How to Grow Your Instagram Accounts on Autopilot & Manually – Instamate 2.0

You need to engage with different social platforms in order to get engagement and traffic back to you.  We all know that Instagram is a growing platform which really does beat Facebook and Twitter in terms of engaging more with many more users.  I also know that using Instagram, for many accounts can be a hassle, and trying to upload stuff from whatever is trending right now could be time consuming. Forget that you have to manually work with Instagram anymore.  Luke Maguire,  has relaunched the software tool for Instagram that got me really excited and wanted to show you how it works.
You’ll see the power of this and how it can really benefit new users of Instagram and also help you find  trending Instagram content and use that content to extend your organic reach to millions instantly.

Watch my video showing you inside Instamate 2.0 and how to use it to your benefit! 


What Is Instamate 2.0

Instamate 2.0 is the worlds FIRST and ONLY web software to bring INSTAGRAM to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage & monetize the most viral content to your Instagram accounts on complete autopilot.

With Instamate 2.0 you can :

#1: Posting Is Now Possible From Your Computer:

Previously if you wanted to post images over InstaGram you’d need to use your Mobile Device. Instamate is the first software to find a way to post from a computer!

#2: Affiliate Link Cloaker: (OTO3)

This gives you the ability to post links to affiliate offers through Instagram. This wasn’t previously possible but now will give you the unique ability to offer affiliate products, Teespring offers, Clickbank offers, JVzoo offers and Amazon products through Instagram

. #3: Research & Discover:

You can use InstaMate to find ideas, images or trends! It gives you an overall look of InstaGram for your niche that currently isn’t available using Instagram on a mobile phone! Find opportunties and dissect what’s working for your competition! Use the data to create more effective campaigns.

#4: Poster & Scheduler:

The first of it’s kind! You can now schedule posts or edit ‘current already posted’ posts on Instagram make them your own and publish them to Instagram. It’s easy to use and it is going to automate any Instagram marketing that you’re doing.

#5 Image Editor: (OTO1 Feature)

This feature allows you to grab current ‘popular’ photos on Instagram then edit them making them your own. Once you’ve edited an image you can repost it as a unique photo to your Instagram account knowing the post is going to be popular.

InstaMate and Offline Clients There is a BIG opportunity right now to help businesses with InstaGram. Its all over the place – news, media – businesses are interested! You can approach businesses and offer to do all of their Instagram posting and management. You’ll be the only one locally who is likely to be able to do it and you can automate the entire process using this software.


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Adsviser 2.0 Review …this is the World’s Most Powerful Facebook “Ads Spy” App


Adsviser 2.0 is the most powerful spying application for Facebook ad campaigns.   This is the second version of the first Adsviser which released last year.  Now it’s back with more features.   It is an impressive product, that’s why today I decided to introduce to you version 2, and this is my Adsviser 2.0 Review, which I will cover what’s new about this new release, plus what it can really do for you.

You really have to see the power of this.

Watch Adsviser 2.0 in Action

What is Adsviser 2.0?


Adsviser 2.0 is the 2nd version of the cloud based app Adsviser which released last year.  It’s a cloudbased software which helps marketers find the most profitable Ads which are on Facebook.  However, this year, it’s also covering Instagram Ads and Video Ads on Facebook.   With over 600,000 profitable ads and new added each week,  Adsviser will help you spy on your competition and find out what’s currently trending or selling right now.   Not only by the way the ads are written, or created, but also the layout of the ad, the ad copy and even the landing pages or websites which are directing users to the offer, product or blog post.

This years version of Adviser covers Profitable Facebook Ads, Video Ads, Instagram Ads and More.

You will be able to find out which ads are using Retargeting and Targeting Campaigns with what interests used in the targeting campaigns while also covering ages, countries and the  placement of the ads .

Adsviser 2.0 Will give you a broad view of the market and niches so that you won’t miss the best hot niches and you will be able to replicate other profitable ad campaigns for anything you are working with like, eCommerce, Shopify , Teespring, affiliate marketing, and blogging.

How You Will Get Started In 3 Simple Steps!
– Step 1: Log into your dashboard
– Step 2: Choose the type of ad you want to spy on
– Step 3: Type in a specific country, URL or keyword, refine your search, and hit “Find Ads Now”

Instantly see the traffic-getting, money-making ads that your competitors are secretly using behind your back!

