Up With 7 Figure Earners At Marketing Portugal Alliance

Take a Look at What Was Going On During The Event…

Get 7 Figure Master Class on Early Bird Discount:

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Proven Method that Gets You Emergency Cash ANY time YOU need!

If you’ve been around the Internet Marketing for a while now, you know that you need the right traffic with the right offer to convert it into sales. The biggest misconception about traffic is not having a lot of it. That’s wrong.
You don’t need to have a lot of traffic to make sales, or conversions.

What if i told you you can get a tiny group of people that can be turned into buyers? Check out my friend Ivana, who is a stay at home mom, and who’m I know personally, turn a very small audience into $698 in like 48 hours! It’s not luck either. It’s an evergreen strategy I think anyone should try it. I can vouch in Ivana’s case study, turned into training, and I wanted to show you what you get inside the members area in my video below.

What Is Emergency Cash Exactly ?

Emergency Cash Booster

This is a formula Ivana used to raise CASH whenever she need it.   In addition, it is backed up with real case studies.  Including how she raised 698 in just 2 days using this same method.  It uses free traffic from FB, as well as my e-mail list.. and she explains how to build it all.

There are some upsells though with the training program which I mention below.

OTO1 – Instant Traffic Booster

Powerful strategy to get real traffic and leads at .35-.45 per optin. There is NO complicated methods to setup this. It takes 30-45 min and everything else is done on autopilot. It works in every niche.  The best part you get to try this with a $25 dollar credit.

OTO2 – Traffic Powerhouse!

This is advanced coaching on how to get 100% Buyer traffic to your pages and affiliate links. HOW to keep the momentum going for YEARS while outsourcing most of the tasks.  It does require a bit of time or investment which can be as little as $40 to $600 (depending which route you go) but in the long run, this is THE best way to go.

The training is backed up by multiple case studies and real LIFE results!

NOTHING beats BUYER traffic

Get Emergency Cash Now on Early Bird Discount

Get The Case Study Here

What I Have Personally Learnt In 2017 – Eliminating fears and accepting the challenges life brings to you

So many things have happened this year. So many good things, and then..there were a few instances where life got a little challenging. What have I learnt? well for one, i’ve changed a lot. I’ve learned to control my fears, and my sabotaged thoughts I used to create.

You know what i’m talking about, most of you still do it. That’s what’s stopping you from moving forward. Once you eliminate those stupid movie plotted thoughts, then you can focus on what it is you want to do. You’re the damn creator…producer, of your life. Do something about it!

Another thing I’ve learnt is eliminating my Ego. Boy what an ego centric person I was back in the days. Well..these where one of those, bad habits most of us need to eliminate one way or another. For me, the lesson was learnt from dating a girl. Everyone needs to understand, there are lessons within the people you come in contact with. Everyone you come into contact with ….there is a reason.

Search for it. Even your ex’s…or people you hate. The secret here is …search within, to find why you are having an issue….that issue usually ends up back to you.

That alone is a message saying, you need to change something about you, or cut your self from people that make you feel a certain way.

I’ve learnt that timing…is important. Everything we do has to do, accomplishments and failures, go with timing.

The one great lesson here is that, if you have patience, and really believe it’s gonna come whatever it is you asked for, then, trust it will. It’s timing. People and things have come into my life, on a certain time.

If you are aware of the important things that happen to you, then you should look at the timing of the events that occur. Usually we don’t notice till later on…i urge you to be aware of the now and when they happen, and then question that…why is it happening???

You will see there is a connection…a connection showing you it’s supposed to happen then, in order to get to where you are today.

I’ve also learnt that we really do have an abundance of anything we want.

The only problem with this, is that you need to be in alignment with yourself.

What i mean by that is you ….loving you…appreciating what you got, and understanding you have a special talent that no one else has.

That can be your key to your own freedom. (financial…or spiritual….) whatever your pleasure.

I’ve also learnt, that some people in our lives, are there for a specific reason. The ones that stick around, if you think about it, came at a time, where you were really needing or wanting someone like them. It’s really simple, just go back in your life, to when you met certain people, who are still in your lives today. You will see a connection to your own feeling during that time.

Bottom line…cause i’ll never finish my rambling here… You need to be good with yourself…and you’ll attract the same type of people to you easily. Same mindsets etc. Same Frequencies..etc. But in order to do so you need to allow.

If you’re holding on some bullshit from the past, let go.
It’s fucking up your future. Trust me. You need to let go.

You need to understand that when something ends, something else is coming through. But in order to allow that one thing to come to you, then you need to have an open arm policy (not leg)   Like really allow the next person in your life, and don’t punish him/her for your past experiences. This way you’ll be able to experience life at its fullest..and you’ll also have fun with it.

Sometimes, even our close ones, need to be put to the side in order for you to grow. Ive said it before, and i’ll say it again, stop blaming everyone else, and the situations….you can change it. I promise. And my final thought of the day….when you get shook! remember its for a good thing. Be alert when that happens. Good shit is about to happen to you… if you stay cool.

(disclaimer >> i’m no professional, but the last 4 years i have worked on a trial and error, in a lot of my experiences. these apply to me…i’m here to help you with my own experiences which i feel correspond and relate to many people going through the same thoughts and fears…..anyone judging this post right now…has issues.  So i’d suggest you find yourself…and see why you are angry  …be happy my friend…stop hating.)

