If you’re looking into building a niche amazon affiliate website, then you need to keep on reading.  I have a great tool and bonus for you to get started right away, only if you choose to take action.  See the easiest way to become an affiliate somewhere and start, is using Amazon.  I say this because , Amazon basically has all niches covered.  It has everything you can think of, and you can start building niche based websites using Amazon’s products.  So by doing this, you get people coming to your website and if they decide to buy any of those products, either be, books, products, in general, anything you can think of, you get your affiliate commission by Amazon.

Well now there is a little pop up image that helps your funnels go through a small cool quick funnel, where they eventually buy at some point or are cookied in for like 90 days, or subscribes to your list so you can remind them later …on autopilot.

So if you have a website on let’s say,  Law of Attraction, then you’d want to promote things like books on that niche based website.  So you can talk about the books you read and let people know that they should get them too to help them in their life and career for example.   You need to remind them, you need to recommend things to your followers and readers.   Now watch how Instagenius works, through my video I shot below.  It’s pretty interesting because I also talk about how you can use the bonuses you get on building a full on niche based amazon affiliate website using just two tools for content and product scraping to your websites.

Instagenius Review

What Is InstaGenius Exactly ?


This is the ultimate plugin for making more profits and building targeted lists on your blog – 100% handsfree.  Install the WordPress plugin
Connect your Amazon & Autoresponder accounts  (or multiple accounts if you want to offer searches for more than one country) That’s it.

Instagenius displays a widget (image of your choice) offering your website visitors a free ‘price watch’ service.When they search for items they want, it offers buyer advice, which they’ll get when they sign up to your subscriber list. The plugin automatically tracks prices on Amazon for them.  When a price goes on sale – or we find a recommended product (based on our clever algorithms), a hyper-targeted email autoresponder sequence goes into action for you:

– Closing the sale (they’ve already shown interest!)
– Upsells related products
– Does it all COMPLETELY handsfree

The plugin comes preloaded with customizable email sequences that automatically input the products they’ve shown interest in – when it goes on sale, taking advantage of time-limited sales and cross selling like never before.

Your Exclusive Early Bird Bonuses




Q: How ‘Newbie Friendly’ Is It, Really…?
A: OK, cards on the table here – if you struggle to turn your computer on… you might want to close the page – but, if you can follow basic instructions (we’ve got training in video, pdf and access to our friendly support team too), then you will have no problems using our system.

Q: What Are Developers Rights?
A: As you can see, you can build these sustainable businesses quickly & easily, once you’ve done a couple of them you’ll be able to create these income streams FAST – so we want you to profit faster still – by giving you the license to SELL websites you create using our theme and plugins. Build one for no more than the cost of a domain – and sell them for $100’s or – for more established ones, even $1,000’s!

Q: Are There Any Monthly Fees?
A: No, there are no subscription costs – just a low, once-off fee. All of the programs, like Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction are also free to join.

Q: Is This Mobile Responsive?
A: Yes, when you visitors arrive while using a mobile device they’ll be able to do everything that you can – from their mobile phone. Tap your call to action button, search for items, subscribe and buy more from you!