No more spending months slaving over ads and landing pages that **MIGHT** work if you’re lucky.
No more back and forth with copywriters and consultants.
No more months of steep learning curves, trying to figure out the secret formulas behind a successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaign.
No more guesswork.

No more trial and error.


By purchasing Adsviser 2.0 from my links below, you will get access to the following Bonuses which you can find inside your back-office.



How To Build A Funnel For Your Online Business Using iGloo


It’s NOT very often – maybe a few times each year…that you discover a product which really blows you away. A product that can really help people to make money in their online businesses.  This is one of them. I’m talking about iGloo – The launch platform. It’s not just hype – this product is the real deal. With iGloo in a matter of minutes you can have an entire sales funnel created.

– JV pages
– Bonus/ bridge pages
– Sales & landing pages
– Up-sell Pages
– Thank you pages and more…

And all this done using the simplest & fastest page-building software you’ll have ever seen. Not wasting time waiting for slow clunky editors to load, and forget about trying to figure how it all works – iGloo makes your life easy.



Watch My Live Demo On How I use iGloo and What’s it all about




Bonus Page for friends of DPAPA’s Living A Flip Flop Life! 

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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 15.06.43Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 15.08.08Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 15.08.16

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 15.08.22
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 15.08.30


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[InstaProfit Machine Review] Need a bit of Extra Cash? This Should Do it…

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.31.30

InstaProfit Machine is an absolute comprehensive Video Training course on how to get quality traffic and sales the right way using Instagram. In other words, it shows you how to grab traffic that CONVERTS and turns it into EASY sales and commissions. Today Luke brings you a powerful foolproof method that’s as easy as 1-2-3. Inside this training program you will follow Luke’s strategy to make $150+ per Day.


You’ll discover Luke’s special tips, tricks and twists. Learn How to set EVERYTHING up within 1 hour and 10 minutes. HIs 4 SIMPLE steps to make you money , over and over again. How To promote whatever it is you are promoting, and get ion front of THOUSANDS of hungry buyers. And finally Lukes’s secret strategy which brings in over 500% ROI over and over again.

Does it work? Definitely works. Have I managed to make that money? No not yet, but definitely have made that sort of money using the same exact strategies I’ve learned in the past. That’s why I know it works. The difference with this is that its the freshest information right now which you can use for your own self. Trust me, Facebook is being very very picky on ads and you have to be careful. Changes happen very often, and you need to be ahead of the game. This could be the easiest way to make money online by following the exact step by step process Luke Used.

Watch my Video Review of what you get with Instaprofit Machine


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.47.30

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.49.20

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.49.27

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.49.33

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.49.49

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.49.55

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.50.02

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.50.09

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.50.23

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.50.34

Check out my new updated inside Look and InstaProfit Machine Review

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How to Drive Targeted Buyers Straight to Your Offers with Pindrill [Review]

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 00.10.03

PinDril is the World’s first and only artificial intelligence for Pinterest and social media. It’s designed to allow you to quickly find content such as infographics, quotes, and Videos which are currently trending right now on Pinterest. Once you grab whatever it is you want to use, you can then either edit those images, put your signature on them, tie an affiliate link or any link you want to redirect them after your visitors click on the image / video  you posted. This is powerful, because you’ll be able to drive free traffic to your offers, or whatever it is you are promoting.


Think of the potential here. By just the name of this software it’s obvious you’ll be posting on Pinterest from your back-office, but it doesn’t stop there.


You can actually post on other social networks as well, like Twitter , Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can’t post to Facebook, but there is a way do it and its all in your how to video inside your back-office.

In order to make a post the first thing your going to want to do is search for a keyword. You can search for info graphics, quotes, or both.

Watch my live demo below how you can use this tool to your benefit.

How Will PinDrill Benefit you?


Pindrill creates, Manages, Pins all your content right from any website, Store, blog or any other social media platform you’re using .

No more multiple uploading sessions across social media sites or scrambling for content .  Pindrill does it all for you. You can
instantly set up your pinterest account with our fully automated posting feature. Plan your posts out and let the software post them
for you to maximize engagement and sales.

