Million Dollar Shortcut Review 🔥 Discover The ULTIMATE Shortcut To A 7-Figure Online Business

The Million Dollar Shortcut Review

We all know that high value, high margin software consistently outsell any other product on JVZoo. This is proved time and again when you look at the daily and monthly top sellers in JVZoo. So the only way to consistently get paid online is to sell software products.
But the reality behind creating highly profitable software product that caters to the market needs is not as simple as we think.
You need to have lot of technical skills or an expensive budget, plus a lot of time and expense on testing. Developing solutions, the market is willing to pay for requires HOURS of research. Above all, driving highly targeted traffic to actually make sales while building the list is often the biggest CHALLENGE of all.

To make this challenge simple, Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas have come up with a Complete Business Solution that explains exactly how they have set up their 7-figure online business. This is a sure-fire system that works for everyone because it is built on a simple concept – “Provide an in-demand product to a hungry market and get PAID”. Brett’s million dollar per year business comes from less than 1% of the overall market. It CAN’T get saturated, because the market is growing every single day.

Introducing 👉 Million Dollar Shortcut 👍…

A proven solution that you can exactly copy and implement to earn life changing online profits.

Million Dollar Shortcut


Watch my review video for more information below.

What do you get in Million Dollar Shortcut?


1. DFY Resell Rights to 3 powerful software solutions that are in demand and fulfil the needs of the market:

A) Social Traffic System – User friendly, effective way to drive 100% free traffic from BOTH Facebook & Google, automatically! This includes both a custom WordPress traffic plugin and image creation software

B) Autonars – A software that lets you fully automate webinar delivery & put your profits on autopilot. There is no monthly fees and no need to be ‘live’ on each session. You can use this for unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees

C) HiJax – Allows you to Maximize clicks to your affiliate links to drive higher commissions and use the built-in scarcity to drive conversions even higher. A MUST-HAVE software solution for any business or marketer that promotes targeted offers in their niche.

2. LIVE training (with recordings) on EXACTLY how to leverage 100% free affiliate traffic so OTHER people do the selling FOR you… the very same methods Brett’s used to build his online empire.

3. Get access to all the sales material that has been optimized for maximum conversions plus, leverage the already set-up support services for all the 3 – Evergreen software solutions

Any Upsell Offers?


There are three optional OTO’s

1. OTO 1 – Reseller rights

2. OTO 2 – Complete reseller license to “myMAILIT” product so you can keep 100% of the profits

3. OTO 3 – Get access to InstaFunnel to send followup email sequence that is proven to have an open rate of atleast 29.5%

 🏆 What are the Bonuses ? 


You get access to my CUSTOM Bonus Passion Blog Pro! and Limited Time Bonuses with a FREE Agency /Reseller license upgrade



Instant Bonus Delivery: Your Bonuses Will Be Delivered Automatically, You’ll Find Them Next To Your Purchased Files In JVZoo/Zaxaa. (<-Modify This Bonus Claim Text As Required) Just Click The Button Above To Get Started

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Million Dollar Shortcut

Streamlivve [Review] Unleashes The Power of Live Traffic to 8 social media platforms, resulting in massive traffic, leads and sales

STREAMLIVVE – a brand new software that allows you to broadcast live on multiple platforms bringing more views, and a ton of traffic.  Have you heard of new announcement from Facebook – “Facebook is prioritizing live video over everything else”.? 80% of brand audiences would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video over social posts. And, let me tell you this traffic source is growing really fast.

Simply put, a live stream is a conversation that you have with your audience. Connect with them in real time, answer their questions and provide solutions in person. Live streams are the highest form of engagement that you can have on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube and are rewarded with significantly higher reach than any other form of content. This translates to massive increase in conversions.

Even though Live Streaming isn’t new, very few marketers are taking advantage of its potential. Here’s why?

  • It’s not possible to live stream on multiple platforms at once
  • Fear or discomfort of being live on-screen
  • Inability to attract targeted traffic to live streams

After a thorough research, Dan Ashendorf and Jonathan Oshevire have come up with an easy solution for all of those who want to leverage the raw power of live streaming. Finally, there’s an all inclusive software system that makes live streaming so much more easy to do and earn more money.