  • dpapa

How To Create Quizzes using Spazeship, For Low Costing Leads in ANY Niche on Complete Autopilot

Spazeship Software is an innovative web-based software that allows your customers to generate leads and sales in niche using personalized quizzes. This cloud based software has pre-made templates for you to get started, or create your own in minutes! I have found out that Quizzes have been proven to reduce traffic and lead acquisition costs on social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This works perfect for any kind of business (aff marketing, ecom, local biz, services, amazon, digital marketing, lead gen agencies, etc).

Watch my video below showing you how I created one of those quizes really easily.

Spazeship Review and Demo

What you Get Inside Spazeship?

Spazeship is a combination of software, traffic training, and email marketing training, and all three are included in the Frontend product.

Part 1: Spazeship Software is an innovative web-based software that allows your customers to generate leads and sales in ANY niche using personalized quizzes. They can use some of our pre-made templates or create their own in minutes! Quizzes have been proven to reduce traffic and lead acquisition costs on social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This works perfect for any kind of business (aff marketing, ecom, local biz, services, amazon, digital marketing, lead gen agencies, etc).

Part 2: Traffic Secrets training is a full training course showing your customers how to generate cheap traffic and leads using social media platforms like Facebook ads, Instagram and Pinterest. We cover paid and free traffic methods and dig deep on the methods that are proven to work using quizzes.

Part 3: Storytelling Secrets training is a step-by-step email marketing training showing your customers how to properly sell to their newly-acquired leads WITHOUT sounding salesy or pushy. This is perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple follow-up formula that doesn’t require very good writing skills. This works in any niche that sells products (physical or digital) or services. This training alone is well worth the investment of the FE.

Look we all need leads. Getting traffic to your site is all good and well, but if you’re not converting that traffic into subscribers, you’re not really building your business.

But old lead capture methods no longer work.  That’s why quizzes are gaining so much popularity these days. With the help of Quizzes, many marketers are able to general MASSIVE viral traffic and acquire huge numbers of leads.

If you already have traffic on your site, you could be capturing 5-50% of your traffic into leads. That can potentially explore your list size and your business growth.  And if you don’t have traffic yet, then generating paid traffic and sending it to a quiz instead of a squeeze page can really multiply your results.

Why?  Well, no one  wants to optin to get an ebook or a checklist anymore. It just doesn’t work in 2017.  However, if someone sees “Quiz: What Workout Type Is Right For Your Lifestyle?”, they will be VERY interested.

And they will complete the quiz. Then, to get the results, they will need to enter their email – and boom, you’ve just acquired a new subscriber   Also, everyone LOVES quizzes so much that people SHARE them on Social Media all the time (I am sure you’ve seen people share all types of quizzes).

That means you will get Viral Traffic from people completing your quiz, too. That’s exactly how Spazeship can help you – it’s the world’s leading Quiz Software. And right now, it’s available at a crazy discount, as part of Spazeship Launch Special.   And The Results? Over 2,700 Leads Generated On First Attempt In Insanely Competitive Niches at Incredibly Low Cost

Check Out The Exclusive Bonuses That You Will Get If You Pick It Up Through My Link

Watch Another Demo of Spazeship

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need any tech skills or prior experience to use spazeship?
A: Not at all. All you need is an internet connection to start using our software. It works on all browsers. No need to install or download anything.

Q: Will this work in ANY niche?
A: Absolutely. Whether you’re in the natural health niche or the dog training niche, this will 100% work for you assuming you follow our exact training. Period.

Q: Will this method get oversaturated?
A: Never – because the internet is so vast and this works in ANY niche, saturation will never be an issue with this.

Q: Are there any One-Time Offers or Upsells after I order?
A: Yes – currently we are offering a few of our upgrade packages at an amazing discount. Having said that, these are optional and will not prevent you from making this work. But we do recommend you taking advantage of them because they are of such great value.

Q: What if I have any other questions?
A: We are willing to answer any questions you have with our support email exclusive for spazeship members.

spazeship is the ULTIMATE Lead Generation Tool: A Customizable, Simple-to-Use Software That is PACKED With Amazing Features!

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A Brand NEW Method For Making An Easy $232 Per Day – [Limitless Review]

Limitless is the weird system allowing Neil to make $200 per day by ‘zoning in’ without any special technical or selling skills and with NO CAP.This puts experts and newbies on the same level. Because it’s SO EASY to do this method, you’ll want to try it yourself 🙂  Most methods show their limits within weeks.   Limitless has no cap and is easy to get started with and scale.

Watch my video below in what Limitless has to offer. 

Limitless Insider

What You Get Inside The Limitless Course

Upgrade 1 ($37) – Done For You Campaigns; here we offer your customers the option to get the work done for them and simply use our working high converting campaigns.

Upgrade 2 ($47) – Faster Results Upgrade; most people want fast results. We’re here giving them the training to take Limitless and put it on steroids.

Upgrade 3 ($97) – License rights; here they can make 100% by promoting Limitless.

Upgrade 4 ($197) – 2-Week Coaching; Neil will be holding two webinars to coach your customers live where they can ask him questions and interact with him directly. The first webinar will be pure training and the second one will be full Q&A and consulting them on their campaigns.

Plus, When You Get Limitless Now, You’ll Also Get These Bonuses Valued At Over $891 For FREE