Pindrill Literally Synchronizes your website/blog/online stores with Pinterest.  You’ll be creating sale and most importantly creating a targeted following to sell to time after time…

PLUS Pindrill delivers you live analytics and results of each  campaign and post, pin and board it creates for you so you can see what exactly is working

Who is Pindrill for?

Anyone looking for more sales, leads and profits


  • Brand New Marketers that don’t have their own products, stores, offers or even a budget.  With Pindrill, you can promote affiliate or CPA offers using 100% free traffic for amazing results and absolutely zero risk.
  • eCommerce vendors who need maximum exposure to their stores and offers.  Pindrill will literally DUPLICATE your ENTIRE store into bite sized posts and share it across social media for explosive results.
  • Affiliate Marketers looking to make more commissions with no extra work- Just plug in your links, let the software create your posts, and watch as the traffic and sales come flooding in.
  • CPA Marketers that want to leverage the power of viral social media traffic to make hands free commissions, and stand out by sharing valuable content like infographics, videos and articles all embedded with their links.
  • Site owners & Bloggers after an EASY solution to build branding & exposure while increasing traffic and sales.
  • List Builders that need targeted subscribers in any niche, and don’t want to pay for expensive ads and risky traffic sources.
  • Amazon / AliExpress Affiliates who want to maximize earnings by sharing niche products on social media for 100% free buyer traffic.
  • Adsense Site Owners that rely on traffic for passive monthly income.  Pindrill boosts traffic to your blogs and sites on autopilot meaning more money in your pocket.
  • Offline Marketers & Consultants that get paid for results: Pindrill drives more traffic to clients’ sites, so you can charge a premium for your services.
  • SEO Specialists looking to create a powerful network of social media backlinks for a SUSTAINED increase in search rankings.


Watch The Demo On Pindrill Below

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How to INSTANTLY Generate MORE Leads & Sales with Engage Builder


Did you know that viewer engagement has to happen within the first 10 seconds of watching a video?  The average human attention span is actually 9 seconds, one second less than the attention span of a goldfish.  You should know that Videos run the gamut from 6-second Vines to 10-minute sales videos. The crucial question is when  does engagement begin and where does it end?

The longer a video drags on, the lower its retention, which is expected. But what if you could increase that engagement time by 2x – 5x even 10x?

As stated above, viewers attention spans are very short, so what do you do? Give them something to take action on WHILE the video is playing. That’s exactly what Engage Player is designed to do.

Not only can you create optin forms, CTA’s and text messages on the video itself (which we have all seen in the past) but also create dynamic page content OUTSIDE the video. A full on on-Page engagement element.

Engage Player is a Video Engagement tool designed to increase engagement, conversions & Opt-ins. This powerful software is loaded with features.

Engage Player works great for blogs, web pages, membership sites & squeeze pages & offers a Basic, Premium & Enterprise Plan (see below for more details).

See below and watch the demo video on this page to see it in action.

When you use ‘Engage Builder’ you will engage with visitors and force them to pay attention.  Studies have shown that your visitors much prefer to respond, watch and engage with ‘videos, websites and images’ instead of text.

People are more likely to stay on your website longer, engage with your website and take actions if your videos and sites are more ‘visually appealing’.  This tool will help you do just that.

How it works

As soon as you sign up for Engage Builder today you will have access to these special benefits: Customize your pages and create high converting videos:  Use Youtube videos,Vimeo or your own MP4 files. Display Videos, images, Text, Custom Buttons or Optin forms with our convenient online tool.

Force visitors to take guaranteed action as soon as they start watching your video: “Lock” displayed content for instant user interaction. Alternatively freeze the video and feature a powerful call to action engagement. “Unlock” content at any point of the video.  Make sure your customer sees it all by creating “stop and start” videos:

The software has an “Intelligent Playback” feature, which helps Engage Builder automatically stop the video when your customers switches tabs. When they come come back, the video will pick up from the same place and display all call to actions from before.  Use Engage Builder to increase conversions on all your websites:

Once you sign up you can use Engage Builder on all your websites including, sales pages, blogs membership sites and squeeze pages.