You can share a Live Video or Recorded Video on 8 different Platforms. From inside one dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • Grab free, highly engaging FB traffic and maximize your reach to over 2 billion active users
  • Convert views into leads on YouTube by providing solutions to problems of more than 1.5 billion users
  • Connect with business decision makers on LinkedIn – the largest professional network
  • Sell your offers in front of targeted viewers on authority blogs
  • Promote your live stream link on Twitter
  • Increase your email open rates and conversions by live stream on emails

Watch my review of Streamlivve.

Watch My Streamlivve Review

What is included in Streamlivve software?


Here’s a list of everything that you get with Streamlivve software:

1. 50 Done For You high converting sales videos and affiliate links

2. 20 sales videos of highly converting products that you can stream and make huge commission every time you make a sale

3. 20 professionally designed Facebook cover videos

4. 10 Instagram Story videos

5. 10 Intro videos that increase your sales

6. 10 Going live Announcements Templates that can be used to make big announcements on social media before you go live, this is the best way to get noticed.

7. 10 Lower Third Templates – Appear professional with these award winning Lower Third Templates.

What are the benefits of StreamLivve?


  • Stream 50 Done For You High Converting Sales Videos to 8 major social media platforms
  • All the traffic, lead & sales generating benefits of live streams with NONE of the hassles
  • StreamLivve lets you simultaneously stream across FB – including your profile, pages AND groups, YouTube, LinkedIn AND blogs at the same time
  • Proven traffic and lead generation methods specifically created for live stream events
  • Leverage free traffic from authority blogs while MAXIMIZING organic reach from leading social networks
  • Option to choose if you want to be onscreen or let your pre-built presentation do the talking
  • Step-By-Step simple to follow video training showing you exactly how to use the software in each platform


What are the bonuses for StreamLivve?


BONUS # 1 – CHAT SOFTWARE – FB messenger Live Chat Plugin

Once viewers click your FB live button, they’re taken to BOTH FB messenger and your blog page

BONUS # 2 – How to Product Launch Successfully Using Live Video

See a proven formula for successful product launches that exceed your sales goals and put more money in your pocket!

BONUS # 3 – 8 Stunning, professionally designed background themes for your events

Plug any of them in and enjoy live streams that look better than network TV

BONUS # 4 – Real world case studies: Over 4000 targeted views

Check out case studies revealing step by step how I got thousands of views & sales after doing a live video


What are the OTO’s?

There are three completely optional OTO’s.

OTO 1 – Stream Livve Advanced List Builder

Stream Livve Advanced List Builder is a complete step by step video course that reveals the insider traffic generation techniques of live streaming video conversions and how to generate targeted leads.
VALUE – $27.00

OTO 2 – Stream Livve Reseller License

Make sales of Stream Livve and keep 100% of profit of the sale
VALUE – $197.00

OTO 3 – Access to Product Academy Agency

VALUE – $0.50

StreamLivve Demo

Strart Streaming PreRecorded Videos and Live Videos to Social Media Platforms


El Bandito Review – A Case Study Revealing How Anthony Generates $419 per Hour in Affiliate Marketing


El Bandito Review covers a case study on Anthony’s Affiliate Marketing strategy that is making him $419 an hour, using a proprietary PROVEN method called ‘El Bandito’. With it, he makes 3-figures per HOUR and thousands per month. I’ve gone through the course, and I can vouch that It’s super easy, newbie-friendly and is finally teaching others how they can pull the same.  It only takes 1 HOUR to set up!

– No product creation needed.
– No big budget required.
– Case-study included.

Watch My El Bandito Review and see if this is something you feel can help you in your online business, or affiliate marketing career.

What Do you Get Inside El Bandito?

El Bandito Members Area

FE: $12.95 on a Dime Sale (El Bandito) El Bandito is how Anthony Mancuso is able to make big profits with a small list.


OTO 1: Bandito Funnels People hate doing work. The training course shows people how to do it themselves. This upgrade has us do it for them.

