How I earned Over 1600$ in Less than 4 Days … (Social Proof Video)

I woke up today, around 10:30 am, by the time I got out of bed, to my usual routine, shower, and then walk my dog Clooney to the beach across the street from here, for my morning ritual of calmness :D.  Love it.12374909_10153723190960792_5127127676464516582_o

Anyways, usually on my walks, I think about positive thoughts, affirmations, like “I’m happy and I’m grateful  now, that Money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple streams of income on a continuous basis…I Am happy and greatful now, that Money comes to m…..” and so forth, and so forth.  If you’ve read my blog post back in September you would know to what i’m referring to.  If you would like to read it you can by clicking here.

Anyways..then around 12:30 am , I got back home, fixed my Frape (Greek Coffee) and sat at my office.  I remember while on my walk, I received an email about John Anthony paying my commissions, and that I should log into my back office of my affiliate back-office at John Anthony and check them out.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 16.07.58

In my head, I was thinking, “Oh it’s probably that 57 euros or something…”

Right before getting into my affiliate back-office, I decided to go straight to PayPal instead.  Knowing they pay out through paypal, I knew I would see my amount right there.

Right when i was entering my information to sign into my PayPal, I quickly thought about the time John Anthony mentioned that his signals are now free, but if someone upgrades in buying into the App, I would get 500 English Pounds as a commission.  So right before I clicked to enter PayPal, I quickly thought, … “HA, imagine I see 500-600 commission…”  and BOOM!.

I found a 670 euro commission! ..

Oh my.  How things have changed.  How far I’ve come.  I wish you would follow my lead, and understand that to learn how to make a 670 euro commission in just one day, is about joining the right programs and finding the right products to promote as well as using strategies which could make you a super affiliate.   Watch my Video below explaining how I’ve managed to make over 1,600$ in less than 4 days.  I’m not showing off, i’m showing you what’s possible.  Don’t be a skeptic.

Allow yourself to learn new ways of making an income online.  I live from this.  This is my life, and i’m loving every bit of it.  You can Too.  Join my teams, programs, and i’ll help you along the way.  Watch My Video, and then Head out to the menu of this website, choose a program you would feel would be attractive to you, and join.  It will help you get started for sure.  And they will help you make your fist dollar online.


Watch What is Possible

Recommended Programs To Begin Your Career As An Affiliate Marketer :

The Digital Affiliates Network

Project Breakthrough 

Infinii (drop-shipping e-commerce) 


Watch Me Take A Live Trade and Win using Binary Signals (video)

Watch Me take a live Binary Signals Trade From John Anthony Binary Signals Platform and Win.

 See How Simple it is to make some extra cash on the side. 

If you Want to try out his Signals, You can get in for 31 days free.  Basically, what you will need to do is sign up to one of his brokers.  Keep in mind, when you start trading you will need to keep some money on the side and invest.  Whatever it is you will always have to “deposit” to some kind of broker.

So I would highly suggest you joining one of Johnn Anthony’s Brokers through his website,  so that you can have access to his signals for free.  It worth it because I feel you will come out profitable in that month and you will want to continue with the John Anthony Signals.

Look at those greens! Look at those Dates! Look at the Members!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.43.28 PM


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Binary Options Signals You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

I was going to quit on Binary Options, because I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t understand it .  I really tried, its really simple, but I don’t know, I guess I was waiting for someone to make it a little more simpler.  So I was just searching for an easier method to learn and trade Binary Options.  After thorough searching and researching…. I stumbled on John Anthony Signals.  I signed up for free to try it out for 30 days, since I signed up to one of his traders.  Then I just used my own broker.  The Chart below are my first Wins using The John Anthony Signal Provider.  Check the dates.


All I can say is that I stick to my word.  I will promote anything that makes me more than a 1$.  This is it in terms of Trading .  I was scared of Binary Options, thought it was complicated, but for some reason, John Anthony’s System is so simple it really feels like a click and go type of thing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.07.18 AM



Who is John Anthony? 

John Anthony is a  full-time professional trader based in London, England.  He Has traded forex for around 8 years and BO for about 5 years and have developed techniques that allow me to trade profitably every single day.

I would like to invite you to come and try out John Anthony Signals so you can see how great the system is for yourself!

This is a State of the Art Signal system will provide you highly profitable and reliable signals.


Signals are provided 24 hours a day Monday to Friday and can be accessed directly through the website. When a new signal is published you will hear a bell sound (so turn your speakers up) and you will be given the “Asset (EUR/USD)”, “Direction (UP or DOWN)” and the “Expiry Time” so you can take the trade on your broker with ease.

Live Signal Table – 17+ Signals per day @ 72%+ Success Rate

The Live Signal Table provides you with accurate and profitable signals that enhance a more reliable trading experience. Automated and manually implemented controls account for different types of market conditions, releasing you from the burden of checking the economic calendar all day long. These signals are designed for all sorts of traders, from novice to more advanced traders.

Check out the results from the last 15 Live Signals Below:

John Anthony Signals reputation for excellent customer service, ease of use and over 3,700 members has meant that this is fast becoming the world’s number one signal service. Please also join our thriving Facebook group where like-minded traders share their tips and experiences of trading John Anthony Signals on a daily basis.


There’s nothing else I can add to this.  It’s a simple process.  Hear A Bell Sound….Head over to your dashboard, grab the signal, and then just place your bid in your broker.  You will win most of the times If you follow the exact target or better.  Just see for yourself.  Over 5,000 joined up and are joining daily.   I’m in.   Your Turn!


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