Included is the ‘Page Engage Technology’

Build dynamic Call To Actions not only on top of your videos, but also all around your videos. Time your “engagements” with your videos to reveal engaging, stylish text, buttons, images, other videos or insert your own html code. Our system makes it ‘Drag N Drop’ Easy!

Customize your video according to your needs:

With Engage Builder you can create the ultimate video and match it perfectly to the theme of your website. Our master features allow you to customize everything down to the smallest details such as: Video Looping, Hide & Auto play settings, “Intro” and “Outro” feature for any video.


Report view times across multiple Engage Builders to get important engagement data.


Integrate your autoresponder to instantly push leads into your email marketing funnels.

Content Animations:

Choose from over 12 different content animations which can be used for each “Engagement Point”. Create Unlimited Engagement Builders across ALL your websites.


All these and MANY more features are built into Engage Builder – the smartest video engagement technology that you can get your hands on.  So if you’re using video to sell your products or services this page engagement software is an absolute MUST.  Don’t wait around – jump in now to secure this smart software before it’s increased to a much higher monthly fee.

Not only that …You also have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


if you grab Engagement Builder from me, you will get the following bonuses once you made your purchase.  I would seriously, take a note of these products that are being offered as bonuses.  Very powerful!  Not just any other bonuses.  These are actual tools i’ve used in the past and paid hefty for them.


Video Sales Page Wizard

Video Marketing Personal Use software Video Sales Page Wizard is a simple step by step software that creates a sales page. This product package comes with Youtube video that will guide you the exact procedure of the process.


Graphics Blackbox

267 Brand New And Original Graphics For Your Websites

  • No more months of learning software and doing trial and error designs
  • No more weeks or months of delay to your projects
  • No more waiting time from busy in-demand graphic designers
  • All graphics are web-ready and fully customizable
  • You’ll be getting all the source files (PSD, PNG, JPG) for your convenience
  • No more expensive cost with your graphics outsourcing

Video Affiliate Pro

Easily Create Video Affiliate Review Pages & Manage Your Affiliate Bonuses Inside of WordPress

WP Video Optin Plugin

Create stunning “full video background” email opt-in pages within WordPress


WP Tube Maximizer

You only have to enter any Youtube video of your choice (within your blog, naturally) and add your ad or content to it: you can link any type of affiliate offer, your own products, apps, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus or even Clickbank products!

This video plugin is really cool. It allows you to pop affiliate links over your videos and sell within the videos you have on your WordPress sites. It’s a handy tool if you currently own a blog or plan to own one that sells affiliate products.

WP Video Attention Plugin

P Video Attention is a marvelous, practical WP plugin that allows you to easily clip your video to any corner of your page by serving as a smart widget

  • – Basically, the video will be playing and “follow” the visitor wherever he or she scrolls on any given page
  • – Visitors will continue to be able to see the video and no longer only hear it, increasing responsiveness and engagement in ways you would never imagine would be possible!
  • – User-friendly interface for those who are not tech-savvy
  • – Customize the videos the way you want (add count-down timers, share buttons, visually engaging animations, and much more!
  • – Transform your visitors into leads, subscribers and PAID customers
  • – Possibility of making your videos to match your current layout/blog design thanks to the many customizing options

Article Site List Builder Software

Discover The Ultimate Lazy 3-Step Formula For Building Your Own Profitable Mailing List On Autopilot

  1. Take A Website With Articles On (Such As A Content Site Or Your Newsletter Archive)
  2. Run Your Copy Of Article Site List Builder And Click A Few Buttons
  3. Sit Back And Watch Your Mailing List Simply Build Itself On Autopilot

It just cannot get any easier than this!


WP Email Countdown Plugin

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding And Generate RESULTS For You!

  • It’s easy to install and to run
  • Several useful customization options; you can modify and customize the plugin your way by choosing countdown style, effects, animation, style and much, much more!
  • In-depth statistics are included: this is something really cool as it can reveal interesting data that you can use to make better business decisions (and thus, increase your profits).
  • Proven to work like a charm: increase your conversion rates and click-through rates and make more sales!
  • Grab your subscribers attention in a fraction of a second and “force” them to buy from you!

The 3 Mistakes