OTO 2: $197 – Limitless Traffic… This is a special deal with limited spots. We are going to allow people to siphon virtually unlimited traffic off our launches. How? With a special tracking pixel they can put on our sales page.

OTO 3: 6 Week Group Coaching So far we have shown people how to get traffic on demand. This upgrade shows them how to maximize the money they make from Fuego Funnels.

OTO 4: $97-$47 License Rights: 100% Commissions on the entire funnel

Get These 5 Exclusive Bonuses Delivered by Me

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AffCasho Review Reveals 5 Untapped Traffic Sources For Affiliate Commissions and 100% Free Traffic

AffCashO Review reveals 5 untappedTraffic Sources  that pulled in 1.3k+ in aff commission using 100% free traffic.  It is a set of “Revolutionary” New Traffic Methods For 2018, where you can choose one or all 5 methods to drive traffic to your pages.  4 are 100% no cost Traffic Methods that convert into leads and sales.   One Rapid Pennies-Per-Click Paid Traffic Method is also included .  Each method is backed up with a real case study.   

In my video below I show you what the members area of AffCashO is all about, what you get and how this can benefit you online.

AffCasho Review

What Is AffCashO Exactly and What You Get Inside…



AffCashO is Step By Step Video training course that takes you by the hand over the 5 Untapped Traffic Sources bringing $564.81…$116.84…$658.44…in each campaign.  Works for affiliate marketing, complete wet-behind-the-ears newbies OR established marketers, you will find this strategy essential to your marketing efforts.

OTO #1:

Done For You

Done-For-You for 5 High Converting offers, which includes:

  • Review/bonus pages
  • Review videos
  • Email swipes
  • Everything you need to set up your campaigns
  • Landing page, emails, targeting (keywords or audience) 
  • In short: 5 offers, 5 videos, 5 bonus pages & 5 ad campaigns

Value: $27

OTO #2:

Reseller Rights

Reseller’s Rights Package will help the buyers with:

  • Customers will get 100% commission for any sales they make of AffCashO
  • Customers will get 100% commission for any sales they make of AffCashO 5 Done-For-You Campaigns
  • Customers will get 100% commission for any sales they make of AffCashO 6 Figure Coaching

Value: $47

OTO #3:

6-Fig Coaching Program

6-fig coachinng program, where you will:

  • Work directly with us
  • Ask any questions you might have – live
  • Sell to Offline Businesses and Bank 297-997 per client!

Value: $37/Month

Get AFFCasho from my links below and claim these 13 Exclusive Bonuses

COPY These Exact 5 Untapped Traffic Sources That Pulled In A Proven $1,340.09 Affiliate Commissions In Under 48 Hours Using 100% Free Traffic!"

RankSnap Review – How To Rank Anything On Top Of Google & Youtube Fast

RankSnap Review

In this RankSnap Review we will show you how to get ranked on top of any page on Google and Youtube using this software.  Look, SEO is a slow game. That’s what everyone says. Mostly because you have to spend long hours in building quality backlinks and wait for many days to bring your site’s ranking on top of Google or Youtube search results. We all know that shortcuts won’t work in SEO. If you want to be on top of SERP’s you have to give what Google or any search engine wants.

And you know what they love? Quality Backlinks – the best way to rank fast and for a long time.

Siphoning loads of free traffic from SEO and staying on top of things is as hard , and to  get there, you need to start building hundreds and thousands of high quality backlinks and start monitoring them everyday. This sound very complicated, time consuming and expensive as well. You may say this is an old school method. But, that’s what has ever worked and will work forever with Google.

How I tell you, there is a software that will automate this entire backlink building just like how humans do?  Sounds like unbelievable, right? But, it’s TRUE!

Introducing RANKSNAP – A complete automated solution which is built on Artificial Intelligence that works for building backlinks, monitoring those links and make necessary changes when they break.

This software can be seamlessly integrated with your business in any international market. Imagine the influx of traffic, sales and leads when you stay on top of the search results for your keywords.

Watch My RankSnap Review Video 

RankSnap Review

Benefits of RankSnap:



RankSnap is a cloud based software that includes everything you need to rank like a lunatic every time. Here’s a list of benefits that you can get from RankSnap:

1. Automatically does everything that you need to do in SEO just like human
2. Creates email accounts, read confirmation emails and click on confirmation links
3. Posts content automatically on consistent basis
4. Solves captcha
5. Create IP’s and proxies
6. Rank for multiple keywords with same piece of content using a special shortcut technology that increases backlink effectiveness by 500%

Here’s what you get in RankSnap


Step # 1 – Visual Backlink Strategy Builder


You can drag and drop your backlinks that you want to be inserted or just use the pre-defined templates for maximum effectiveness out of your campaign

Step # 2 – Fill in the blanks and prepare for ranking

Fill in the details of what you want to promote and keywords for the software to prepare for ranking service

Step # 3 – Auto generate your human profile for the AI backlink builder

You don’t have to pay anything more for solving captcha, using proxies and IP’s, clicking for thousands of confirmation emails, reading them and clicking on confirmation. All these are done automatically by RankSnap

Step # 4 – Create your content and C

Rank one content for MULTIPLE keywords, and spin the content using our in house premium spinner (FREE for you) and create Call To Actions

Step # 5 – Activate the system or schedule at any time you want

Exclusive Bonuses when you Get RankSnap From My Links



Let Me Count The Ways Ranksnap Helps Your Site Rank


  • Automatically creates accounts for you on over 180 sites – saves massive time and money over manual account creation or hiring someone to create accounts for you.
  • Hides Your IP Address – creating multiple accounts from a single IP address is a recipe to get them banned, this feature of Ranksnap keeps accounts safe from detection
  • Syndicates Your Content to Over 100 High PR Sites – gain high quality backlinks hands-free with our simple-to-use automation tools
  • Solves Captchas – no need to pay for a separate captcha solving service because Ranksnap has its own captcha breaker
  • Drip Feeds Your Syndicated Content Over Days/Weeks/Months – with Ranksnap, your link building looks completely natural to Google because its drip feed feature allows you to build controlled, slow and consistent links
  • Embeds Your Videos on Web 2.0 Sites – drive massive traffic to your sites from powerful video embeds on top-notch Web 2.0 sites
  • Syndicates Content To Your Blog Network – blog networks are the secret ranking weapons of SEOs , and Ranksnap will save you a ton of time posting content to your networks
  • Syndicates Content From Your Own RSS Feeds – helps build your sites traffic by distributing your best content via RSS to webmasters hungry for content in their industry
  • Blog Post, YouTube Video and Tweet Syndication – build backlinks to your syndicated content for supercharged link juice to push your money sites to page 1
  • Compatible With Any Device – manage your accounts from anywhere with an internet connection, from any mobile device or desktop.
  • 100% Web Based – nothing to install. Accounts are created on our secure, redundant servers so your machine’s resources are never affected


RankSnap Demo

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Build Your Monster Profit eCom Funnel In Minutes Using Instant eCom Funnels [Review]

Most people struggle to make money from eCom mainly because of huge investment to be made to setup eCom store. It takes lot of effort, time and money to build your eCom business. Either you have to pay huge sum of money to the coders or build everything from scratch using eCom site builders like Shopify. Both the options are not viable and often most of the people quit even before they start earning reasonably good. Even if you setup one on your own, it is not always guaranteed that you do it the right way. Most of them think loading tons of products in your site will get you huge profit and sales. However, it doesn’t. Not only does this take forever but also cost you lot of money.

There’s a good news now. You don’t have to spend endless hours on your eCom store. There is an easy way to do all this and still earn lots and lots of profit by setting up a high converting eCom Funnel. The answer is to create an eCom funnel focussed on just one product or few products. This way you are surely going to maximize your profits.

Introducing, Instant eCom Funnel – a cloud based software that works like a simple “push button” helping you create your own eCom funnel in just few minutes.

It just takes 4 Steps to set up your first eCom funnel using this software.

STEP # 1 – Login and choose one of the predefined templates to set up the funnel

STEP # 2 – Choose any products you want from sites like Aliexpress, Amazon or eBay and load them to your funnel with just click of a mouse

STEP # 3 – Add your PayPal payment details and click publish to publish your eCom funnel

STEP #4 – Follow our training to deploy a low cost traffic system that brings you hordes of clicks, visitors and sales within few hours of setting up your funnel


Watch my full review video yourself to know more!

Features Of Instant eCom Funnels


Instant eCom funnels is loaded with lot of features that makes you instant money:

1. Two “Master Funnels” included – You can choose either of the two funnel types to bank on heavy profit from selling just like how Amazon does

2. Instant PayPal Payments – Integrate your PayPal account easily with Instant eCom Funnel and get the money in your account instantly

3. Build your own buyers list – Once a customer buys any product through your funnel, the buyer will be added to your autoresponder automatically so you can follow up and sell more products

4. Social Share Buttons – Social share buttons appears on all pages of your eCom funnel helping you to generate free viral traffic on demand

5. Cloud Based Software – Instant eCom funnels is securely hosted in the cloud, so there is nothing to install or update

6. No Monthly Fee – There is no monthly fee for Instant eCom funnels

7. Thoroughly tested templates – Although you can quickly create your own eCom funnel, you also get access to templates that can be used to instantly build the funnel and get the money flowing

8. Easy Drag ‘n’ Drop design – You don’t need to possess any special design skills to use eCom funnels. Everything is easy and customised to set up your funnel

Bonuses of Instant eCom Funnels


Literally look right over my shoulder as I hunt for products, build out a sales funnel using Instant eCom Funnels, and implement the Low-Cost traffic system.  This series is the closest thing you can get to one-on-one private coaching with myself and the team without the high 5-figure price tag our private students pay.


A gang of like-minded eCom funnel builders come together to accelerate success.  Everyone benefits when you’re in a supportive and positive environment. Get help and encouragement as we build our funnels together.  Use the group to discover how others are getting on and if they have any tips or tricks that could benefit you.


Live master training session with the creator of many online traffic systems that are widely used by thousands across the world to CRUSH it online.

OTO’s Or Upsell Information

OTO 1 – Done – For – You Funnels

• Get access to ‘done for you’ funnels complete with high-quality products with the click of your mouse
• Funnels are premade with products that are proven to sell over and over again
• Funnels include products, images, sales copy, beautiful landing pages, buy buttons and a whole lot more
• All the technical work has already been done by us
• All customer needs to do is add their PayPal details and run some traffic
• Funnels are battle-tested and proven-to-convert
• Funnels are automatically added to your dashboard
• Additional training included

OTO 2 – Done-For-You Product Vault

• Access To Our PRIVATE Database of Battle-Tested Proven Winning Products
• Our team is constantly adding new products we find on dropshipping sites like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces, that can be sold inside the funnels created by the app
• Copy and paste for immediate success.
• Information includes the product name, niche, link to site to purchase from, product price, potential sale price, type of funnel you should use, potential profit, upsell products, target audience for FB ads and other research that will help

OTO 3 – Monthly Funnel Club (Recurring)

• Monthly Funnel Club gets monthly access to even more high quality Done-For-You funnels
• New funnels added every month
• And access to our live products vault where every month we add more products to the database that you can sell within your funnels
• Copy & paste our information for immediate profit and success.

OTO 4 – License Rights

• Customer gets rights to sell Instant eCom Funnels
• Customer gets DFY email swipes to promote IEF as their own product
• Everything is done for the customer
• Customer also gets a series of traffic videos to help them sell IEF as their own, especially if they haven’t run traffic before
• Customer also gets access to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help
• Perfect for the customer who wants their own product to keep higher percentage profits when promoting!

OTO 5 – Agency Rights

• Customer has opportunity to use Instant eCom Funnels on behalf of their own clients
• Create eCommerce funnels for local businesses, other online marketers, Shopify store owners
• User create X amount of accounts for the price level you decide

Get Instant Ecom Funnels Right now